Chapter 195 - Too Shameless

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Chapter 195: Too Shameless

“So what if I am going too far? If you have the ball, don’t sell it to me!”

Yang Wei sneered. He looked around at the noisy villagers and threatened, “Let me tell you, as long as I say a word, you can forget about selling your tea leaves this year. At that time, not to mention 30 cents, you are not going to get a penny.”

“Why?” Liu Shuan did not understand why Yang Wei only targeted Shangwan Village.

Yang Wei sneered and looked down at Liu Shuan. “Why? You still have the cheek to ask me why? I heard that the back mountain of your village has been sold and fruit trees have been planted there, right?”

“That’s true. So what?”

Liu Shuan did not understand. Was it because of the fruit trees? Besides, what did this have to do with him? What did it have to do with the price reduction?

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“How’s the situation?”

Yang Wei’s gaze instantly darkened. “It’s said that your village made a lot of money, right? In a few days, everyone has earned at least 30 yuan, and some even earned 70 yuan, right?”

Liu Shuan frowned. “What does this have to do with tea leaves?”

Yang Wei said shamelessly, “Of course, it does. Since you all are rich now, you won’t starve to death even if the price of the tea I give you is low. Does it make sense?”

What kind of a bloody reason was this?

When the villagers, including Qin Xi, heard this, they all felt that Yang Wei was a shameless scoundrel. Whether the villagers earned money or not had nothing to do with him. The villagers weren’t his servants.

“Yang Wei, this is simply horrendous. How we wish to make money is not your bloody business, understand?”

“You’re too much. We worked hard to earn this. How can you say such a thing?”

“Yang Wei, you shameless scoundrel.”

“We can’t let him leave. He has to give us an explanation today, or we’ll beat him to death…”

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“Yes, beat him, beat him…”

Everyone raised their fists and shouted. How could the villagers not be angry?

Seeing that the villagers were making a fuss, Yang Wei was not worried at all. He smiled casually and said, “Go ahead. If you continue to make a fuss, I’ll lower the price even more. Anyway, if I don’t buy your tea leaves, you can forget about selling them. If you have the guts, just let your tea leaves rot at home.”

Qin Xi was also furious at Yang Wei’s words. Other than the Qin family, she had never seen such a shameless person.

She rolled her eyes and suddenly thought of a good idea. She pulled Han Shi’s hand and whispered into his ear, “Stone, go and find Jiu Yuan. I think I have a solution.”

Han Shi did not know what Qin Xi was going to do, but he listened to his wife unconditionally. He glanced at the crowd and turned to run towards the orchard.

Previously, when she left, Qin Xi was afraid that the thieves would target the orchard. Even though she had many tricks up her sleeve, she was still worried. She decided to leave Jiu Yuan in the orchard and let him guard it. As long as someone entered the orchard, he would scare them away.

As it was daytime, it was quite difficult to find Jiu Yuan. If it was dark, it was easier as he would give off light like a lamp.

When Jiu Yuan saw Han Shi, he floated down from a tree and yawned. “Oh, you’re back! Why are you looking for me? I’m still sleepy!”

Han Shi looked at him. “My wife is summoning you. Go!”

Jiu Yuan rolled his eyes and said softly, “Your wife is definitely up to no good. I’m not going to… Go, go, go, I’ll go.”

Seeing that Han Shi’s gaze was getting more and more dangerous, Jiu Yuan touched his nose and disappeared.