Chapter 339 - A Life for a Life (3)

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Chapter 339: A Life for a Life (3)

“Miss!” Jingzhe skipped into the house and said, “The people outside are making a big fuss. Even Old Madam is alarmed!”

Without looking up, Shen Miao asked, “Oh? How is Old Madam?”

“When she heard that Second Young Master killed someone, she immediately fainted.” Jingzhe gloated.

“Miss, will we be implicated?” Gu Yu was worried. After all, they all knew why Shen Yuan killed someone. It was all because of Shen Miao.

“We’re fine. Besides, it’s Shen Yuan who they come after. As long as Shen Yuan pays for what he did with his life, they will stop this fuss.”

“But will Second Young Master really pay with his life?” Gu Yu asked, “Second Master won’t let Second Young Master die so easily.”

“Second Uncle would definitely do his best to save Second Brother if he didn’t have Shen Yuanbai.” Shen Miao said, “But with Shen Yuanbai around, Second Uncle still has a successor. Losing a son to appease the anger of the Sun family is worth it in Second Uncle’s eyes.”

Among the three sons of the Shen family, Shen Gui cared the least about family. Shen Wan doted on Shen Yue a lot, but Shen Gui did not care about his children at all. To Shen Gui, his children were either his tools to help him climb up the official ladder or his successor. No wonder the children of the second branch did not have any feelings for him.

Without Shen Yuanbai, Shen Yuan would be Shen Gui’s only son. Shen Gui would definitely try his best. Moreover, the Sun family was not pushover. In her previous life, it was Shen Qiu who killed Sun Cainan. Sun Tianzheng sent Shen Qiu to prison, and Shen Xin spent all his resources to save Shen Qiu’s life. Sun Tiansheng only had one son. How could he let go of someone who killed his son so easily?

“But will Second Young Master be the only one punished?” Jingzhe said indignantly, “Are we going to let Miss Jing off just like that? She’s still hiding in the mansion.” After the accident, Jing Chuchu actually sneaked back and hid in the Shen mansion with the Jing family.

“Of course not.” Shen Miao smiled. “After all, she’s the culprit.”

Outside the mansion, Shen Wan said in a sorry state, “Everyone, listen to me. The investigation is still ongoing. Please go back. We will definitely give you an explanation when we get to the bottom of it!”

A woman spat on Shen Wan’s face and said with her hands on her hips, “One has to pay with one’s life for murder! Our young master was killed by Shen Yuan, so he has to die! Otherwise, we won’t leave.”

Shen Gui was a little frightened and cursed Shen Yuan in his mind. At this moment, other than the servants of the Sun family, there were also some commoners who were watching the show. Someone shouted, “Didn’t they say that the murderer killed someone out of jealousy? What exactly does that beauty look like? How about letting us take a look at her? How beautiful can she be to drive someone to kill for her?”

As soon as one person said that, the people around immediately echoed. The servants were eager to get Shen Yuan to pay with his life, so they forgot about Jing Chuchu. Now that they heard it, they remembered that since Sun Cainan and Shen Yuan fought because of Jing Chuchu, then Jing Chuchu was the real culprit!

People of the Sun family immediately said, “That’s right! Hand over that b*tch! She seduced our young master. Shameless little whore! Hand her over!”