Chapter 351 - Die Without Descendants (4)

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Chapter 351: Die Without Descendants (4)

“What courtyard?” Shen Dongling, who was reading behind the screen, looked up.

“You’ve always stayed in this crowded courtyard with me. Other ladies who are your age all have their own courtyard. You should move out. This place is too crowded after all.”

“They’re the daughters of the first wife, and I’m the daughter of a concubine,” Shen Dongling said calmly.

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Hearing this, Concubine Wan’s heart ached. The fact that she couldn’t change Shen Dongling’s background had always unsettled her. She didn’t think Shen Dongling was inferior to Shen Qing and Shen Yue in any way, but in the past ten years, she had to ask Shen Dongling to keep a low profile and be as invisible as possible. Now that the situation was different, she wouldn’t ask Shen Dongling to make compromises again.

Concubine Wan said, “Eldest Miss’s courtyard is unoccupied now. You don’t have to sleep in her room. That courtyard is facing the south and the scenery is beautiful. It’s a pity to leave it empty. Now that your father treats us well, I think he will agree to this request.”

“No need.” Shen Dongling rejected her suggestion. “Now is not the time to lift our heads. We’ve already endured it for more than ten years. It won’t hurt to endure it a big longer. Although Father is good to us now, I understand what kind of person he is. Let’s talk about this when things are more stable.”

Concubine Wan wanted to persuade her further, but she suddenly saw her personal maid, Lu Hua, run in and say hurriedly, “Concubine Wan, Fifth Miss is here!”

“Fifth Miss?” Concubine Wan stood up immediately. “Why is she looking for me?”

Shen Dongling also looked at Lu Hua.

Lu Hua shook her head and said, “She’s not here to look for you. I saw her go to the room where Second Madam is recuperating.”

“Fifth Miss is going to see Second Madam!” Concubine Wan’s voice suddenly rose. “Why is Fifth Miss going to see Second Madam? Second Madam has already gone mad!”

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“I wanted to eavesdrop, but Fifth Miss brought a few maids to guard the door, so I couldn’t get close.” Lu Hua asked, “Concubine Wan, what should we do now?”

Concubine Wan walked around the room, deep in thought, and muttered to herself, “What’s going on? Is Fifth Miss seeing Second Madam out of concern for her health? But Second Madam and Fifth Miss have been at odds before. How can Fifth Miss be so kind?” She looked at Shen Dongling. “Dongling, what do you think?”

Shen Dongling lowered her eyes and thought for a while before saying, “Since we can’t eavesdrop, then don’t. Fifth Sister is smart. If she doesn’t want anyone to eavesdrop, then no one can.”

“Are we just going to sit back and wait?” Concubine Wan was a little indignant. “What if she and Second Madam are plotting something together?”

“Second Madam and Fifth Sister are not people who will let go of their grudges with a smile.” Shen Dongling said indifferently, “Besides, we’ve never been enemies with Fifth Sister. Even if Fifth Sister wants to scheme against someone, she won’t scheme against us.” She looked at Concubine Wan. “We’ll just wait and watch the show.”

Outside Rosy Cloud Garden, Gu Yu, Bai Lu, and Shuang Jiang were guarding a few steps away from the house. Jingzhe followed Shen Miao into the house. The servants in the courtyard were all doing their own things obediently. Ren Wanyun had already gone crazy, so the servants naturally did not have to fawn on her anymore. Moreover, the servants had never liked Ren Wanyun. Compared to Ren Wanyun, they were more willing to please the gentle Concubine Wan.

Therefore, when Shen Miao, who was backed up by Shen Xin, came, the servants did not stop her.

However, not everyone was like this. Ren Wanyun had her own trusted aides for many years, her personal maids, Xianglan and Caiju. At this moment, in the room, Xianglan and Caiju were staring at Shen Miao warily.