Chapter 198 - Getting Chopped Up

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Chapter 198: Getting Chopped Up

The woman’s face immediately turned red. She quickly slapped his hand away and retreated. She pointed at Yang Wei with fear and anger in her eyes and cursed, “Yang Wei, how dare you molest me? I’ll beat you to death!”

She was about to scratch Yang Wei’s face when Yang Wei dodged with a smile. He shouted at his lackeys, who were already dumbfounded, “You guys, hurry up and help!”

“Help… help? What… help?”

The few lackeys were dumbfounded. Although Yang Wei usually acted like a*shole, they never expected him to have the ball to molest Brother Kun’s wife.

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“Press this woman on the bed.”

‘Yang Wei’ smiled sinisterly. He closed his eyes and sniffed the hand that had just grabbed the woman with a lewid expression. “I want to have a taste of what Brother Kun’s woman is made of. Why does she smell so good?”

The lackeys were shocked. Their faces turned pale as they stammered, “Brother… Brother Wei, this is Brother Kun’s wife. If you do this, Brother Kun will kill us!”

“Don’t ever mention the name of that bastard in front of me. I’ve been coveting his wife for a long time. I won’t let her off today.” As soon as ‘Yang Wei’ finished speaking, he pounced on the woman and kissed her. He looked extremely hungry.

When one of the lackeys saw this, he gave the others a look. Then, he looked at the scene inside and quietly turned around to run out.

‘Yang Wei’ knew what they were up to. He smiled imperceptibly and turned to continue having fun with the woman who was shouting and struggling.

The woman was angry and anxious. No matter how she struggled, it was useless. In the end, she was pushed onto the bed.

She threatened hatefully, “Yang Wei, if you dare to touch me, Kun will definitely cripple you. Get lost now. I will tell Kun to forget about it, but if you lay your hands on me, I’ll get Kun to chop you up.”

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‘Yang Wei’ sneered and slowly began to untie the laces on his pants. “Although you’re already married, I don’t mind…”

The woman was so angry that her chest heaved up and down. She subconsciously grabbed something and threw it at Yang Wei’s face.

‘Yang Wei’ tilted his head and dodged it easily. He was not gentle with the woman and slapped her.

This slap was very powerful. The woman was slapped onto the bed, and her fair face instantly swelled up.

The few lackeys standing outside finally couldn’t stand it anymore. They quickly went forward and dragged ‘Yang Wei’ out. “Brother Wei, do you know what trouble you’re in? You’d better run away. Don’t let Brother Kun catch you.”

“Get lost. I’m not running. Today, I’m going to f*ck this woman.” ‘Yang Wei’ shook off his lackeys and pulled the woman into the house. Just as the lackeys went forward to stop him, ‘Yang Wei’ locked the door to prevent them from interrupting.

Not long after, a woman’s terrified cries and a child’s cries could be heard.

At this moment, the sound of a car engine was heard approaching. Brother Kun got out of a car with a machete in his hand and asked fiercely, “Where is he? Damn it, how dare he touch my woman? Where is Yang Wei?”

A woman’s scream came from inside the house, causing Brother Kun to instantly explode with anger.

He kicked open the door and was so furious to see the obscene scene that his mind went black. Without thinking, he slashed down his machete at the molester.