Chapter 191 - Qin Xi Is Angry!

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Chapter 191: Qin Xi Is Angry!

“Doctor, you have to save my son. No matter how much it costs, as long as you save him, I beg you…”

After seeing Qin Xi’s ability, the beautiful woman immediately grabbed Qin Xi’s hand and begged.

Qin Xi nodded. “As long as you trust me, I’ll do my best.”

The beautiful woman trusted Qin Xi more than Xie Min. After all, she had seen Qin Xi’s real ability.

Therefore, sometimes, credentials and experiences were not enough to prove anything. Only when one had real ability would it be the most effective to prove oneself.

Qin Xi placed her hands on both sides of the child’s waist and immediately injected waves of Mystic True Qi into his injured spine to protect him. Then, he slowly turned the child’s body over and took off his clothes, revealing his smooth back.

At this moment, there was a deep wound on the boy’s back. The symptoms were the same as what Qin Xi had said.

Seeing this, no one was still suspicious of Qin Xi.

Qin Xi did not care what they were thinking. She began to massage the child.

Seeing this, Xie Min sneered. “This is a massage, right? Didn’t you say that the child’s spine is injured and it will easily break? Don’t tell me that you…”

Before she could finish her mocking, she heard a crisp cracking sound. It was the sound of the dislocated spine being restored.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically. They thought that Qin Xi’s massage was too heavy and the child’s bones broke.

When the beautiful woman heard that, her eyes rolled back and she almost fainted.

Xie Min’s expression changed as well. She pushed Qin Xi to the side and shouted, “What are you doing? Murdering?”

She quickly squatted down to check the child’s condition, but Qin Xi brushed the dust off her body and said calmly, “Done, now the child is fine.”

“What? He’s fine? Are you kidding?”

Qin Xi couldn’t be bothered with her. She looked down at her and said, “Can’t you see for yourself if I’m kidding or not?”

Xie Min looked at the child’s back and saw that the wound had gone almost completely.

“Eh, is this the legendary bone restoration technique?”

“I was scared to death. When I heard the sound of bones dislocating, I thought the child was dead!”

“Me too. It sounds creepy.”

At this moment, the ambulance and amusement park staff arrived. “Excuse me, excuse me. We’re the amusement park staff.”

After the surrounding people dispersed, Qin Xi hurriedly instructed, “It’s better if the child stays in bed for a couple of days before walking. This will help the healing process.” With that, she disappeared into the crowd without looking back.

Just as the beautiful woman was about to stop her, Qin Xi was nowhere to be seen. She was worried about the child and immediately got into the ambulance to go to the hospital.

The crowd quickly dispersed, leaving Xie Min stunned on the spot. She looked in the direction Qin Xi left, her expression indescribable.

Qin Xi returned to the pirate ship in a hurry. When she saw a beautiful girl sitting beside Han Shi, her face darkened.

The reason why Qin Xi’s face darkened was not only because the girl was very beautiful, but also because the girl was hugging Han Shi’s arm tightly, looking scared. On the other hand, Han Shi turned his head and said something to her. The two of them were very close to each other and looked compatible/