Chapter 299 - Changed Setting

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Chapter 299: Changed Setting

With the experience from last time, the two of them carried large and small bags in their hands.

Chu Yuan felt that he was here to be a coolie.

“Director Yan, Shi Xi said that she can’t act in the movie. Can’t we just change the person?” Chu Yuan carried a box of oats and a fruit basket. He felt that life was an illusion.

Director Yan glanced at him and said, “This isn’t about changing the person.”

Chu Yuan asked, “Then what is the problem?”

“For the sake of Nan Wan, the producer withdrew 20 million from Kuai Xue Entertainment’s investment.” Director Yan asked, “You know about this, right?”

“Could it be that we’re here to ask for this 20 million?” Chu Yuan looked at the things in his hands and said, “Then these little things aren’t enough, right? We should at least exchange the oats for bird’s nest.”

“I still want my face!” Director Yan gritted his teeth and said, “The producer leaving Shi Xi is offending Kuai Xue Entertainment. Even if we don’t ask for 20 million, we still have to invite Shi Xi back. We just want to get back together with Kuai Xue Entertainment!”

Chu Yuan roughly understood. “So that’s why we keep inviting Shi Xi back?”

Director Yan: “There’s another reason.”

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Director Yan: “I’m not satisfied with the new actors that the assistant director found.”

Chu Yuan: “…Let’s go in quickly. My hands are tired.”

The two of them, with their bags and bags, finally entered Shi Xi’s house as if they were visiting relatives during the New Year.

Shi Xi sat in her wheelchair and said helplessly, “Good day, Director Yan. Good day, Senior Chu Yuan.”

The two of them looked at the bandages on Shi Xi’s feet and gave their evaluations one after another:

‘She’s really injured.’

‘It’s quite symmetrical.’

Shi Xi said, “Why would I use the reason of being injured to lie to you guys about not going out to work?”

What should they do now?

Chu Yuan used his gaze to ask Director Yan.

Director Yan also did not expect that Shi Xi’s feet were actually injured.

This was too f*cking ridiculous!

“Please take a seat.” Shi Xi saw that the two of them were carrying so many things and was prepared to treat the two of them to a cup of tea.

Director Yan sat down. His head was spinning crazily as he thought of a solution to the problem.

Chu Yuan looked at Shi Xi and asked, “Why are you so careless? Are you injured again?”

“I encountered a small matter. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt,” Shi Xi said. “I just need to sit in a wheelchair for half a month.”

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Chu Yuan looked at Director Yan. Can we wait?

Director Yan: Wait my ass! Our progress can’t be delayed any longer!

Almost all of the other people’s solo scenes had been shot.

“Shi Xi, Director Yan has been revising the script for the past two days.” Chu Yuan looked at Shi Xi and suggested, “Or should we just shoot your upper body?”

Shi Xi: “Could it be that I’ll be sitting the whole time?”

Sitting the whole time?

Director Yan looked at Shi Xi’s wheelchair and said, “Why don’t we change the settings?”

Shi Xi was puzzled. “What settings?”

Director Yan said, “It just so happens that the scene you shot before was where Tang Xi jumped off the cliff.”

Shi Xi nodded and said, “Are you going to write me to death?”

Director Yan smiled and shook his head. “No, no, no, I won’t write you to death.”

“After jumping off the cliff, Tang Xi’s legs can no longer walk and she became a cripple. From now on, she can only sit in a wheelchair.” Director Yan felt like his spirit was bursting out like a fountain. He quickly looked for approval and asked, “What do you guys think?”

Chu Yuan gave a polite social smile. “I think it’s very good! In the ancient costume dramas, jumping off a cliff will definitely not kill you. Now there’s a person who can’t walk because of jumping off a cliff. It’s definitely very novel! Shi Xi, what do you think?”

The two looked at Shi Xi.

What else could Shi Xi say?

“I, I think it’s okay.” Shi Xi paused and said, “But I’m really not good at rolling the wheelchair right now.”