Chapter 303 - Child’s Popularity

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Chapter 303: Child’s Popularity

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Song Ci smiled and looked over Song Yujin’s test papers a few more times. Then, she went to Lu Suo’s desk. His results surprised her. They were all around ninety-five marks.

‘I can’t wait to see Lu Gan’s expression.’

After Guo Rou had talked with all the parents, she made a general announcement.

“I’ve sent the children’s results to all your phones. Take a look.”

Song Ci took out her phone and saw Song Yujin’s name at the top.

The other parents began whispering to each other, “Who is Song Yujin?”

“I’ve never seen this name during the mid-term exam.”

“Du Rou was the one who placed first last time, right?”

Song Ci smiled and began looking for Lu Suo’s name. He actually placed eighth. The little villain was truly intelligent!

Guo Ruo handed prizes to the top three students’ parents.

Song Ci walked up to the podium and received Song Yujin’s reward. It was a very thick and exquisite book. Something was written on the first page.

[ Student Song Yujin, congratulations on placing first in the final exam. ]

Song Ci could not help but smile.

“Thank you, Teacher Guo.”

When the other parents saw Song Ci, they were shocked.

“That’s Song Yujin’s mother? She’s so young and beautiful!”

After the parent-teacher conference ended, many parents surrounded Guo Ruo. They wanted to talk more about their children.

Song Ci also waited for a while. She wanted to know if Song Yujin and Lu Suo were adapting well to their new school.

Suddenly, a few people approached her.

“Hello. You are Song Yujin’s mother, right? I’m Du Rou’s mother. Can you tell me about Song Yujin’s study techniques? May we exchange contact information?”

Du Rou’s mother’s tone was gentle.

For the first time, Song Ci enjoyed being the center of attention. She was really proud of Song Yujin.

Guo Ruo and Song Ci were finally free.

“Teacher Guo, I’d like to talk a bit more.”

Guo Ruo had no objections.

Song Yujin and Lu Suo’s transfer to this school was very sudden. Moreover, Lu Suo was supposedly too young to be in first grade. This meant they came from a rich and powerful background. At first, Guo Ruo was worried. The two children might abuse their status and cause trouble in class. Hence, she paid close attention to them. Fortunately, her worries did not come true.

Lu Suo was cute and lively. He did not cry or make a fuss. Everyone really liked him.

On the other hand, Song Yujin was quiet and calm. Most of the time, he would just read.

Guo Ruo thought that Song Yujin was reading comic books. To her surprise, he was actually reading children’s novels. Most first-graders had short attention spans. It was a miracle that he could concrete so well.

Basically, Song Yujin did not act his age. He may be a good student, but Guo Ruo was still concerned.

“We don’t need to worry about Song Yujin’s studies. However, he’s a little too introverted. He should be making friends like Lu Suo…”