Chapter 193 - Let’s Go

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Chapter 193: Let’s Go

He still didn’t know who had pushed him into the water!

In addition, he had been beaten half to death by this father before, so he was already very resentful of this father.

Xue Zhuzi pushed Xue Dagui’s hand away and said to him, “Xue Da isn’t my grandfather, and you’re not my father either! Am I really your biological son? You only know how to hit me! Are you trying to beat me half to death? Even my uncle-in-law treats me better than you!”

Xue Dagui was naturally furious at this statement, and he immediately shouted without thinking, “Since your uncle-in-law is such a good man, why don’t you become his son?”

“I will!” Xue Zhuzi really went.

He turned around and left.

Xue Dagui was so angry that he wanted to grab Chief Lu’s thick rod and chase after him.

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“Zhuzi! Come back Zhuzi!” Zhang Meili immediately went after him. When she couldn’t get him back, she came back and blamed Xue Dagui. “Look at you, you’ve angered your son and made him leave! You’re his father, why don’t you protect him better?!”

“Is your brain also filled with sh*t!” Xue Dagui cursed. “Look at the so-called son you’ve raised, which part of him looks like me?! You should get lost too!”

Just as Zhang Meili was about to argue with Xue Dagui, Xue Dafu and the rest of the family came running over, each of them holding a weapon. Even the pregnant Yu Hongyan followed behind them. They were all furious and looked like they were going to beat Zhuzi and that family to death.

Zhang Meili had never seen Xue Dagui’s family so united before. No matter how united they were as farmers, it was impossible for all of them to come out and fight. She was a little frightened by them and subconsciously hid behind Xue Dagui. She didn’t even dare to make a sound, and just curled up.

“Where’s Xue Zhuzi?” Xue Dafu roared.

This was the first time an honest man like Xue Dafu had been so angry.

It was actually a particularly terrifying thing for an honest man to go crazy from anger.

Everyone subconsciously took a step back.

Even Chief Lu had never seen Xue Dafu like this before, and he took a small step back.

Xue Yifu and the others were also furious.

“Xue Yan, Jiang Yue, are you alright? Are you guys alright?” As soon as Liu Guixia and the others came over, they carefully checked their two precious children with fiery eyes to see if they were okay.

Although they had already heard that Xue Zhuzi hadn’t hit anyone yet, they still couldn’t rest assured until they checked for themselves.

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She heard that her two precious children had been so frightened that they couldn’t even speak.

Li Hehua’s personality was a little weaker, and tears immediately dropped once she saw the two. They’re still so young, how could Xue Zhuzi do that?

“I’m fine,” Jiang Yue said. “It was Xue Zhuzi who wanted to hit Xue Yan. Fortunately, Chief Lu passed by and saw it, so he didn’t get to do it.”

Xue Yan also said he was fine.

“Good, good, good. It’s good that you’re alright. It’s good that you’re safe.” Liu Guixia wiped her eyes. She even sniffed a few times. If something really happened to them, her tears would immediately fall.

“Good girl. Good boy.” Liu Guixia and the others kept talking. It was as if this could calm their hearts, which had been too agitated just now, and make them believe that their two children were really fine.

Xue Sifu picked up his knife and walked toward Zhang Meili without any expression.

“L-listen.” Xue Dagui was also a little frightened, and he quickly hid behind Chief Lu.

This time, Zhang Meili had nowhere to hide.

Zhang Meili screamed and ran away in fear.

Chief Lu and his son, Lu Zhuangniu, quickly blocked Xue Sifu and the others.

The other onlookers also hurriedly helped to stop him, afraid that something might really happen.