Chapter 218 - Killing Barton 2

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Chapter 218: Killing Barton 2

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However, no one had expected that the three of them would actually take out 50 overlord-tier mechanical warriors, and they were all peak overlord-tier ones.

Everyone’s reaction was not slow. The moment the 50 overlord appeared, they had already started running away.

A distance of 10 kilometers wasn’t considered far for them. If it was a genetic warrior that focused on speed, they could reach a speed of 100 meters per second after reaching the 2nd rank. It would only take them a minute or so to cover the distance.

With their speed, they could definitely run out.

However, seeing that everyone was running away, Lu Yuan smiled and took out another mechanical device.

It was a silver-white golden Pagoda-shaped instrument.

After Lu Yuan injected his spiritual energy, the sound of electromagnetic waves could be heard.

With Lu Yuan and the other two as the center, electromagnetic waves spread out and eventually formed a pyramid-shaped electromagnetic shield about two kilometers long.

Seeing that there was a shield blocking their way, everyone’s face changed.

Babu’s electromagnetic shield generator (Grade 3): overlord-tier mechanical Fey.

This generator could create a powerful electromagnetic shield, and its size could be adjusted by the user. It had an extremely strong defensive ability.

It could easily defend against the attack of a 2nd rank genetic warrior.

Not only could it defend against attacks from the outside, but it could also not be broken from the inside.

Unless Lu Yuan retracted the spiritual power supply and turned off the generator.

Obviously, Lu Yuan would not do that.

No one had expected such a device to exist.

Barton’s speed was very fast, and in a short time, he had already reached the electromagnetic shield.

With a backhanded swing of his axe, he forced back four of Yeye’s shadow doppelgangers. Then, with a sharp glint in his eyes, blood-red flames burned all over his body, and he slashed at the electromagnetic shield.

With a loud boom, white light and blue electric arcs shot out, and a hole of tens of centimeters appeared.

Barton didn’t even have time to smile before the hole was closed again.

The smile on Barton’s face froze.

How was this possible?!

In the distance, Lu Yuan’s expression was calm. He continued to pour in spiritual energy to maintain the electromagnetic shield. At the same time, he controlled all the mechanical overlords to attack.

Even overlord-ranked geniuses would find it difficult to deal with the powerful Mech Warrior, which was at the peak of Tier 2.

After all, these overlord-tier geniuses had only just broken through to the 2nd rank, and were still some distance away from the peak of the 2nd rank.

It was already very impressive that they had managed to survive a Tier 2 overlord’sassault for so long.

One must know that even Lu Yuan, who had all Lord genes and three Lord-grade equipment, had to retreat under the attacks of a peak stage two overlord.

Furthermore, who else would have so many overlord-tier equipment? Or perhaps, he only had one Overlord gene?

Lu Yuan ordered the six mechanical overlords to deal with the six Lord-grade geniuses of the various races.

Another four overlords were sent to deal with Barton, another four to deal with Bai Lin, and the remaining thirty-six were sent to kill leaders and geniuses of various races.

Even overlord-grade geniuses found it difficult to defend against the mechanical overlord’s attacks, let alone the commander-grade and leader-grade monsters.

One of the leaders of the Kaman people’s defense system was targeted by a mechanical overlord. The mechanical overlord took heavy steps and instantly appeared in front of him. The heavy sword in its hand slashed down with the power of Thunder.

The sword momentum was heavy and extremely fast.

The leader of the Kamen’s defense system was unable to dodge. He roared in anger, and his face turned ferocious. His body flashed with golden light, forming a light shield in front of him. At the same time, he raised his giant shield to defend with all his might.

However, the sword of lightning shattered the Golden Shield the moment it touched it. It then shattered the shield and cut the Kaman leader in two.

The difference in combat power between a Tier 2 overlord at the pinnacle and a Tier 2 low-level leader was simply too great.

Screams rang out almost everywhere, accompanied by strong spiritual power fluctuations and explosions.

Although there were a large number of commander-level geniuses here, these were geniuses selected from all 1st tier genetic Warriors of more than 10 races in the entire white cloud continent.

These leaders were all rare geniuses in the outside world. At the very least, they could enter the Red Maple Empire’s Genius Camp.

However, under the hunting of the mechanical overlord, they were completely helpless. Even if they used all their means, it was just to hold on for a little longer.

If they did not have the interference field, they could have used the escape crystal to leave.

Unfortunately, they were not the only ones using interceptors. Even Lu Yuan had used interceptors. No one could use the escape crystal now. They could not even leave.

On the other side, Barton was fighting with King Ye and her two shadow clones.

Barton was extremely strong, but the genes he was inscribing every night were extremely strange. Just as the battle started, Barton was being suppressed by Yeye.

However, Barton’s defensive ability wasn’t weak, and he could barely hold on.

Just as he was trying to break the electromagnetic shield while fending off Yeye’s attacks, heavy footsteps were heard, and a terrifying spirit energy fluctuation came from the distance.

Barton raised his head and saw four tier 2 overlord-ranked robot warriors charging toward him.

His face turned from green to green, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Dammit! Where did you guys get so many treasures? Could it be that the treasures in the central floating city were so abundant? How many buildings have you explored?”

Yeye’s face was cold. She didn’t say anything and just kept attacking.

Under the constant attacks, Barton was still able to barely hold on. However, after the four mechanical overlord joined in, Barton was instantly hit by a huge spirit energy cannon.

His body flew out and crashed heavily into the wall of a tall building, creating a deep pit in the wall. His body fell from the sky.

In the process of falling, he managed to turn over. His feet stepped on the wall, and he instantly disappeared from his original spot. A pitch-black sword light streaked across the place where he had been.

Barton had already appeared on the roof of another tall building.

Although his armor was not damaged, blood was already flowing out of his body. His face was ferocious and he was panting.

Barton turned to look at the electromagnetic shield, and a hint of madness appeared in his eyes.

He took out talismans and spiritual energy bombs and threw them at the electromagnetic shield.

A series of explosions rang out, and the electromagnetic shield trembled and dimmed.

In the distance, Lu Yuan felt the instability of the electromagnetic shield and frowned slightly.

He took out another silver pyramid-shaped device and continued to inject spirit energy into it.

The second electromagnetic shield rose.

Barton’s face froze when he saw that the electromagnetic shield was about to break.

If one wasn’t enough, why did you use two?

Can’t you afford to play?

Barton’s face was gloomy. He was already planning to use up all the highly lethal items he had found from the mechanical ruins.

However, before his plan could be completely implemented, Yeye frowned slightly, then unwillingly took out a blue-purple talisman.

[ Magnetic imprisonment curse ] (Tier 3 100%): overlord-grade talisman

She injected her spiritual power, and the blue-purple spell turned into a mass of electromagnetic force. It instantly streaked across the space and imprisoned Barton in place.

A hint of fear flashed across Barton’s eyes. Before he could react, he was hit by the spirit energy cannon from the mechanical overlord in the distance. Dark green blood sprayed in the air.

As he was flying in the sky, a black sword light flashed by, and Barton, who couldn’t defend himself, was instantly killed.

After his death, a large pile of items dropped out, piling up more than 30 meters high, almost forming a small mountain.

These were all Barton’s gains from the Aier mechanical ruins.

Yeye looked at the small mountain, but her brows furrowed slightly. She softly said,

The amulet from before was one of her gains this time.

That was a curse at the peak of Tier 3 overlord Rank!

It was one of the most precious items in the harvest this time.

Originally, she didn’t plan to use it at all, but if she didn’t use it, there might be some risks.

Helplessly, Yeye could only use it.

After using one, she only had fifteen left.