Chapter 357 - Get Lost (4)

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Chapter 357: Get Lost (4)

Mo Qing placed the money in the girl’s hand and said, “As usual.”

The girl said enviously, “Master Mo, you are really a sentimental person. Liu Ying is really blessed to have you.” With that, she sashayed upstairs to call for Liu Ying.

While everyone was rushing towards the new girls, Mo Qing insisted on seeing Liu Ying. People who didn’t know better would think that he was in love with Liu Ying, but only he and Liu Ying knew if he was in love or not.

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Opposite the Treasure Fragrance Chamber, three people were drinking by the window. Ji Yushu pointed at Mo Qing from afar and said, “Look, he’s here!”

“What’s there to see?” Gao Yang rolled his eyes at Ji Yushu. “He comes once every three days and then sits through the night. The moment the sun rises, he leaves immediately. I’ve remembered his schedule like the back of my hand. Why are you so surprised?”

Ji Yushu glared back at Gao Yang. “Are you stupid? We knew this, but Third Brother Xie doesn’t. I’m just explaining things to him.”

Opposite the two of them, Xie Jingxing leaned against the couch and looked at the Treasure Fragrance Chamber lazily. For the first time, he was not wearing purple today. Instead, he was wearing a black robe with a narrow waist, making him look much colder. However, looking at him carefully, he seemed to be travel-worn. Clearly, he just had a long journey.

“Xie, how did it go this time? How are those people?” Gao Yang asked.

“They’re all death warriors. I can’t get anything out of them, so I killed them all.” Xie Jingxing was a little absent-minded. “Time is tight. We have to act quickly.”

“How can we act quickly?” Ji Yushu complained. “We haven’t found the thing we need.”

“Shen Yuan might have it hidden somewhere. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to get so close to Fu Xiuyi. However, now that he’s dead…” Gao Yang pondered and said,” Fu Xiuyi will think of a way to find it.”

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“I need to go to the Shen family again.” Xie Jingxing frowned. “I must find it.”

“Hey, hey, hey, let’s not talk about this for now.” Ji Yushu interrupted their conversation. “We’ve been observing here for so long. What’s the meaning of this Mo guy coming to the Treasure Fragrance Chamber every few days? Is Miss Shen so generous to her subordinates? She even paid her subordinates to have fun. She’s even more generous than me, the shopkeeper of the Exiled Immortal Pawnshop.”

“Have you ever seen a man who just sits for a night and then leaves when they go to a brothel?” Gao Yang looked at Ji Yushu. “He’s more like completing a mission.”

“Are you blind?” Xie Jingxing glanced at the two of them. “Can’t you see that there’s someone else opposite?” He glanced down, and the other two were stunned. Following Xie Jingxing’s gaze, they saw a man in green standing at the corner opposite the Treasure Fragrance Chamber, looking at the room on the second floor in a daze.

“He looks nothing special.” Ji Yushu said, “Look at how shabby he’s dressed. It’s obvious that he doesn’t have money to go in.”

“This person…” Gao Yang looked at him from afar.” He looks familiar. I think I’ve seen him somewhere before.”

“Pei Lang,” Xie Jingxing said.

“Who is Pei Lang?” Ji Yushu asked.

“A teacher at Guangwen Hall.”

“I remember now.” Gao Yang added, “I saw him at the palace banquet before. But what is he doing here?”