Chapter 413 - Money in Exchange for Goods

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Chapter 413: Money in Exchange for Goods

“Third Master, come and drink your medicine,” Huo Gao shouted from the room while holding a bowl of medicine.

He Ning’s medicine had to be taken while it was still hot. Otherwise, the effect of the medicine would not work that well.

He Ning frowned as he looked at the medicine in Master Huo’s hands. The smell was pungent and bitter. It was worlds apart from the food he just ate tonight.

“Just bear with it.” Huo Gao handed the medicine to He Ning.

He Ning finished the medicine in one gulp and then sat in the rocking chair, thinking about everything that happened today. Although he had promised Qiao Mei that he would see her tomorrow, he could not wait that long. He had always liked to do things earlier than needed.

He could not stop thinking about the mysterious fragrance in the Xia family’s house. It was a scent that he had never encountered before. He must bring it home as soon as possible so that he could smell it every day.

“Men! Let’s go to the Xia residence now! Immediately!” He Ning put on a trench coat and called out to his subordinates to drive to the Xia family’s house that night.

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The Xia family did not find it strange that He Ning had returned to their house so quickly. That was the kind of person he was and he never dragged things out. Whoever offended him would definitely face revenge on the spot. He did not leave things undone overnight.

There were only womenfolk in the Xia family’s house now. The men had all been called away by Xia Jun in a mysterious manner. Xia Zhe had guessed that He Ning would definitely return tonight and had instructed Qiao Mei to be careful before he left with Xia Wen.

Qiao Mei asked the rest of the women to help her count the money. She told them that it was enough to just count the number of bundles. If it had been possible, Qiao Mei would have wanted them to wear gloves to do the counting. After all, the future value of touched and untouched bundles were different.

However, doing so now was simply too unconventional. It would not be worth it if it aroused He Ning’s suspicion.

Qiao Mei counted the food stamps patiently. They were worth 980 catties in total, no more no less.

Qiao Mei also took out Xia Zhe’s food stamps worth 1,000 catties and handed them to He Ning. The attendant went forward to receive the things that Qiao Mei handed over.

“Did you manage to find the special food stamps for use on planes and trains?” Qiao Mei asked He Ning with a smile.

She was not shy about demanding things from He Ning. Not long ago, this person had tried to ruin her reputation and even got someone to dig up the foundation of her family house. He had even sat down uninvited at the table for dinner. She did not feel embarrassed at all about asking for a few food stamps. Moreover, what she asked for were useless stamps that were not worth much.

The attendant returned to the truck and brought back a large sack. When Qiao Mei saw the sack, her eyes immediately lit up.

Was it really that many or was it her imagination… Could it really be the food stamps that she had dreamed of!

He placed the sack on the ground and opened it up. It was filled with special food stamps for use on trains, ships and planes. These were things from more than 10 years ago and had not been in use for a long time.

He Ning looked at the excited Qiao Mei and felt very puzzled. These things were not like the national food stamps that could still be used anywhere. It was just a pile of waste paper.

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“You… Do you know that these stamps are useless? They can’t be used. You know that, right?” He Ning reminded her in a kind manner.

Qiao Mei nodded and said, “I know. I’m going to use them as burning materials. Why?”

He Ning looked at Qiao Mei in silence. He did not believe her at all. There was something strange about this matter and he decided to pay more attention to it in the future. This young lady was really strange. She was indeed different from others.

It was like the issue of the money for the payment. She insisted on getting the amount in small change, although others would have been overjoyed to see the banknotes that he originally prepared. She had been so excited to see the pile of dimes but had turned up her nose at the earlier money bag containing 100,000 dollars

Could it be that she was once a fatty and so she liked everything that was big?

Looking at the strange look in He Ning’s eyes, Qiao Mei knew that he was up to no good. She picked out a few pots of flowers for him to take away, without even asking him which pot he was most interested in.

Qiao Mei looked at He Ning and said, “What you wanted earlier are these 10 pots of flowers on the ground floor. I’ll give them all to you. The flowers upstairs are not included though.”

He Ning sniffed carefully. The smell was very faint, so it definitely could not be coming from the second floor.

“No need to include those upstairs,” He Ning said.

“Then do a check on these 10 pots of flowers to make sure they’re the ones you want. Just to be very clear that we haven’t swapped them out.” Qiao Mei pointed at the flowers and checked with him.

He Ning took a glance at Qiao Mei. This young lady was really quite meticulous.

“That’s right, these are the ones.” He had already checked these pots of flowers carefully and confirmed that they had not been swapped.

“Good. In that case, since you’ve confirmed it, then we’re square now. Money in exchange for goods. We’ve also counted the money. There’s 50,000 dollars here,” Qiao Mei said with a smile.