Chapter 345 - Separation (3)

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Chapter 345: Separation (3)

Shen Yuan stared at her intently.

“You want to ask me why, right?” Shen Miao said, “I’m just giving you all a taste of your own medicine. Just like this time, don’t you find the trick I used familiar? Second Brother, that’s because it was your trick.”

Shen Yuan looked at Shen Miao in confusion. He did not understand what Shen Miao was saying. He only felt that there was madness in Shen Miao’s eyes. It made sense if she hated the second and third branches. Anyway, everyone knew that the Shen branches were just pretending to be harmonious on the surface, but where did her hatred for Prince Ding come from? Was it just because she liked Prince Ding back then but her love wasn’t reciprocated?

“Second Brother.” Shen Miao smiled strangely. “You should thank me. On your way to hell, there will be many people to keep you company. Don’t worry, you will remain the eldest son of the second branch of the Shen family forever.”

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Shen Yuan glared at Shen Miao.

Shen Miao stood up, and her voice rose gently in the darkness, hitting Shen Yuan like a thunderbolt.

“The second branch will cease to exist.”

After leaving the prison, Shen Miao gave the prison guard what she promised. Jingzhe and Gu Yu helped Shen Miao into the carriage. Gu Yu asked, “Miss, is Second Young Master really going to be executed in three days?”

“It really feels unreal,” Gu Yu muttered. “A few days ago, Second Young Master was still high and mighty, but now he’s going to die.”

“That’s his fate,” Shen Miao said coldly.

Sensing that Shen Miao was probably not in a good mood, Jingzhe and Gu Yu stuck out their tongues and stopped talking. When they returned to the Shen mansion and entered the house, they saw that there were many people gathered in the main hall.

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Mrs. Jing rolled on the ground and made a scene. “Give my Chuchu back to me! Give my Chuchu back to me!”

Old Madam Shen was so angry that her face was ashen. She called out to the servants at the side, “Get these people out!”

“Old Madam.” Jing Guansheng changed his gentle appearance and said fiercely, “Chuchu was taken away from the Shen mansion and her life is at risk. No matter what, you have to be responsible for it.”

Old Madam Shen cursed angrily, “How dare you talk to me like that? That little b*tch ruined my family. If not for her, the Shen family wouldn’t have been in such a mess.”

“Old Madam, be careful with your words.” Jing Guansheng said, “Someone must be behind this. My sister’s personal maid has gone missing. Don’t you think it’s strange? Someone must have bribed her!”

Chen Ruoqiu looked at the scene with a headache. Shen Yue looked at the Jing family in disgust, while Luo Xueyan looked indifferent. Concubine Wan held Shen Dongling’s hand and stood quietly at the side. She had no right to interrupt.

“Cousin, don’t you think what you said is funny? Do you think by making a scapegoat out of the maid, Jing Chuchu can get away with cheating on Shen Yuan?” Shen Miao’s voice sounded. “No one will believe a maid can force her to cheat.”

Everyone turned to look at the door as Shen Miao walked in. Old Madam Shen had never liked Shen Miao as much as she did today. As long as Shen Miao could make these troublemakers of the Jing family stop for a moment, Old Madam Shen would be satisfied.

Luo Xueyan happily pulled Shen Miao to her side. “Jiaojiao, did you just come back? Are you tired?”