Chapter 364 - , I’m here to challenge the school! (8)

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Tang Yue was very straightforward. Moreover, they were indeed talking about others behind their backs just now. They looked a little embarrassed when they were reprimanded in front of others.

“Miss Tang might have misunderstood. We just felt that young master Rong suddenly had a wife by his side, so we were a little curious about her.”

The socialite a definitely couldn’t really say what they were talking about. It was just that her status was inferior to Tang Yue’s. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have to care so much about what they said.

Tang Yue snorted coldly. Her temper had always been straightforward. It was also because she had always been in charge of the Tang family since she was young. Therefore, even in the outside world, as long as it was something that she felt was wrong, she had to fight for it.

For example, right now.

“HMPH! Do you think I’m Deaf or stupid? Why would I Believe Your Words? I heard everything just now. People like you who only know how to gossip don’t deserve to be called a socialite!”

Tang Yue was confident and her attitude was firm.

“Miss Tang, what are you talking about? You’re the eldest daughter of the Tang family. How can people like us be called socialites in front of you! ?”! “Hehe, but we were just chatting out of curiosity. Don’t tell me you’re going to deprive us of this bit of freedom of speech?”

Luo Qingyan smiled faintly. Her tone was neither servile nor overbearing, making it impossible for others to find fault with her. At the same time, she also instigated those socialites.

As expected, those socialites were previously afraid of Tang Yue’s identity. However, after hearing Luo Qingyan’s words, they also felt that they had not done anything wrong and there was no need to be afraid of Tang Yue.

“That’s right, Miss Tang, even if your identity is honorable, you can’t deprive us of our freedom of speech, right? Besides, if we don’t talk at this kind of banquet, don’t tell me you’re just going to stand there and do nothing?”

“That’s right, since Miss Tang isn’t interested in what we’re saying, just ignore it. There’s no need to come over and give us a warning and reprimand.”

“Only my father would give us a warning and reprimand. I just don’t Know Who Miss Tang is to me.”

These socialites were not just for show. From their initial fear of Tang Yue to their calmness, it was all in a blink of an eye.

Tang Yue had a straightforward personality, and her words were also straightforward. Facing these socialites who were beating around the bush, she really did not have any strength to resist.

It was originally Luo Qingyan who was at fault, but now it seemed like she was meddling in other people’s business.

“You guys!”Tang Yue was extremely angry. The socialites raised their chin slightly and looked at Tang Yue with smiles. Their faces made Tang Yue extremely angry.

However, as today was Luo Qiaolian’s birthday and Luo Qiaolian was also Luo Qingyan’s aunt, it was not appropriate for her to have a direct conflict with Luo Qingyan.

If it was a big matter, she might have directly had a conflict with Luo Qingyan. However, it was not a big matter. If there was really a conflict, it was ultimately her fault.

If there was anything wrong with her at Luo Qiaolian’s birthday banquet, it would be as if she had deliberately come to cause trouble for Luo Qiaolian.

When Tang Yue arrived at Rong Yu’s special resting area in a fluster, she did not enter immediately but stood outside.

Tang Yue knew her limits. She knew that she would definitely not enter a place that she should not enter.

However, Tang Yue did not expect that Rong Yu would actually send a message for her to enter.

Tang Yue was really flattered. She did not expect this at all.

Tang Yue even walked in a little nervously. She really hadn’t been here before. After all, this area was specially made for Rong Yu by the Rong family. Very few people could enter.

And she actually came in under the circumstances that Rong Yu was here. How Fortunate!

As soon as Tang Yue entered, she saw Rong Yu and Gu Qingchen sitting together while her brother, Tang Feng, sat on the other side.

Tang Yue hesitated for a moment when she saw this scene, but she didn’t walk over to sit down.

In the end, Gu Qingchen waved at Tang Yue, “Tang Yue, come and sit. Don’t stand there.”

Tang Yue looked at Tang Feng after she heard that. Tang feng nodded, then Tang Yue looked at Rong Yu, but Rong Yu didn’t object.

Tang Yue then blinked her eyes at Gu Qingchen with a bright light, and then she walked briskly to sit next to Tang Feng.

However, once she sat down, Tang Yue began to pout again, looking extremely angry. However, because Rong Yu was here, she was a little afraid and did not dare to say anything.

“You’re hesitating. What’s wrong with you today, Tang Yue? Could it be that someone bullied you?”

Tang Feng saw that his sister seemed a little unhappy, so he felt a little strange and asked.

It would have been better if he didn’t ask, but when he asked, Tang Yue couldn’t help it.

“HMPH! Isn’t it those so-called socialites who, under the leadership of Luo Qingyan, are gossiping behind your back!”

Tang Yue said unhappily, but Tang Feng was a little curious and asked, “Gossiping? Tell me, who’s gossiping? is someone talking about you?”

Everyone knew that Tang Feng was protecting his sister. Even if the other party was Luo Qingyan, he wouldn’t give her any face at all.

“It’s not me. If it was me, I wouldn’t be angry. But they’re talking about Little Qingchen, and I can’t beat them. I’m So Angry!”

Tang Yue was so angry that her chest heaved up and down.

Rong Yu frowned slightly. When he looked at Gu Qingchen, he actually curved his lips slightly. Gu Qingchen’s expression was the same, which made Tang Yue feel very strange when she saw it.

But she didn’t know what was strange about it.

Tang Feng also looked at Gu Qingchen and said, “Little Qingchen, someone is talking behind your back, how can you still laugh?”

Gu Qingchen smiled slightly and said, “If I can laugh, why can’t I Laugh? Haha, it seems that this Luo Qingyan of the Luo family is determined to go against me. This is also good. I’ll go meet her and see what she wants.”

Tang Yue’s eyes lit up immediately, “Little Qingchen, are you going to deal with Luo Qingyan? Bring me along, I’ll go and take a look too!”

Tang Yue didn’t mention those women earlier. Now that Gu Qingchen was here, she wanted to see if those so-called socialites still had any reason!

“Yueyue, I think you want to join in the fun, right? I knew it. You Don’t like to attend such boring banquets either. You Won’t be able to calm down for a while.”

Tang Feng was a little helpless, but he was still very relieved that his sister was with Gu Qingchen.

“Go, go, go, let’s go quickly.”

Tang Yue didn’t care so much. She quickly pulled Gu Qingchen and left.

Only Rong Yu and Tang Feng were left.

“What? Aren’t you afraid that those women will cause some trouble and make Little Qingchen Suffer?”

Tang Feng teased while drinking.

Rong Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, “Sister-in-law.”

Tang Feng was stunned for a moment before he understood what Rong Yu was talking about.

After he figured it out, Tang Feng’s face twitched a little. This young master Rong actually made him call gu qingchen “Sister-in-law”!

“Young Master Rong, I didn’t even call you brother. Why do you have to call me sister-in-law?”