Chapter 341 - A Life for a Life (5)

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Chapter 341: A Life for a Life (5)

Unexpectedly, Sun Cainan died at the hands of Shen Yuan. This time, the wandering Daoist’s prophecy that Sun Tianzheng would be sonless was proven to be true.

“Shen Yuan…” Sun Tianzheng gritted his teeth and said,” I want him to pay with his life! ”

“Master.” One of Sun Tianzheng’s beloved concubines wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes and said, “I heard that the servants brought that woman back. After all, it’s that woman who caused our young master to end up dead. How do you plan to…”

Sun Tianzheng sneered and said, “Don’t kill her yet. Leave her alive and give her to Madam.”

The concubine shivered. These concubines had all experienced how cruel Madam Sun was. Now that Madam Sun was in pain of losing her son, she probably would use all the cruel tortures imaginable on Jing Chuchu.

“The Shen family is too powerful. We can only punish Shen Yuan. As for the Jing family, none of them can escape unscathed.” Sun Tianzheng crushed the cup in his hand. The cup cut his hand and blood dripped down. He was still angry and said hatefully, “I want everyone in the Jing family to die with Shen Yuan!”

Everyone in the capital was talking about Shen Yuan killing the only son of the Minister of Official Personnel Affairs. In Prince Ding’s mansion, Dong Hao stood in the hall and bowed to the person in front of him.

Fu Xiuyi rubbed the edge of the teacup with one hand and said thoughtfully, “I was about to write a letter to the emperor when Shen Yuan got into trouble today.”

“The evidence Shen Yuan handed in to you is not complete. Your Highness, do you want to find a way to get more out of him?”

“No need.” Fu Xiuyi waved his hand. “What Shen Yuan gave me is enough. I can’t do anything about this case.”

“Your Highness, do you mean to give up on Shen Yuan?” Dong Hao asked.

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“He might be redeemable if he killed someone else. Sun Tianzheng is Prince Zhou’s subordinate. Prince Zhou will definitely interfere in this matter. If I interfere, I will only alert Prince Zhou. Shen Yuan got into too much trouble this time.” Fu Xiuyi shook his head.

Dong Hao was silent for a moment before saying, “But what if Shen Yuan is too desperate and threatens to expose you?”

“Shen Yuan is used to having a backup plan for himself. I naturally have thought about that.” Fu Xiuyi looked at the teacup in his hand. “That’s why not only can’t we help Shen Yuan, but we also have to urge the Ministry of Justice to execute him quickly. Killing Shen Yuan in prison will inevitably arouse suspicion. Think of a way to feed him something.”

Dong Hao quickly nodded and asked Fu Xiuyi, “Your Highness, are you still going to submit the letter tomorrow?”

“No.” Fu Xiuyi rubbed his forehead. “Let’s wait and find a better time.” He suddenly opened his eyes. “And, try to find out who Shen Yuan has been at odds with recently.”

Dong Hao was shocked. “Your Highness, do you mean that someone is behind this?”

“Shen Yuan has never been an impulsive person. This time, he strangely killed someone on impulse. Moreover, the one who was killed was Sun Tianzheng’s only son. Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence? Moreover, why did Jing Chuchu choose that place to meet Shen Yuan?”

“Shen Yuan is not someone who will let others scheme against him.” Dong Hao said, “If someone is really behind this, this person must be very familiar with Shen Yuan.”

“To be able to corner Shen Yuan into such a state,” Fu Xiuyi said, “We can’t let this person live. I didn’t nurture Shen Yuan to be used by others against me.” At this point, a trace of gloom flashed across Fu Xiuyi’s eyes. He was not as calm as he looked. He had carefully nurtured Shen Yuan for many years. Not only was Shen Yuan smart, but more importantly, Shen Yuan was a member of the Shen family. With Shen Yuan’s background, he could help Fu Xiuyi save a lot of trouble. However, now, he had no choice but to give up the chess piece.