Chapter 196 - A Donkey Kicked My Brain

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Chapter 196: A Donkey Kicked My Brain

Jiu Yuan quickly arrived at the entrance of the village. Seeing that there were so many people here, he floated to Qin Xi’s side and asked curiously, “Hey, what are they doing? Are they going to fight?”

“Do you see that person?” Qin Xi did not answer him. Instead, she pointed at Yang Wei and asked.

Dugu Jiuyuan nodded and waved the fan in his hand. “Yes, he looks like he needs to be taught a lesson. Why? Did he piss you off?”

Qin Xi said with a smile, “This person shamelessly reduced the villagers’ hard-earned money. Go and attach yourself to him. I don’t have to tell you what to do next, right?”

Jiu Yuan’s eyes lit up. “This is fun…”

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“Also, I want him to disappear for a period of time. Can you do that?” Qin Xi asked coldly.

Jiu Yuan waved his hand confidently. “No problem. I’m the best at this.”

At this moment, Yang Wei said arrogantly, “Have you thought about it? If you don’t sell the tea leaves to me, I’ll leave. Don’t blame me for not reminding you. If I leave, your tea leaves will go bad very soon.”

Everyone wanted to gnash their teeth at his ugly and disgusting face. The villagers could no longer control themselves and wanted to charge forward and attack him. However, Liu Shuan knew that Yang Wei was someone with a powerful background. No matter how angry he was, he must remain rational.

He stood in front of the angry villagers, sweating profusely. He tried his best to persuade them, “Folks, calm down. Calm down. Don’t be rash!”

Yang Wei glanced at the villagers with disdain, deriving a strange sense of satisfaction from their aggrieved and angry expressions.

Just as he was wondering if he should lower the price a bit more, a cold wind suddenly blew past him, and a chill instantly spread out through his entire body. Then, his consciousness fell into darkness as if it was shackled by something.

At the same time, Jiu Yuan, who had successfully possessed Yang Wei, suddenly made a 180-degree turn.

He shouted with a smile, “Everyone, everyone, I’m sorry. I was kicked in the head by a donkey just now and said a lot of nonsense. Now, I announce that I’ll buy all your tea leaves at the price of three yuan. Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong. It’s three yuan per catty. Go home and bring the tea leaves over. I won’t wait for you if you come late!”

“What? Three yuan per catty?”

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“He said it himself. His head was kicked by a donkey. Let’s go home and bring the tea leaves over. If he dares to lie to us, he’ll suffer…”

“Yes, let’s go back and get the tea. If he dares to lie to us, we’ll break his leg.”

The villagers did not care if he was telling the truth or not. They rushed home like a swarm of bees. In an instant, only Qin Xi, Liu Shuan, and Han Shi, who had just run back, were left at the entrance.

“…Yang Wei, what tricks are you playing this time?” Liu Shuan frowned. He did not believe that Yang Wei was willing to buy their tea leaves for 3 yuan.

Before ‘Yang Wei’ could speak, his lackeys asked one after another.

“Brother Wei, what are you doing? Didn’t we agree to lower the price?”

“That’s three yuan. Brother Wei, you aren’t serious, are you?”

‘Yang Wei’ pushed the few lackeys away and roared impatiently, “Get lost. Do I look like someone who doesn’t keep my word? Also, do I need you to teach me how to do things? Get lost and bring me all my money. I’m happy today. I want to distribute my money!”

After saying that, he secretly threw Qin Xi a meaningful look.