Chapter 358 - Get Lost (5)

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Chapter 358: Get Lost (5)

“Teacher?” Ji Yushu said with surprise, “Even the teacher visits the brothel? Guangwen Hall even said that it’s a school that all the nobles in the capital want to enter. How can a teacher engage in such an immoral conduct?”

“You visit the brothel pretty much every day. Why don’t you say you engage in immoral conduct?” Gao Yang asked Ji Yushu.l

Ji Yushu retorted, “I’m not a teacher!”

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“Shut up.” Xie Jingxing said, “How can the two of you fail to notice him?”

“I don’t know him.” Ji Yushu felt aggrieved. “There are so many people coming and going. I only pay attention to the abnormalities. This teacher doesn’t look any different from ordinary people. How would I know that he’s a teacher?”

Gao Yang looked at Xie Jingxing. “Do you think there’s something wrong with Pei Lang? But he’s just a poor teacher.”

“Shen Miao never does anything unnecessary. There must be a reason why she asked her subordinate to look for Liu Ying. I didn’t understand it before, but when I saw him, I understood.” Xie Jingxing’s gaze landed on Pei Lang in the distance.

“You mean…” Gao Yang was deep in thought.” Shen Miao goes to such an extent just for Pei Lang?”

Xie Jingxing smiled, and his gaze was meaningful. “For some reason, I feel that Shen Miao takes Pei Lang very seriously. From what I found out, Pei Lang is just a poor scholar. There must be something more to him.”

“That’s simple!” Ji Yushu said, “I know the reason.”

Gao Yang and Xie Jingxing turned to stare at him.

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Ji Yushu cleared his throat and said matter-of-factly, “That’s too simple! He looks handsome and talented. Coupled with the fact that he’s a teacher, he will definitely be knowledgeable. Miss Shen is young. After spending years in school with her teacher, she found herself in love with him. Unexpectedly, he turns out to be a hypocrite who visits the brothel. In a fit of anger, she got her subordinate to take revenge on Liu Ying…”

“Wait.” Gao Yang asked, “Why does Shen Miao like Pei Lang but want to take revenge on Liu Ying?”

Ji Yushu thought for a while and replied, “It’s probably because Pei Lang can’t afford to patronize Liu Ying, so Miss Shen asked her subordinate to do it. She’s deliberately trying to anger Pei Lang!” The more Ji Yushu spoke, the more excited he became. His saliva flew everywhere as he spoke, and he almost climbed onto the table. “Pei Lang must have broken Miss Shen’s heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t squander her money just to take revenge.”

Gao Yang held his forehead with a headache. “Ji Yushu, have you read some strange books lately?”

“You guys continue. I’ll get going first.” Xie Jingxing stood up expressionlessly and glanced at Ji Yushu. “If you have nothing better to do, the tower jail is short of people. When are you going to pack up and go with Tie Yi?”

Ji Yushu immediately fell silent.

On the other side, in Liu Ying’s boudoir, Mo Qing was sitting at the table and drinking tea as usual.

Now, Liu Ying had completely given up on Mo Qing. Previously, she still wanted to conquer this man, but now, she did not have the slightest intention of doing so. She walked over, picked up the silver ingot on the table, and put it into the box. She sat down opposite Mo Qing, poured a cup of tea, and took a sip. She said indifferently, “Thank you, Young Master Mo, for coming to support me as usual. This way, I won’t be starving.”

When the customers were snatched away by the new Persian dancers, only Mo Qing supported her as usual. The girls in the brothel were extremely envious of Liu Ying, but they did not know that in Liu Ying’s eyes, Mo Qing was just a strange person.