Chapter 361 - Turning Over a New Leaf (2)

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Chapter 361: Turning Over a New Leaf (2)

“This bastard…” Shen Miao gritted her teeth. Jingzhe knocked on the door. “Miss, the bath is ready. I’ll put some herbs in for you first.” As soon as she entered, she asked curiously, “Miss, why are you standing in front of the window? Be careful not to catch a cold.”

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Shen Miao retracted her gaze. “I’m fine. I just chased away a wild cat.”

“Oh, it’s a wild cat.” Jingzhe said with a smile, “Wild cats are common in this season. They’re really annoying. I’ll get the servants to clean them out tomorrow.”

“It’s better to just put them to death,” Shen Miao said.

“Eh?” Jingzhe was a little confused.

On the other side of the Shen mansion, Concubine Wan looked worried and seemed to be a little angry. She said to Shen Dongling, “I wonder what Fifth Miss said to Second Madam that day. I heard from the servants of Rosy Cloud Garden that Second Madam’s illness is getting better day by day. Now, she can recognize people and doesn’t lose her temper that easily. She even instructed her maids to make porridge for Master. She probably wants to be favored by Master again. If that day comes, I’m afraid we’ll suffer again.” Concubine Wan complained, “It seems like Fifth Miss is really going to help Madam and even treat her illness.”

Shen Dongling was combing her long hair at the table. Facing the light, her face looked even sharper and her eyes bigger. She said, “Mother, you’re thinking too much. No matter how capable Fifth Sister is, it’s impossible for her to cure madness. It seems that Second Madam has been pretending to be mad all this time. Fifth Sister said a few words to her and convinced her to stop pretending.”

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“What?” Concubine Wan was shocked. “Dongling, are you saying that Second Madam has been pretending to be mad? That means she knows your father has been treating us well. In that case, once Second Madam has a chance, she will definitely punish us.”

“What are you worried about, Mother?” Shen Dongling combed her hair with a silver comb and said, “Because of what happened to Eldest Sister and Second Brother, Father already despised Second Madam. Even if Second Madam really becomes sane, Father will at most be kinder to her, but he will definitely not take her seriously anymore. It’s already impossible for Second Madam to regain her previous status. She knows this too. Mother, don’t worry.”

Concubine Wan was puzzled. “Since Second Madam knows that Master won’t forgive her, why doesn’t she continue with her show of pretending to be mad? What exactly did Fifth Miss say to her to make her change her mind?”

“Other than Seventh Brother, Second Madam has nothing else now. Fifth Sister probably used Seventh Brother to provoke Second Madam. Mother, you have to work hard to give birth to a son for Father. As long as you have a son, you will have more say. No one will dare to look down on you.”

Concubine Wan smiled bitterly. How could she not want to give birth to a son? In the early years, she was suppressed by Ren Wanyun. If not for the fact that Shen Dongling was a daughter, the two of them would probably not have lived to this day. Shen Gui had always been a cold and heartless person. She was not a young woman after all. Why would Shen Gui choose to have a son with her?

As her thoughts ran wild, Concubine Wan changed the topic. “Why are you talking about this? Dongling, why don’t you try to guess what Fifth Miss wants to do? Helping Madam is equivalent to going against us.”

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Shen Dongling shook her head. “Fifth Sister is not a simple person. Don’t get involved in these things and live our own life. Otherwise, we’ll get into trouble if we’re not careful.”