Chapter 212 - Crazy Woman

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Xia Fang’s house was in a good location at the edge of the city center. It was a nice area where one might not be able to buy a place even if one had the money. The buildings in the district were all four stories high and there was also a lot of greenery around.

Xia Fang was the chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department at the city hospital and many people knew her. This was a house allocated by the hospital, and most of the people in this neighborhood were colleagues from the same hospital.

Along the way, many people saw Xia Fang with a beautiful girl and they all tried to find out which family had such a beautiful daughter.

“Our Xia Zhe, Xiao Zhe’s wife!” Xia Fang repeated this sentence to many people along the way, smiling so widely that her eyes could barely open.

In their younger days, Xia Mao and Xu Lan were both too busy to take care of Xia Zhe. When Xia Zhe was young, Xia Fang was the one who took care of him most of the time. Moreover, Xia Fang’s place was close to Xia Zhe’s school. As time passed, everyone living in the area knew Xia Zhe.

“Xia Zhe’s wife?” A middle-aged woman suddenly rushed over from the crowd and questioned Xia Fang.

The middle-aged woman looked at Qiao Mei fiercely, almost like she wanted to tear Qiao Mei apart and swallow her alive.

Xia Fang frowned and shielded Qiao Mei behind her, preparing to leave.

“Don’t go! Tell me who she is!” the woman said fiercely as she grabbed Qiao Mei’s arm.

Qiao Mei felt some pain from the grip, but as she did not know what this person’s background was, she thought that it was better not to make any move since she had only just arrived in the capital.

Xia Fang immediately got angry when she saw what was happening. She pushed the woman away and said, “Yes! So what if she’s Xiao Zhe’s wife! Don’t harass her here! Can you afford it if you hurt our Xiao Zhe’s child!”

Child? Xia Zhe actually had a child with her?

The woman’s expression became even more weird and Qiao Mei became wary when she saw this. She was not afraid that this woman would attack her, but she was more concerned that her child would be hurt. Qiao Mei held her stomach and did not make a sound.

Xia Fang saw the red mark on Qiao Mei’s arm and then the look in the woman’s eyes. Xia Fang stood in front of Qiao Mei to prevent the woman from looking at Qiao Mei.

“What right does Xia Zhe have to get married! He’s an ungrateful bastard! He said that he would be with my Xiao’e! Why did he get married once he left! How can he not keep his word!” The woman dropped to the ground and cried as she bent over.

Qiao Mei widened her eyes when she heard that.

I’m the other woman?

Qiao Mei could not help but feel a little uncertain. Back then, she had indeed tricked Xia Zhe into bed, and it never crossed her mind that Xia Zhe might have a fiancée.

“Don’t listen to her nonsense!” one of the neighbors stood next to Qiao Mei and said.

“Her Xiao’e and Xia Zhe are not in a relationship at all. They can’t even be considered classmates. They’re just playmates in the same courtyard,” the neighbor said.

“That’s right. What does your Xiao’e have to do with Xia Zhe? It’s clearly your Xiao’e who chased after him and refused to give up after being rejected.”

“You still have the cheek to cry here. Every time Xia Zhe comes here, you act like this.”

Everyone talked after one another and explained the matter clearly. The story was that Xiao’e had taken a fancy to Xia Zhe, but Xia Zhe did not like her and rejected her, but Xiao’e refused to let it go.

“How long has it been since your Xiao’e was rejected? Xia Zhe has already been a soldier for more than 10 years. Why are you still thinking about him?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Your Xiao’e just had her engagement broken off a few days ago. Don’t tell me she’s thinking about Xia Zhe again after knowing that he’s coming back?” A few neighbors started to expose the ugly truth.

“Pfft! What nonsense are you talking about!” The woman cursed at them as she remained bent over the ground. Everyone around her was talking and she did not know who to scold. She looked like a person who had lost her mind.

“My Xiao’e has made a pact with Xia Zhe before. They have an agreement…”

Before the woman could finish speaking, Xia Fang interrupted her and said, “Don’t be so shameless. When did our Xia Zhe make a pact with your daughter? Please don’t think that our family is as shameless as yours.”

“That’s right. Of all people, you choose to pick on Xia Zhe. You should hurry home and stop embarrassing yourself here.”

“That’s right, that’s right!”

“What a joke!”

The neighbors spoke one after another. It seemed that this woman had offended everyone a lot. Otherwise, no one would say such things about her.