Chapter 359 - Get Lost (6)

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Chapter 359: Get Lost (6)

Liu Ying did not intend to talk to Mo Qing either. Mo Qing had been here so many times, but he had never spoken to her. If not for the fact that every time he would speak to the bawd, Liu Ying would even think that Mo Qing was mute.

However, today, Mo Qing spoke to her for the first time. Mo Qing said, “It’s not me.”

Liu Ying was so surprised that she opened her eyes wide and looked at him. “What?”

“I’m not the one who gave you the money,” Mo Qing said.

Liu Ying was puzzled. “What money?”

“My master wants me to come here to look for you every three days just to give you money and do nothing.”

This was probably the longest sentence Mo Qing had said since he came to the Treasure Fragrance Chamber. However, as soon as he said that, Liu Ying immediately became vigilant. She stood up and asked, “Who is your master?”

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Mo Qing shook his head. “I can’t say.”

“You!” Liu Ying glared at him.

“My master will come and see you in a few days.” Mo Qing said, “Don’t see other customers for the time being.”

Liu Ying smiled bitterly. “Brother Mo, I don’t know who your master is, and I don’t know what your master wants, but I’m a girl from the brothel. Now that I’m losing popularity, if I don’t see other customers, who is going to pay for my food? You?”

Seeing that Mo Qing did not say anything, Liu Ying was even angrier. If other men were here, they would at least say something nice to her like “I’ll give you money”, even if they didn’t really mean it. However, Mo Qing was simply a block of wood. He was serious and refused to even say a good word to make people feel better. When she was angry, she wanted to shout. Just as Liu Ying opened her mouth, she lost her words. It was indeed unlikely to hear anything sweet from Mo Qing. He had said it himself that he was just following his master’s instruction. At the thought of this, she felt that it was really meaningless to ask him to do these things.

Seeing that Liu Ying’s expression was changing drastically, Mo Qing was a little puzzled. He hesitated for a moment before saying something that Shen Miao did not instruct him to say. He said, “My master is a good person. Don’t… be afraid.”

Liu Ying was stunned for a moment and looked at Mo Qing, but Mo Qing lowered his head and drank his tea. For some reason, Liu Ying felt better and said, “I believe everything you said.”

Mo Qing didn’t know what to say to that.

That night, Shen Miao chatted with Luo Xueyan in Luo Xueyan’s room for a while before returning to her courtyard. On the way, Jingzhe told Shen Miao the information she had gathered during the day. “Miss, I heard that the Jing family will set off for Suzhou this afternoon. Before they left, they took away some valuable furnishings in the side courtyard of Rongjing Hall. Old Madam was so angry that she almost had a stroke again.”

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“I didn’t expect that the Jing family would abandone Miss Jing and flee back to Suzhou with their tails between their legs. They knew that Miss Jing wouldn’t have a good ending in the Sun family, but they didn’t even bother to help her out at all. They were just trying to get more money,” Jingzhe said.

Shen Miao smiled. “The Jing family probably just realized who they’ve offended.”

“They’re all not good people.” Jingzhe pursed her lips.

Shen Miao did not comment. The Jing family rushed back to Suzhou overnight, but how could they be allowed to make it back so easily? Sun Tianzheng was not a pushover. In her previous life, when Shen Qiu was in trouble, Jing Chuchu escaped, but the rest of the Jing family did not. Sun Tianzheng had never been a soft-hearted person. No one knew what happened on her way back to Suzhou.

When she walked to the courtyard, Shen Miao was about to push the door open and enter when she suddenly paused and glanced at the window.

“Jingzhe,” Shen Miao said, “Go boil the water first. I want to take a bath.”

Jingzhe was stunned for a moment before nodding in agreement. Shen Miao pushed the door open and entered. She walked past the outer hall into her boudoir before closing the door.

The light of the oil lamp swayed slightly, and a person was sitting at the table. His robe seemed to be flowing with dark gold, making the darkness in the room look dazzling. He supported his head with one hand and flipped through the books on Shen Miao’s table with the other. Hearing the noise, he turned around casually, revealing a handsome face.

“Why are you back so late?” Xie Jingxing was a little unhappy.

“I don’t think I invited you here.” Shen Miao looked at him calmly and said, “Young Marquis Xie.”

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Xie Jingxing raised an eyebrow. “I’m hungry.”

Shen Miao said, “Get lost.”