Chapter 343 - Separation (1)

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Chapter 343: Separation (1)

Regarding the case of Shen Yuan accidentally killing Sun Cainan, the trial was unprecedentedly swift and decisive. First, Sun Tianzheng wrote a letter to the imperial court asking Shen Yuan to pay with his life. If the emperor objected, he would retire from his position and go back to his hometown. He actually threatened Emperor Wen Hui.

Compared to Shen Gui, the Minister of Official Personnel Affairs was obviously more important. Sun Tianzheng had been in his position for many years. If he was replaced all of a sudden, it would probably cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. Emperor Wen Hui naturally had to comfort Sun Tianzheng.

What was surprising was Shen Gui’s attitude. Shen Gui knelt in front of Emperor Wen Hui and wailed with snot and tears, saying that he had not taught his son well and was willing to put righteousness before family and make Shen Yuan pay with his life.

It was said that these words shocked the civil and military officials in the imperial court at the time.

Although these words sounded impartial and fair, it was too inhumane to not try to save his son but instead suggested his son should pay with his life. This made his colleagues, who were usually on good terms with him, wanted to distance themselves from him.

The ministers all stood on Sun Tianzheng’s side. When Emperor Wen Hui asked the princes for their opinions, the nine princes all stood on Sun Tianzheng’s side.

Three days later, Shen Yuan was given the death sentence. This was probably the most uncontroversial death sentence since the founding of Ming Qi. No one attempted to overturn the case or resist, and Shen Yuan was directly convicted. Of course, this was partly because of the Sun family’s urging and partly because of the Shen family’s inaction.

In the dark prison cell, Shen Yuan sat in the innermost corner. His hair was already disheveled, and his body had not been washed for a few days. He already emitted a sour smell. In his usual calm eyes, there was a trace of panic and even despair.

Last night, someone sneaked into the cell and fed him mute drug. He could not say anything now. Shen Yuan knew very well who would do this and who had the ability to do so.

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Fu Xiuyi was not going to save him. At first, he still had some hope, but after thinking about it carefully, he understood that Fu Xiuyi would never take the risk. His existence had already become a threat to Fu Xiuyi’s, so Fu Xiuyi naturally had to get rid of him mercilessly.

It was not that Fu Xiuyi did not want to kill him straight away, but he was cautious by nature. He was probably afraid that it would arouse suspicion if Shen Yuan died in the cell.

A bitter smile slowly appeared on Shen Yuan’s face. The winner was the king, and the loser was the bandit. He knew what kind of person Fu Xiuyi was from the beginning. When he worked for Fu Xiuyi, he should have expected this outcome, but he did not expect it to come so quickly.

There seemed to be someone’s footsteps approaching in the darkness. Unlike the guards’ hurried footsteps, the footsteps were slow and light. He looked up and saw a figure in a purple dress in front of him under the dim light.

Looking up further, he saw a girl smile at him. She said, “Second Brother.”

Shen Yuan felt suffocated.’

The moment he saw Shen Miao’s face, intense hatred and indignation surged from his heart, making Shen Yuan want to kill Shen Miao now.

Even if he did not understand how things ended up like this, Shen Yuan knew very well that Shen Miao was involved.