Chapter 190 - Tired of Living

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Chapter 190: Tired of Living

Xue Yan was much younger than Xue Wufu, so he must be afraid of being hit a second time. Moreover, Jiang Yue was just a baby girl, so she was nothing in his eyes.

At this moment, Xue Zhuzi didn’t even consider them formidable foes.

He only knew that he wanted to vent his anger! Right now!

Under the willow tree…

There weren’t many strawberries left, they could finish them even if they were two children.

Jiang Yue left the last strawberry on the leaf for Xue Yan and washed her hands by the river. Her hands were stained with the juice of the strawberry. After Xue Yan washed his hands, he also walked down the willow tree.

The basket was still under the willow tree, so she planned to wait for Xue Yan next to it.

However, before she could reach the willow tree, he saw Xue Zhuzi running over angrily with a thick wooden stick in his hand.

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Jiang Yue stopped in her tracks and looked on calmly.

Xue Zhuzi obviously didn’t care about her at all and just walked past her. Oh, so he was just here to hit Xue Yan.

She thought that he was tired of living.

Jiang Yue’s eyes turned cold.

Xue Yan’s hearing wasn’t as good as Jiang Yue’s, and he was washing his hands with his back to them. When he heard the noise, he felt something was wrong and turned around subconsciously. He saw Xue Zhuzi running past Jiang Yue as if Jiang Yue didn’t exist. Zhuzi raised the thick stick in his hand and was about to hit Xue Yan.

His body was thin, so he naturally couldn’t withstand this stick. If the stick really hit him, he would definitely be in trouble.

Seeing that Jiang Yue’s eyes were cold, it was obvious that Xue Zhuzi’s behavior had angered her.

‘Xue Zhuzi is going to be out of luck.’ Xue Yan thought to himself.

He ran fast, his heart was filled with the desire to beat Xue Yan a few times to vent his anger. He wanted to see if Xue Yan would still dare to be so rude and point his ax at him. At this moment, he didn’t notice the overly calm expressions of Xue Yan and Jiang Yue, which was not the expression that children should have at this time.

Seeing that Xue Zhuzi was about to reach Xue Yan and hit him with the stick, Jiang Yue raised her foot and kicked Xue Zhuzi’s left leg.

Xue Zhuzi’s left leg immediately knelt down, right in front of Xue Yan.

He was still holding the thick stick in his hand.

It was so fast that he didn’t even have time to react to who had hit him from behind before he was grabbed by the back of his collar.

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Jiang Yue stopped him.

Jiang Yue was expressionless. She grabbed the back of Xue Zhuzi’s collar with one hand and dragged him forward to the riverside in a few moments.

With a press of her other hand, Xue Zhuzi’s head was pressed into the water.

Xue Zhuzi was being pressed down and kept getting filled with water. He felt like he was about to die, so he struggled even harder. However, it was useless. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn’t break free.

Just as he thought he was going to die, the person who controlled him lifted him up again and lifted his head out of the water.

He could finally catch his breath. However, the next moment, his head was pressed into the water again.

This was simply worse than death.

Xue Yan let Jiang Yue play with him. After washing his hands, he went to the willow tree and put the basket on his back. Then, he came back and watched Jiang Yue do the same thing over and over again.

Jiang Yue was still expressionless.

She lifted Xue Zhuzi’s head out of the water and pressed it back in several times.

Xue Yan noticed the village head and his son coming back from the field, so he only said, “Someone’s coming.”

Xue Zhuzi was pressed down in the water and was so flustered that he couldn’t think of anything. He couldn’t hear anything and was disoriented.

When Jiang Yue heard it, she also took a look around. When she saw that it was the village chief, she immediately understood and let go of him.