Chapter 353 - Die Without Descendants (6)

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Chapter 353: Die Without Descendants (6)

“If you dare to have designs on my son, I’ll make you wish you were dead!” In the corner, Ren Wanyun roared. For some reason, her voice was extremely rough. The pair of eyes that had been staring at the ceiling since Shen Miao entered the room had been locked on Shen Miao at some point, and the fierce light emitted from them was like that of a vicious wolf.

“Why would I have designs on Seventh Brother?” Shen Miao smiled. “Second Aunt, if you don’t believe me, I can swear that if I have designs on Seventh Brother, I’ll be struck by lightning and die a horrible death.”

As soon as she finished speaking, the few people in the room looked a little surprised. Jingzhe, who had been silent all this time, was a little anxious. How could Shen Miao make such a heavy oath? They had always taken oaths very seriously. Shen Miao said it so calmly that Jinzhe did not even have a chance to stop her.

Ren Wanyun did not let down her guard against Shen Miao because of this. She sneered. “You didn’t come all the way here just to say these things to agitate me and want to see if I’m crazy or not, did you?” She said, “Shen Miao, you are smarter than me and I underestimated you. If this game can start all over again, I’ll definitely kill you before you grow to this age. I won’t be merciful!”

“Second Aunt, you’re really funny.” Shen Miao said, “When have you ever been merciful to me?”

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“You’ve already forced me to this extent, and I believe my son and daughter’s death was also your doing. If not for Yuanbai, I would definitely die with you.” Ren Wanyun gritted her teeth.

“I know that for the sake of Seventh Brother, Second Aunt will try to live on.”

“What exactly do you want to do?” Ren Wanyun stared at her. “Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve?”

Shen Miao smiled kindly. “Second Aunt, why do you have to take me for an inhuman person? I came to give you a way out.”

“A way out?” Ren Wanyun said miserably, “At this point, what way out do I have?”

“Second Aunt, do you think the current situation is as bad as it can be?” Shen Miao was surprised. “Second Aunt, you have always been smart. How can you be so stupid?”

“What do you want to say?” Ren Wanyun’s face darkened.

“Simple.” Shen Miao smiled. “Now that Concubine Wan has won Second Uncle’s favor, Second Aunt, have you thought about what will happen to Seventh Brother if Concubine Wan gives birth to a son for Second Uncle?”

Ren Wanyun’s body stiffened.

“Second Aunt, you know very well whether Second Uncle values you or Concubine Wan. If one day, Concubine Wan is made the legitimate wife, the second branch will have two legitimate sons. However, these two legitimate sons are not full brothers. Do you think,” Shen Miao lowered her voice, “they will kill each other?”

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Ren Wanyun was shocked.

“That new son will be protected by Concubine Wan, and Seventh Brother will naturally be protected by you. But Second Aunt, at that time, can you still have a say in the second branch like before?”

What Shen Miao said dealt a huge blow to Ren Wanyun. Ren Wanyun couldn’t help but retort, “That b*tch didn’t give birth to a son in the past, and nor will she in the future.”

“Second Aunt is indeed smart.” Shen Miao sighed and said, “That’s what I want to say. Second Aunt, do you think that other than Concubine Wan, Second Uncle will have no other women in the future?”

Ren Wanyun was stunned by Shen Miao’s calmness. That’s right. She knew better than anyone what kind of person Shen Gui was. How could Shen Gui be satisfied with only one woman? When she was still the madam, Shen Gui took concubines home one by one. If not for the fact that she fed those women infertility drugs, the second branch would probably be overcrowded now.

“There are countless women in the world who can give birth, and there are also countless women who want to enter the second branch of the Shen family. Unless Second Aunt can still control the second branch like before and feed every concubine infertility drug, one of the women will give birth to a son for Second Uncle. But Second Aunt, do you still have the ability now?”

Ren Wanyun looked a little flustered. Every word Shen Miao said was aimed at her weakness. What she could rely on was the fact that her son was the successor of the second branch, but what if there were more successors?

“Second Aunt, do you want to see all the assets that you worked so hard to manage be obtained not by Second Brother, not by Seventh Brother, but by the son of another woman? Second Brother is brilliant. Everything in the second branch should belong to him, but now he’s dead. Are you willing to give everything out?”

Ren Wanyun stared at Shen Miao. “What do you want to say?”

“I’m here to give you a way out.” Shen Miao smiled and took out a small bag from her sleeve and placed it on Ren Wanyun’s palm.

“Infertility pill for men,” she whispered.