Chapter 348 - Die Without Descendants (1)

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Chapter 348: Die Without Descendants (1)

Three days later, the case of Shen Yuan accidentally killing Sun Cainan came to an end. Shen Yuan would be executed at the Meridian Gate.

Countless commoners rushed to spread the news, all wanting to see how this young man with a bright future would end up like this. Some people felt sorry for Shen Yuan, and some people scolded Jing Chuchu for being a femme fatale. All of a sudden, the capital became lively.

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Shen Yuan had probably never thought that such a day would befall him. He was proud and arrogant and wanted to climb up the ladder. He wanted everyone to see his achievements, but now, he was being pointed at by the “peasants”. He probably felt extremely humiliated.

More and more people threw vegetables, rotten food, and eggs at Shen Yuan. Needless to say, they were from the Sun family. Shen Yuan knelt on the execution platform with the executioner beside him. At this time, if his family was here, they would be allowed to come up and feed him the last meal. However, no one from the Shen family came today.

Shen Xin was already on bad terms with the rest of the Shen family. Why would he come? Shen Gui was a coward. Ren Wanyun had gone mad. Old Madam Shen had been suffering from leg pain, but even if her legs were fine, she wouldn’t be bothered to come. The third branch, who were fence-sitters, did not show up today either.

Shen Yuan looked up at the sun that was shining brightly above the capital. It was still winter, but the sun was already as dazzling as it was in summer. When it reached noon, the executioner spat out a mouthful of wine over the broadsword, raised it, and slashed down!

The crowd burst into exclamations. The women covered their eyes in fear. The head rolled down the stage and into the crowd. It rolled for a moment before blood spilled. On the ground, Shen Yuan’s eyes were wide open, as if he was still a little confused, as if this head that had already been separated from his body would say something in the next moment.

After witnessing this scene, someone quietly turned around, disappearing into the crowd.

At this moment, the Shen family was in dead silence.

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Shen Yuan’s death dealt a huge blow to the Shen family. The Shen family didn’t have many offspring, and among them, Shen Yuan was considered the most outstanding. Such a talented young man who might take over the Shen family in the future died so aggrievedly under the executioner’s sword. It would be a lie to say the Shen family wasn’t sad.

Shen Wan was sitting in the room when a servant ran in and said, “The execution is over, and the corpse has been sent back.”

The Sun family was kind enough to return Shen Yuan’s corpse to the Shen family in the end. However, everyone knew that the feud between the Shen family and the Sun family wouldn’t stop just like that.

“There’s no need to hold a funeral. Bury him as soon as possible.” Shen Wan sighed, looking deep in thought.

“Master, are you still worried about this?” Chen Ruoqiu walked over and said gently, “There’s nothing we can do to save Yuan. After all, the Sun family is not an ordinary family.”

“I just feel…” Shen Wan shook his head.” Something is wrong. Didn’t you notice?” Shen Wan said, “Recently, the Shen family seems to have run into some bad luck.”

“Could there be something unclean?” Chen Ruoqiu was shocked.

Shen Wan frowned. “What nonsense are you talking about?”