Chapter 338 - A Life for a Life (2)

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Chapter 338: A Life for a Life (2)

At this moment, a guard walked over and stopped in front of his cell. Shen Yuan looked up and said in surprise, “Dong Hao!”

Dong Hao was the person who was supposed to meet him at the restaurant. At this moment, he had changed into a jailer’s outfit. He must have sneaked in to talk to him.

“Listen to me. This is a misunderstanding.” Shen Yuan quickly said, “Please tell Prince Ding to help me out this time. I will definitely repay him in the future.”

Shen Yuan had never expected Shen Gui to come and save him. In order to protect his official career, Shen Gui would do anything. How could he risk his life for him? Now, the only person who could help him was Fu Xiuyi, but the royal family did not value friendship and loyalty. Instead, they valued people who were useful. Shen Yuan said, “The evidence given to Prince Ding is still incomplete. Help me out. There is more evidence I can offer.”

When Dong Hao heard this, his eyes darkened. What Shen Yuan said meant that he had been holding something back from Fu Xiuyi, afraid that if he lost his value, Fu Xiuyi would ditch him. He did not expect to end up in prison today, so he could only use this life-saving talisman in advance.

Seeing that Dong Hao was silent, Shen Yuan was a little anxious. “This is just a misunderstanding. It’s not difficult to save me. I can pay for it myself. As long as His Highness delivers a word to the magistrate, this matter won’t blow up.”

A large part of the reason why Shen Yuan was so calm was because this matter did not look all that serious. It was even easier to solve than the incident that happened at Shen family’s family banquet. Back then, too many madams were present who witnessed the scene of him in the same room with Jing Chuchu, so there was no way he could explain himself and shook off the responsibility. However, when he killed Sun Cainan, only Jing Chuchu and her maid saw it. As long as Jing Chuchu and her maid could testify, he could get away with it easily. As for the adulterer, as long as his family received a generous sum of compensation, they wouldn’t kick up a big fuss. As long as the adulterer wasn’t from a big family, this was actually an insignificant matter.

Moreover, his identity seemed to have not been discovered yet. In the eyes of others, they only knew that he had killed someone, but they did not know who he was.

Dong Hao shook his head and said, “Shen Yuan, you’re in big trouble this time.”

Shen Yuan’s smile suddenly froze, not understanding what Dong Hao meant.

“Do you know who you killed?”

Shen Yuan had an ominous feeling. In the darkness, he saw Dong Hao speak slowly.

“He’s the only son of the Minister of Official Personnel Affairs, Sun Cainan.”

At this moment, there was a large group of people surrounding the entrance of the Shen Mansion. These people were all holding sticks and looking fierce. Even the guards of the Shen family at the door could not stop them. In the mansion, Shen Yue hid in Chen Ruoqiu’s arms and trembled in fear. “Mother, did Second Brother really kill someone?”

As Chen Ruoqiu comforted her, she was also a little puzzled. The people outside claimed to be from the Minister of Official Personnel Affairs. They said that Shen Yuan had killed Sun Cainan, the only son of the Minister of Official Personnel Affairs, and they were clamoring to come in and tear down the mansion. But why would Shen Yuan kill Sun Cainan for no reason?

Shen Gui and Shen Wan were stopping the people from coming in outside. If not for Shen Xin’s army, those people would probably have really barged in.

Concubine Wan locked the door and held Chen Dongling’s hand nervously. “If Second Young Master really killed someone, would those people do anything to us?”

“Don’t worry.” Shen Dongling said, “They only want to deal with Second Brother. What does it have to do with us?” She sat behind the screen, the book she was holding was not open at all.