Chapter 308 - 35 Years Old and Still Not Married

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Chapter 308: 35 Years Old and Still Not Married

There was no point in resisting. Shi Xi could only watch the variety show that she was about to appear on:

This reality show was meant for celebrities to have an amateur makeover.

Shi Xi looked at the resident guest and raised an eyebrow. “Nan Wan is here too?”

Han Chuan said, “Yes, this show has been broadcast for three episodes. There wasn’t a single splash. The program team’s director thought of you.”

Shi Xi asked, “Is it because I’m popular?”

Han Chuan was silent for a moment before he said, “Because you have a grudge with Nan Wan. The program team wants to see you guys argue.”

As they continued watching, the other permanent guests were: Bai Cangyang, Gao Tingyu, and Chang Qiwen.

Shi Xi pointed at the names and said, “I know Bai Cangyang. Who are the other two?”

Han Chuan said, “They’re just two comedians. Just remember their names.”

Zhu Lin added, “Gao Tingyu is an international female model. I heard that she slept with a rich man. She has a lot of resources recently.

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“Chang Qiwen is a comedian. I often see him at variety shows. He’s quite interesting.”

Shi Xi took out her phone and searched for the two of them to get a general understanding.

She also looked at the broadcast numbers of [Amateur Makeover].

The first episode was 10 million, the second episode was 5 million, and the third episode was only 3 million.

Shi Xi looked at the pitiful broadcast numbers and asked, “Won’t the program team buy some broadcast numbers?”

Han Chuan said, “How do you know that this isn’t the broadcast number that they bought?”

In order to get a deeper understanding, Shi Xi clicked on the first episode’s program.

After watching it for three minutes, Shi Xi began to doze off. “Isn’t this program too boring?”

She felt bored even after watching it for three times.

“That’s why the broadcast volume is low,” Han Chuan said.

Shi Xi agreed deeply. She put down her phone and continued to read the script.

The process was very clear. Before the recording, the guests would see the information of the plain people and their thoughts of wanting to change.

After that, the modification team made a modification plan for these plain people.

As it was a flight in the early morning, Shi Xi slept in the hotel for a few hours before she set off for the airport.

The intermittent sleep made her feel a little uncomfortable.

In particular, the turbulence in the middle of the flight gave Shi Xi the idea that she might as well just crash the plane.

After landing, Shi Xi checked into the hotel and received a mission card from the program team.

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Seeing the mission card handed over by the cameraman and staff, Shi Xi was half emotional and half sympathetic. “It’s not easy to become a worker.”

She got off the plane at five in the morning while the cameraman went to work at five in the morning.

On the mission card was written: [Before lunch, ask the matching staff to match a set of clothes for yourself. You cannot ask directly. Otherwise, lunch will be canceled.]

Shi Xi asked, “So, what will be the reward if you succeed?”

The staff replied, “If you succeed, you can have lunch.”

Shi Xi: ‘Listening to your words is like not listening to your words.’

After accepting the mission card, Shi Xi took another two hours of sleep before putting on makeup and preparing for the recording.

As the guest, Shi Xi was the last to appear.

The few of them sat around the table and started exchanging greetings.

“Welcome, Shi Xi!” Nan Wan smiled gently and said, “Has Shi Xi watched our program before?”

Shi Xi nodded. “Yes.”

Nan Wan said in an interview, “What do you think?”

Shi Xi smiled. “It’s very suitable to watch when relaxing.”

Because it was really hypnotizing.

When the information was sent out, it was about a young woman who lived alone.

Nan Wan looked at the information and said in surprise, “She’s already 35 years old, but she’s still not married.”

Gao Tingyu, who was beside her, said, “Maybe her requirements are too high.”