Chapter 362 - I’m here to challenge the school! (6)

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Rong Yu did not think that being a wife slave was a bad synonym at all, “If you want to be a wife slave, you have to have a wife first. Only a person with a wife can experience this feeling. For someone like you who can’t find a wife, it’s probably very difficult for you to experience it.”

Tang feng stared at Rong Yu in a daze. Only then did he realize that apart from showing off that he had a wife, Rong Yu was also a direct blow to him!

“Who are you talking about, who are you talking about! Who Can’t find a wife? If I, Tang Feng, want a woman, I don’t even need to wave my hand. A bunch of women came to me of their own accord!”

Tang Feng immediately retorted. Rong Yu nodded and said as if it was a matter of fact, “En, that’s true. But don’t play too crazy. Otherwise, if a bunch of women come looking for you with their children in their arms, your future wife will be heartbroken.”

Tang Feng almost spat out. Why did he bring up the children again? !

“Don’t worry. I’m just out to play. How can I mess up such a small matter? How can I play then? !”

Tang Feng replied and heard rong yu sigh softly, “Dear wife, I suddenly realized that I’m really an exceptional man. You have to cherish it well.”

Tang Feng then remembered that Gu Qingchen was still at the side. His thoughts and spirit had been kidnapped by Rong Yu just now.

It was really… too embarrassing.

How could he say so many things that he should not have said in front of Gu Qingchen?

The image that he had painstakingly built up almost collapsed in an instant.

Most importantly, he had pushed it down by himself.

Sigh! This time, he really had no hope. In front of Gu Qingchen, he really had no way to save any thoughts.

Could it be that Rong Yu did it on purpose?

Tang Feng looked at Rong Yu. Usually, Rong Yu would not discuss these trivial matters with him. Why would he suddenly talk about these things with him today.

As expected, when he saw Rong Yu’s slightly raised red lips and the obvious light of scheming in his eyes, Tang Feng finally knew. F * ck! He had really been schemed against.

This was too unreasonable!

Tang Feng’s face was filled with tears. Rong Yu was too terrifying. His little thoughts had actually been seen through by Rong Yu.

The most evil thing was that not only did Rong Yu see through it, he had even pulled out this wild grass by the roadside in time.

The most depressing thing was that Tang Feng did not know Rong Yu’s plan just now. By the time he reacted, it was already too late.

In Gu Qingchen’s case, he was completely and completely out of the picture.

He was too black-bellied, too black-bellied!

A moment of carelessness and he was kidnapped. Rong Yu was definitely number one on the best friends list.

But… Sigh! Forget it. He was wrong to covet his brother’s wife. Rong Yu’s actions were understandable.

But this method… was really unforgettable.

Anyway, he was definitely embarrassed to have any more bad intentions towards Gu Qingchen.

“You just said that you and Gu Qingchen came here to have fun? This kind of place is extremely boring. Where did the fun come from?”

Since he had thought it through, Tang Feng changed the topic and quickly stopped talking about the previous topic. It was really a little too awkward.

Rong Yu smiled, “It’s because the banquet is too boring, that’s why it needs to be lively and have some fun. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too boring?”

Tang Feng sighed endlessly in his heart. It seemed that tonight’s birthday banquet, there must be someone who was going to be unlucky.

As for who was the unlucky one?

Hehe, was there even a need to think about that? It was definitely someone from the Luo family.

Who asked the Luo family to offend Rong Yu and then Gu Qingchen.

The Luo family really did not have eyes. They had to offend these two people who were even more cunning than foxes. It could be considered that they were unlucky.

However… Hehe, if someone was going to be unlucky, Tang Feng naturally wanted to watch the show.

He couldn’t be the only one feeling depressed tonight. Even if he was being abused, he had to find a few people to take the fall for it.

“I agree, I agree. I agree with both hands. This kind of banquet is indeed extremely boring. It might not be a bad thing to have some interesting things.”

Tang Feng returned to his casual appearance, as if the person who had just been stimulated was not him.

His self-healing ability was really strong.

“But… who do you want to start with first? Do you need help?”Tang Feng was also a little eager to try. He had just been provoked, and now he had to find someone to torture back, or else he would be at a disadvantage.

Gu Qingchen looked at Tang Feng and could not help but laugh, “Why does it look like you are more anxious than us?”

Tang Feng looked at gu qingchen and sighed, “I have to help you find a partner to play with so that the two of you don’t get bored and join hands to play with me.”

Gu Qingchen and Rong Yu looked at each other and smiled. Their tacit understanding was self-evident.

This tacit understanding made Tang Feng’s teeth ache. It was the typical feeling of a single dog being abused.

But… he was so popular with women. When did he become a single dog?

He had to find a woman next. He could not waste his good time like this.

He was injured by Gu Qingchen. He had to find someone else to help him heal his wounds.

The three of them were chatting happily while the people outside were chatting even more happily.

Many socialites had gathered here today. When they saw Rong Yu, they were all elated and their hearts were pounding.

In the past, they only heard that young master Rong was very handsome. Today, after seeing him, they finally knew what a handsome man was!

Unfortunately… Young Master Rong had a wife!

Although many people were jealous, most of the socialites had strict family upbringing. They definitely did not want to be a mistress.

They also had their own pride. Of course, they could not rule out some people who did not have principles and just liked to do such things.

This was because the Luo family had previously released news that Luo Qingyan was going to be the daughter-in-law of the Rong family. Many socialites in the circle of people had also heard of this news.

However, today, they discovered that Rong Yu already had a wife and was not Luo Qingyan at all. Some socialites who usually looked at Luo Qingyan with disdain would naturally want to add insult to injury.

“Qingyan, didn’t you say that you are the daughter-in-law of the Rong Family? Hehe, did we see wrongly, or did we hear wrongly before? I’m a little confused.”

Socialite a smiled slightly. She held a glass of red wine in her hand. Her red nails made her hands look very white.

Socialite B fiddled with her hair and smiled. “I don’t think we heard wrongly. Hehe, if we heard wrongly, how could everyone hear wrongly at the same time? It’s just… could there be some misunderstanding?”

Her words sounded like she was speaking up for Luo Qingyan. However, her tone and tone of voice did not seem like she was speaking up for Luo Qingyan. Instead, it sounded more like she was being sarcastic.