Chapter 340 - A Life for a Life (4)

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Chapter 340: A Life for a Life (4)

Not to mention the Sun family, even Shen Gui wanted to kill Jing Chuchu with his own hands. Ever since Jing Chuchu came to the Shen family, the second branch of the Shen family had been in trouble one after another. First, the family banquet ruined Shen Yuan’s reputation, and now, Shen Yuan was involved in a murder case. Without hesitation, Shen Gui instructed the servants to bring Jing Chuchu out.

Shen Gui gave Shen Wan a look. Shen Wan said, “Everyone, don’t be angry. We are reasonable people. Since this matter was caused by Chuchu, I will hand her over to you and let you deal with her!”

Jing Chuchu screamed, but the people around her did not allow her to resist. The Sun family pulled Jing Chuchu, who was tied up like a pig, over and slapped her dozens of times. Jing Chuchu fainted on the spot.

“Don’t go too far!” Jing Guansheng and the Jing couple also rushed out. When they saw this scene, they were shocked and furious. The Sun family sneered. “No wonder you’re from a small place like Suzhou. Not only are you short-sighted, but you’re also so immoral. You’re already engaged, but you still seduce men. This matter won’t be over that easily. Don’t ever think you can get away without being punished!”

The Jing family was angry and afraid. They were angry that the Sun family was so arrogant, and they were afraid because they did not have anyone to back them up other than the Shen family. Now that they were in trouble, it was good enough that the Shen family did not kick them when they were down. How could they help?

After arguing at the entrance for a while, seeing that the sky was getting dark, the people from the Sun family grabbed Jing Chuchu and left. Before they left, the woman in the lead sneered and said, “Today is just the beginning. Just you wait. Master has already written a letter to the emperor. There’s no way Shen Yuan can escape punishment.”

Shen Gui watched as the Sun family swaggered away. Sun Tianzheng only had one son. With Sun Cainan dead, Sun Tianzheng would not let the Shen family off even if he had to fight to the death. From the looks of it, Shen Yuan’s death might not be able to appease the anger of the Sun family.

When Shen Qiu returned to the west courtyard, he wiped his sweat and complained to Shen Miao, “The Sun family is a bunch of brutes. They almost smashed the door. Even my soldiers couldn’t stop them.”

“They naturally have to vent the pain of losing a son,” Shen Miao said flatly.

“Father and Mother don’t intend to interfere this time.” Shen Qiu muttered to himself, “But Shen Yuan is never impulsive. Even if Jing Chuchu met Sun Cainan in private, why would he kill someone in a fit of anger?”

“Who knows?” Shen Miao said casually, “Maybe Sun Cainan is destined to die. It doesn’t matter who kills him.”

In the Sun family’s hall, all the concubines in the room were kneeling on the ground. In the middle of the hall, there was a corpse covered in white cloth. Even so, the white cloth was still stained with blood.

Ever since Mrs. Sun found out that Sun Cainan was dead, she fainted. When she woke up, she almost broke down. Sun Tianzheng was already in his fifties. At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot, and his cheeks were trembling slightly.

There was once a wandering Daoist who predicted that he would never have a son in his life. In his early years, Sun Tianzheng married countless concubines but none of them could give birth to a son. Finally, Mrs. Sun was pregnant with Sun Cainan. To Sun Tianzheng, this was simply a blessing. Therefore, he had pampered his son since he was young. Over the years, he made Sun Cainan a lecherous and playful person. However, Sun Tianzheng was in a high position and was afraid that his son’s unrestrained behaviors would drag him down. He had long reminded Sun Cainan not to keep a high profile. If he wanted to play with women, he had to bring the women back to be his concubines. Sun Cainan didn’t want to be an official and stayed at home most of the time, so not many people knew him.