Chapter 342 - A Life for a Life (6)

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Chapter 342: A Life for a Life (6)

“I will definitely investigate it carefully.” Dong Hao said, “Fortunately, Shen Yuan handed in the evidence before the murder took place.”

Fu Xiuyi said, “But we still have to wait.”

On the other side, upstairs in the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop, Ji Yushu clapped his hands and smiled from ear to ear. “Wonderful. Every blow Miss Shen deals is lethal. Shen Xin was supposed to be in trouble tomorrow, but today, Shen Yuan got into trouble.”

“It’s just a coincidence.” Gao Yang rolled his eyes at him. “Shen Miao probably doesn’t know about this yet.”

“Whether she knows it or not, it doesn’t matter. I won the bet.” Ji Yushu said smugly, “Send the banknotes to the pawnshop later and give it to Hong Ling.”

Gao Yang was silent for a moment before saying, “Shen Yuan might never have thought that he would one day fall into this trap.”

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People would only treat this matter as a joke when they talked about it. Shen Yuan was originally talented and had a bright future. He had just returned to the capital. With how much Fu Xiuyi valued him, he would eventually become an influential figure.

“Sun Tianzheng will submit a letter tomorrow. Gao Yang, do you think Shen Yuan will lose his life this time?” Ji Yushu asked.

“What do you think of Shen Miao?” Gao Yang asked an irrelevant question.

“What does this have to do with Miss Shen?” Ji Yushu was puzzled.

“No one has ever succeeded in escaping the trap Shen Miao set up. I doubt if she set up this trap just to catch Shen Yuan. She might have a bigger fish to fry.”

“Do you think she still has a bigger plan?” Ji Yushu asked, “Shen Yuan will lose his life. What else does she want?”

“I think Shen Yuan is just one of the fish.” Gao Yang shook his head, and his expression could not help but become serious.

Ji Yushu was silent for a moment before asking seriously, “What kind of deep hatred does Miss Shen have with the rest of the Shen family? There must be a reason. Did the Shen family do something unforgivable to her?”

For a little girl to use such a cruel method to achieve her goal, there must be something else going on. However, even All Knowing Scholar could not find out.

Gao Yang shook his head. “I don’t know either, but she’s too ostentatious. This time, she sent Shen Yuan to prison. Shen Yuan is Prince Ding’s subordinate. Prince Ding will definitely notice her. The people we sent previously also said that Prince Ding’s subordinates already got down to investigate this matter.”

“It’s not good for Miss Shen to go against Prince Ding.” Ji Yushu was worried. “Prince Ding is scheming and cold-blooded. Once he finds out that it was Miss Shen who did it, I wonder what he will do to her.”

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“Don’t worry.” Gao Yang said, “I think Shen Miao is very familiar with Prince Ding. Perhaps she has considered the consequences of being found out by Prince Ding. Instead of worrying about her, it’s better to worry about yourself.” Gao Yang looked at Ji Yushu. “Have you found the person Xie wants you to find?”

“Ahem.” Ji Yushu rubbed his nose. “I’ll send someone to do it immediately.”

“I didn’t expect the Shen family to be in such a mess. What will happen after this?”

“One died and the other was injured because of a girl. Isn’t this something that only happens in dramas?”

“In my opinion, that girl is just ordinary-looking. I wonder why the two young masters are fighting over her. It’s better if the two young masters can be together.”

“Huo Long, have you been reading some strange novels recently?”

The woman in black brushed her long hair and said charmingly, “Am I wrong? Only girls as beautiful as me are worth fighting over.”

“Don’t you have anything else to do?” A voice sounded suddenly. The group of men in black who were squatting on the ground and playing immediately fell silent. All of them stood up as if they were facing a great enemy and looked at the person in front of them.

The young man in purple was handsome, but in the night, he looked even more cold and unapproachable. He glanced at everyone. “Why aren’t you continuing?”

Everyone lowered their heads and did not speak.

Xie Jingxing turned around and left. After leaving the group of people behind, he stopped and muttered to himself. “Little girl, you’re quite capable.”

He lowered his eyes and looked at the starless night sky. He said in a low voice, “But I’m running out of time.”