Chapter 194 - I’m Annoyed

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Chapter 194: I’m Annoyed

“Zhuzi was hit by Dagui a few times and went to his uncle’s house.” Chief Lu said. “All of you, calm down, please. As chief, I will definitely give you a satisfactory explanation for this matter.”

As if his extremely tensed nerves had suddenly relaxed, Xue Dafu’s eyes immediately turned red. He wiped his eyes with his large hands and said to Chief Lu, “Chief Lu, you know what kind of people we have in our family. Everyone has seen it for themselves. I don’t care what you say or if you bully me, but you can’t bully our Xue Yan. He’s still so young…”

At this point, his voice suddenly choked and he couldn’t continue.

“Yes, I understand.” Chief Lu said hurriedly. “This matter is Zhuzi’s fault. Don’t worry, don’t worry. I’ll handle it well. You can rest assured.”

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After he was done with Xue Dafu, Chief Lu turned to Xue Dagui and shouted, “Dagui! If there’s a next time, we can’t keep Xue Zhuzi in our village! Be it to chase him out or to send him to the authorities, you can choose one when the time comes!”

“Chief Lu, there’s still Zhang Meili. That woman is too outrageous!” Someone complained. “She’s always making bogus accusations and falsely accusing others!”

“Her too!” Chief Lu replied.

The onlookers were immediately satisfied with this answer.

“Quickly apologize to your brother on behalf of Zhuzi!” Chief Lu shouted again.

Before Xue Dagui could apologize, Xue Darong had already helped Xue Da over. Xue Da was holding a walking stick in one hand, and he was so angry that his entire body was trembling.

It was obvious that he was informed of this on the way here.

Xue Darong was the first to speak unhappily. “You. How do you manage Zhuzi? Do you want to anger me to death before you’re satisfied?!”

Xue Dagui immediately knelt down in front of Xue Da, extremely anxious. “Father, father, don’t be angry. You must not be angry. Didn’t you say that you were not feeling well yesterday? Chief Lu has already dealt with it. If there’s a next time, Zhuzi will be driven out of the village or sent to the authorities. I have no objections to that, don’t be angry. I didn’t know about this. If I knew, would I have let Zhuzi hit Xue Yan? I just made up with Xue Dafu, and now I’m at another stop. I’m so upset, I’m about to die of anger from Zhuzi as well.”

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In the end, Xue Dagui felt that he had been f*cking wronged.

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan also felt that Xue Dagui had been wronged. It was true that today’s incident had nothing to do with Xue Dagui. It was Xue Zhuzi who initiated everything on his own.

They also knew that although their uncle was usually muddleheaded, he would never do something like what Xue Zhuzi did.

Xue Da didn’t speak to Xue Dagui, but only to Chief Lu, “If there’s a next time, I won’t hold back then. I’ll have to trouble Chief Lu if the time comes.”

“Don’t worry.” Chief Lu said. “Don’t take it to heart. It’s not your fault,” he comforted after a moment of hesitation.

“Yeah, yeah,” the people around echoed.

“Father, it’s my fault! It’s all my fault! It’s all because I didn’t teach Zhuzi well. Don’t scare me like this, father. Why are you ignoring me?” Xue Dagui was on the verge of tears.

“Hurry up and apologize to your brother!” Xue Da shouted.

Seeing that his father was finally paying attention to him, Xue Dagui almost burst into tears of joy. He didn’t have time to get up from the ground, so he knelt in front of his brother and apologized, “Dear brother, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I really didn’t…”