Chapter 361 - , I’m here to challenge the school! (5)

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Luo Qiaolian was very satisfied with Rong Cheng’s answer. To her, the greatest honor in life was that her husband doted on her and her son listened to her.

“Mm, it’s definitely right for you to listen to your mother’s words. The first thing to do is to pick a granddaughter-in-law that grandfather Rong is satisfied with as soon as possible. You absolutely can’t let Gu Qingchen lead the way in terms of granddaughter-in-law!”

For Luo Qiaolian, no matter what it was, no matter what it was, she had to compete with him.

Her son was not inferior to Rong Yu, and she was not inferior to Yuan Luoyu either. Why could her son and her not inherit the Rong group openly?

Even now, it was clearly her birthday party, and she and her son were not the main characters. On the contrary, Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu had become the absolute main characters. Everyone was looking at them with admiration!

Luo Qiaolian was extremely dissatisfied and felt that it was unfair.

With the help of Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu, grandfather Rong walked in front of the crowd. In addition to their looks and temperament, as well as the shocking amount of information that they had tonight. He really felt that Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu were the main characters tonight.

“Alright, I’m just here to meet the younger generation. You guys have fun.”

Grandfather Rong’s words were very clear. He came down not because of Luo Qiaolian, but because of the younger generation.

And this younger generation… was naturally referring to Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu.

Luo Qiaolian looked embarrassed. She did not expect grandfather Rong to specially come down to celebrate her birthday, but saying this in front of everyone was like a slap to her face.

She did not dare to get angry with grandfather Rong, but looking at Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu, she was extremely angry.

Since grandfather Rong had spoken, Rong Qingtian naturally began.

“Everyone, today is my wife Luo Yu’s birthday, and I have specially invited everyone to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Please forgive me if I have not done a good job.”

Rong Qingtian’s words were naturally more thoughtful and not so domineering. This was also due to his personality and personal aura.

If it was someone else here, perhaps they would not be so polite, so tactful, and even a little humble.

When everyone saw that Rong Qingtian had spoken, they also began to have fun. However, they first had to perform a ceremony for Luo Qiaolian.

For example, the opening dance, receiving gifts, and birthday cake. They did not expect Luo Qiaolian to be so old and have so many tricks. She had to perform every kind of ceremony that other people had.

Everyone gave their own gifts one after another out of respect for the Rong family. It could be said that Luo Qiaolian had truly received a gift of mercy.

Every single gift that she took out was worth quite a bit. After all, it was a gift for the Rong family, so it was impossible for it not to be valuable.

And today was Luo Qiaolian’s birthday, so how could the Luo family not send someone? Basically, everyone from the Luo family had also arrived. Because they had a relative called the Rong family, the Luo family would naturally have a lot of benefits for the Luo family if they were to show their face in front of everyone.

Don’t look at how the Luo family had a very solid foundation in city Y, but if they were to really compare, they were really too far away from the Rong family.

If they used this identity to show their face now, it would be better for them to display their status in city y in the future.

Actually, this was the reason why Luo Qiaolian had held her birthday in such a grand manner.

The previous birthdays were basically spent in the capital. Because they had stayed in city y for a bit longer this time, it just so happened that they were celebrating their birthdays in city y.

Because of Luo Qiaolian, many people from the Luo family got to know and socialize with her. Their words were also full of flattery and flattery.

This made the Luo family, who were used to hearing nice words, very happy. It was as if they were the owners of this place today.

However, there were also people who had their conversation centered around Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu.

For example, Tang Feng could not help but be surrounded by a group of people who asked him about Rong Yu’s marriage.

In the end, Tang Feng was annoyed by the questions, so he simply did not answer and went directly to find Rong Yu.

Rong Yu still had a special seat, and this side was still not allowed to be entered by others.

Of course, Tang Feng was an exception. Tang Feng was Rong Yu’s good friend, so naturally, he could come over.

The moment Tang Feng saw Rong Yu, he began to complain.

“I say, brother, you’re too ungrateful. Marriage is such a big matter, yet you didn’t tell me anything at all. In the end, I’m still being besieged by people. I really don’t know if I owed you in my previous life.”

Tang Feng was very helpless. He was a little unhappy in his heart, but the main thing was that he was still unhappy in his heart.

Taking a look at Gu Qingchen, Tang Feng couldn’t help but regret it. If he had made a move earlier, Rong Yu wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take advantage of him.

Looking at Gu Qingchen today, she was simply a goddess!

He used to know that Gu Qingchen was very beautiful, but he didn’t expect that Gu Qingchen would be so stunning after a little dressing up. She was extremely beautiful!

Tang Feng did not hide his gaze at all. Rong Yu naturally understood it at a glance. He saw through Tang Feng’s little thoughts.

“If you don’t reveal anything, don’t you already know?”Rong Yu said indifferently. His tone was calm and there were not many ups and downs.

“How is that the same? If Luo Yingming did not tell me that day, wouldn’t I have waited until today to find out?”

Tang Feng felt stifled just thinking about it. However, he couldn’t do anything to his good friend.

Rong Yu raised his eyebrows slightly. “I should have informed you an hour in advance.”

When Tang Feng heard this, not only did he not receive any comfort in his heart, he was actually stimulated.

Informing him an hour in advance? This was too ridiculous.

However… this was indeed something that Rong Yu could chase out.

Forget it, forget it. Didn’t he already have no way to deal with it? Why did he still come to Rong Yu’s place to seek abuse.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Why did you guys come to that woman’s birthday party today? It doesn’t seem like your style. Could it be that you have some evil idea?”

As Rong Yu’s good friend, Tang Feng naturally knew Rong Yu’s attitude towards Luo Qiaolian.

If it was said that Rong Yu had changed his personality and suddenly approved of Luo Qiaolian, he would definitely not believe it.

Rong Yu smiled slightly and looked at Gu Qingchen beside him. He smiled and said, “Recently, my wife has been bored, so I brought my wife out to have some fun.”

Tang Feng’s expression was as if he had seen a mouse and a cat coexisting peacefully. His eyes were wide open in disbelief.

“Wait, Am I hearing things? What did you call Gu Qingchen just now?”

Rong Yu said naturally, “You should go see a doctor. At such a young age, you are already suffering from hearing loss. It’s not a small illness. You need to be treated!”

“Treated? What treatment? Don’t beat around the bush with me. Rong Yu, I really didn’t see that you still had the potential to be a wife slave! That ‘wife’came from your mouth. It really made me… Shiver all over.”

Tang Feng stroked his arm exaggeratedly, as if he really shivered.