Chapter 197 - Yang Wei Being Possessed

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Chapter 197: Yang Wei Being Possessed

Seeing Jiu Yuan’s flirtatious gaze, Han Shi took a step forward and stood in front of Qin Xi. He shot Jiu Yuan a glare and threatened, “If you dare to look at my wife like that, I don’t mind digging out your eyes.”

‘Yang Wei’ shrugged and muttered “what jealous man’ under his breath.

Seeing this, Liu Shuan immediately walked up to Qin Xi and pointed at Yang Wei. He asked softly, “Xi, tell me the truth. He…”

Qin Xi nodded with a smile. “Uncle Liu, I just played some tricks on him!”

However, Liu Shuan was not happy. He said worriedly, “But if he remembers it later, will he come and cause trouble for us?”

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Qin Xi knew what he was worried about and gave him a reassuring look. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this.”

“But he has a strong background…” Liu Shuan was still worried.

Qin Xi smiled confidently. “Uncle Liu, you should know my ability better than anyone else.”

Recalling what Qin Xi had done in the past, Liu Shuan calmed down. “Alright, thank you!”

Not long after, the villagers brought over their tea leaves one after another. ‘Yang Wei’ waved his hand and instructed his lackeys, “Go, weigh these tea leaves. Remember, three yuan for every catty.”

His lackeys did not know what was wrong with Yang Wei and could only carry out the order helplessly.

In a matter of few hours, ‘Yang Wei’ spent a few thousand yuan. When the lackeys saw the money bag that was getting thinner, their hearts ached.

‘Yang Wei’ did not care about the money at all. He waved his hand and said, “Alright, let’s go!”

After the car drove out of Shangwan Village, a lackey scratched his head and mustered up his courage to ask, “Brother Wei, why are we doing this? I don’t understand.”

‘Yang Wei’ patted that person on the head and scolded with a smile, “Of course I have a reason for doing this. Alright, don’t ask so much. Let’s go back!”

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The lackey rubbed the back of his head and said suspiciously, “Brother Wei, aren’t we going to see Brother Kun? Brother Kun is still waiting for the money!”

‘Yang Wei’ rolled his eyes and a cunning smile flashed across his eyes. “Yes, of course we are going!”

“But if we didn’t complete the task Brother Kun entrusted us to do, he would definitely be very angry. What if he doesn’t protect us in the future?”

“Why are you thinking so much? When I see Brother Kun, I’ll go and explain. He won’t be angry.”

“I knew that Brother Wei would definitely not let those stupid villagers have a good time. Brother Wei, tell me, what’s your plan?” The lackey looked at ‘Yang Wei’ with shining eyes, hoping that he would reveal a shocking plan.

However, ‘Yang Wei’ didn’t intend to explain his plan to his lackeys. He shouted to the driver, “Hey, let’s go straight to Brother Kun’s house.”

The lackey was stunned. “Huh? Don’t we have to unload the goods first?”

The lackey was puzzled and asked incredulous, “We’re going now? Brother Wei, Brother Kun is definitely not at home now. Brother Kun’s wife doesn’t like us either. I think… we shouldn’t go!”

“Cut the crap. Just go.” ‘Yang Wei’ kicked him angrily.

The lackey nodded helplessly.

When they arrived at Qinglin Town, the lackey drove the big car directly to Brother Kun’s courtyard. The sound of the horn shocked Brother Kun’s wife, who was nursing her child in the house. She quickly put on her clothes. The woman leaned against the window and looked out. When she saw that the person who got out of the big car was her man’s lackey, she was immediately furious.

She carefully put the child down and opened the door angrily. Just as she was about to curse, she suddenly felt a pain in her chest.