Chapter 337 - As Long As You’re Safe

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Chapter 337: As Long As You’re Safe

Su Sanlang cried and laughed. He stroked Su Chong’s head, then Su Hua’s head, and then put his arm around their shoulders. He choked several times and did not say anything.

Chen Hu and Madam Qian heaved a sigh of relief. All their worries turned into tears of joy at this moment.

She laughed and wiped her tears.

It took them a while to calm down, but Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao’s eyes were red.

Releasing the children, Su Sanlang said hoarsely, “It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re back. It’s good that you’re safe.”

Su Sanlang looked at Zhou Heng, who was standing quietly beside him. He reached out and patted Zhou Heng’s shoulder. Zhou Heng smiled gently. “Third Uncle, we’re back. I’m sorry to have made you worry.”

Su Sanlang wiped the tears and snot from his face and shook his head gently.

“Have a good chat with your family. You must be hungry after rushing back. Let’s go cook.”

Chen Hu said happily and calmed down. He thought that Su Xiaolu and the others must be hungry. At this moment, he would make the reunion dinner.

Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao still needed time to recover.

Given the situation today, it was impossible to open the shop. It was better to rest for the day.

Madam Qian nodded and brought the children to the kitchen to get busy.

Madam Zhao held Su Xiaolu’s arm with one hand and Su Chong’s arm with the other as they entered the main room.

Su Xiaoling, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng walked behind them side by side. Su Sanlang walked at the back and looked at the children. All the worries in his heart disappeared. At this moment, there was only peace and tranquility in his heart.

He put away the packed bag.

After entering the main room and sitting down, Madam Zhao was still holding Su Xiaolu’s hand and could not bear to let go. Su Xiaolu took Madam Zhao’s pulse. Her pulse was a little chaotic, caused by anger and worry.

Su Xiaolu leaned her head on Madam Zhao’s shoulder and said softly, “Mother, I’m sorry for making you worry.”

Madam Zhao gently hugged Su Xiaolu’s shoulder and subconsciously patted her gently. She said gently, “It’s fine. It’s good that you’re back.”

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Su Xiaolu rubbed against Madam Zhao. She recounted what had happened in Furongzhou. She knew that her parents wanted to hear it.

Even if the matter was over, they would still want to know what kind of life the children had led these days.

Su Xiaolu did not hide anything and told her family about the plague. She only omitted her interaction with Zhou Zhi and did not say anything about meeting the old general when she came back.

Madam Zhao’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this. She hugged Su Xiaolu and kissed her forehead. “Thank you.”

After the thrill, nervousness, and finally peace, Madam Zhao’s pulse calmed down. She knew everything, so she naturally stopped thinking nonsense.

Now, the children had returned safely.

Chen Hu and Madam Qian also sat down.

The two families gathered for this meal. Su Sanlang brought good wine.

He only let Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng have one drink because they still had to visit Lin Pingsheng after dinner. Lin Yaoyao had not come today, so Lin Pingsheng did not know that they were back.

The children had been taught by Lin Pingsheng and were now taking the scholarly examination. Naturally, they had to thank their teacher.

Su Sanlang, on the other hand, was drinking with Chen Hu. He was drunk.

Chen Hu was also drunk, but he was happy. Even when he was drunk, he was smiling.

Madam Zhao went to take care of Su Sanlang, and Chen Hu’s family went back next door.

Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng went to visit Lin Pingsheng. They would eat dinner at Lin Pingsheng’s house and would not return until midnight.

Su Xiaolu and Su Xiaoling returned to their room. Su Xiaolu took Su Xiaoling’s hand and said, “Sister, what happened at home? Tell me, your hand is bruised and hasn’t been treated.”

With that, Su Xiaolu pulled Su Xiaoling to sit down and carefully cleaned her up.

Su Xiaoling felt a lump in her throat and her eyes turned red. She smiled and said, “Xiaolu, thank goodness you’re back.”

Hence, Su Xiaoling told Su Xiaolu everything that had happened during this period of time.

No one knew what Old Master Su and Madam Wang were thinking, but they did it. Moreover, they came every day. This was equivalent to stabbing Su Sanlang and Madam Zhao in the heart a few times a day.

That family was really too annoying.

However, such things were always difficult to resolve, which gave Su Xiaolu a headache.

She was already thinking about how to teach them a lesson. If they still dared to come tomorrow, she would definitely not let them go back empty-handed. Did they really think that she had learned her medical skills for nothing?

Su Xiaoling reached out and pinched Su Xiaolu’s face. “Since you’re back, everything will be fine in the future. Those people relied on the fact that you didn’t come back. Now that Eldest Brother and Second Brother are back, they won’t dare to say those words again.”

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“You’ve lost so much weight. I’ll make you something delicious tonight.”

Su Xiaoling looked at Su Xiaolu’s sharp chin and felt her heart ache. Her sister was still growing.

With Su Xiaolu and the others back, Su Xiaoling was no longer worried or afraid. She began to think about what delicious food to make for Su Xiaolu.

Su Xiaolu nodded. “Okay, thank you, Sister. I want to eat your cooking. I can’t wait.”

“Father is drunk and mother is taking care of him. He’s taking an afternoon nap now. Let’s take a nap too.”

Su Xiaoling looked at Su Xiaolu and said.

Su Xiaolu nodded. Su Xiaoling went to get a comb to untie Su Xiaolu’s hair and comb it. Then, the two sisters went to bed together.

Su Xiaolu slept very quickly. Smelling Su Xiaoling’s scent made her feel at ease and she quickly fell asleep.

Su Xiaoling patted Su Xiaolu gently as usual. When Su Xiaolu fell asleep, she quietly kissed her cheek and closed her eyes to take a nap.

Su Xiaoling did not sleep for long before she got up and went to the kitchen to clean up. Madam Zhao also came to help.

The mother and daughter were diligent in their work, and Madam Zhao helped Su Xiaoling.

She stewed the chicken soup first before preparing other dishes. Su Xiaolu especially liked to eat a few dishes. Because Su Chong, Su Hua, and Zhou Heng would not come back to eat at night, she did not prepare their portion.

Su Xiaolu woke up at dusk. The sun was setting outside, and the air was filled with the familiar fragrance of food.

Su Xiaolu got up and went to the kitchen to drink a bowl of chicken soup and eat some chicken.

Su Xiaolu held the bowl and sipped it with a sweet smile.

Madam Zhao’s gaze was gentle and her eyes were filled with joy.

Su Xiaoling said gently, “Xiaolu, eat slowly. I’ll scoop more for you after you’re done.”

When Su Sanlang woke up, the first thing he did was run to the kitchen. When he saw Su Xiaolu drinking the chicken soup obediently and sweetly, Su Sanlang felt relieved.

Su Xiaoling brought a bowl of hangover soup to Su Sanlang and said, “Father, have some hangover soup.”

Su Sanlang smiled warmly and nodded. “Okay, thank you, Sanmei.”

After Su Sanlang finished the hangover soup, he went to the stove to help Madam Zhao watch the fire.

When the food was ready, the family sat together to eat.

The family took turns putting food into Su Xiaolu’s bowl. Su Xiaolu’s bowl quickly piled up into a small sharp mountain. Su Xiaolu said helplessly, “Father, mother, sis, I really can’t eat anymore. Please let me go.”