Chapter 352 - Die Without Descendants (4)

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Chapter 352: Die Without Descendants (4)

Facing their fierce gazes, Shen Miao didn’t know what to do. Since the two of them refused to go out, it didn’t matter if they heard it.

On the bed, the woman sat in the corner with a blanket wrapped around her. Her eyes were unfocused, and her hair was messy. Her clothes were even dripping with saliva. Her lips were moving slightly. She stared at the ceiling, muttering something incomprehensible.

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“Fifth Miss, as you can see, our Madam is not fully recovered yet. If you disturb her like this, it will only make her condition worse,” Xianglan said.

“I’m here to tell Second Aunt something today.” Shen Miao smiled. “I think Second Aunt already knows. Second Brother was executed at noon today. His corpse is lying in the coffin and will be buried soon.”

“Fifth Miss, Madam is already sick! She can’t take the shock!” Caiju shouted angrily. However, although Xianglan and Caiju had serious expressions, they really did not have the guts to be rude to Shen Miao and force her out. Now, they all knew that Shen Miao was not an easy person to deal with. A large part of the reason why the second branch was in such a state was because of Shen Miao. Shen Miao was the enemy of the second branch, but now, not only was Shen Miao scheming, but she also had Shen Xin behind her. No one in the second branch dared to go against her.

Shen Miao ignored the two maids and looked at Ren Wanyun with a smile. “I think Second Aunt knows that when Second Brother was executed today, no one went to visit him. Second Uncle, Third Uncle, Third Aunt, Old Madam, none of them went.” She looked at Ren Wanyun and said, “I think if Second Aunt was not sick, you would definitely go and see Second Brother for the last time. Now, it will never be possible. How pitiful.”

“Fifth Miss!” Xianglan couldn’t help but shout again.

“What are you shouting for?” Shen Miao smiled. “Second Aunt is sick and can’t understand a word I said. Are you afraid that I’ll agitate her?”

“Of course not,” Xianglan quickly denied.

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“Then you’d better shut up.” Shen Miao raised an eyebrow. “Otherwise, I have a way to make you shut up.”

Xianglan and Caiju were shocked. The certainty in Shen Miao’s words actually made them shiver.

“I think Second Brother was very sad that he didn’t get to see you for the last time too.”

Ren Wanyun was still staring at the ceiling with a dazed expression, but her fingers were clenched slightly.

“A few days ago, Concubine Wan even came to look for me.” Shen Miao smiled and said, “I think she’s in a hurry to build a good relationship with me. If I put in a good word for her in front of Old Madam, I think Second Uncle will probably make her his wife in the foreseeable future.”

As soon as she said that, Xianglan and Caiju’s faces turned pale. Everyone knew that Concubine Wan had regained her favor in the second branch. In the past, Ren Wanyun was strict with Concubine Wan, forcing her to stay in her courtyard and not show herself in any occasions. When Concubine Wan became the legitimate wife, wouldn’t she take revenge? Ren Wanyun already lost favor with Shen Gui and was disliked by Old Madam Shen. How miserable would her life be in the future?

“Of course I don’t want that to happen.” Shen Miao tilted her head and thought for a moment. “Second Aunt is the first wife of the second branch, so I’ll naturally stand on your side. However, Concubine Wan isn’t going to give up that easily. Besides, now that Seventh Brother is still taken care of by Old Madam, when Seventh Brother is older and Concubine Wan becomes the legitimate wife, won’t Seventh Brother be handed to Concubine Wan? Tsk tsk, I can’t imagine what she’ll do to Seventh Brother.”