Chapter 264 - Jiajia Is Rejected by Song Jingchen

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Chapter 264: Jiajia Is Rejected by Song Jingchen

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At some point, the originally sunny sky outside darkened. The rows of bamboo planted in the courtyard rustled in the wind.

A cold, wet wind blew in, and it began to rain.

Shen Yijia shrank back. Before she could speak, Mo Yuan had already taken a step forward and closed the window for her.

“The weather has turned cold. Miss, please put on more clothes.” Mo Yuan’s tone was emotionless, but her words were filled with concern.

If not for the fact that Shen Yijia was already used to her tone, she would have suspected that she owed her money.

“Oh, that’s not right. I don’t think I’ve ever given Mo Yuan a monthly allowance.” she thought.

Shen Yijia pursed her lips and took out a piece of silver from her pouch and handed it to him. It was about a tael of silver.

“Here, this is your monthly allowance.”

Mo Yuan was stunned. “I don’t need an allowance.”

“Oh my, just take it. Even if you don’t spend it, you can save it. When you get married in the future, prepare a dowry for yourself.” Shen Yijia stuffed the silver into her hand.

Mo Yuan looked down at the silver in her hand. “I’m not getting married.”

Shen Yijia pretended not to hear her. How could anyone not get married? Mo Yuan only said that now because she had never met a man as good-looking as her beautiful husband.

“What a pity. My hubby is already taken by me.” she thought.

Outside, the rain was falling harder, making loud sounds against the window.

“Let’s go to the front courtyard to wait for Song Jingchen.” It was raining. Her beautiful husband would probably come back early. He might even come back drenched. At that time, she could…

Shen Yijia giggled for a long time. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was feasible. She opened the door and ran out.

Mo Yuan quickly chased after her with an umbrella.

The two of them passed through the second gate and arrived at the front courtyard. They did not see her beautiful husband, but they saw Shangguan Han strolling in the rain.

Shen Yijia frowned. Did this guy want to die?

Previously, Song Jingchen had asked Mo Yuan to concoct medicine similar to the Daylily Powder, but not lethal. He gave it to Shangguan Han.

Although there was an antidote, it was still poison. He had been lying in bed for a few days, and when he woke up, he ate too much. In the end, he fell sick for a few days.

Her beautiful husband probably did not expect this person to be so weak. He even visited him a few times out of guilt.

The reason why he was so busy now was because this guy was useless.

Shen Yijia walked over angrily, grabbed his collar, and dragged him under the porch. She gritted her teeth and asked, “Are you sick of life?”

Shangguan Han was stunned for a moment. When he saw who it was, he pursed his lips aggrievedly. “Sister-in-law, Doctor Fang is dead.”

Shen Yijia initially thought that this person’s wife had run away with someone.

She rolled her eyes. “Did he just die recently?”

This person was really useless. Wasn’t Doctor Fang trying to poison him? Anyway, Doctor Fang was dead now. Why was Shangguan Han upset about it?

Shangguan Han choked and knew that Shen Yijia had misunderstood. He quickly waved his hand and said, “I’m not sad about his death. It’s just that before I could ask who instructed him to poison me, he committed suicide. I feel a little useless.”

When he first found out that Doctor Fang had betrayed him, Shangguan Han was indeed a little angry. However, he had already experienced it once, so he quickly understood.

He was indeed useless. Shen Yijia complained in her heart. She was afraid that this person’s mental fortitude was poor, so she did not dare to say it out loud.

After some thought, she spoke. “So be it. Is it that difficult to guess? After all, it’s either your brothers or your father.”

Shangguan Han thought to himself, “Now that you mention it, I feel even worse. Can’t you say some words of comfort?”

“Miss, Young Master is back.” Mo Yuan’s cold voice came from the side. Shen Yijia was delighted. She turned around and saw Song Jingchen striding towards her through the heavy rain.

“Hubby, you’re back.” She changed from being fierce to Shangguan Han and instantly transformed into a cute lady, running towards Song Jingchen.

Song Jingchen quickly took a few steps forward and stopped her. “It’s raining. Don’t come out.”

“Oh.” Shen Yijia stopped obediently and looked at the man who was getting closer and closer.

Shangguan Han’s eyes widened. Was this the same person who had dragged him back from the rain with brute force?

Shen Yijia’s gaze swept across Song Jingchen. He was dressed in black today, and his entire body was drenched in the rain. The material of his clothes clung to his body, but he didn’t look disheveled. Instead, his solid body was revealed.

She swallowed. “Hubby, your clothes are wet. Let’s go back to our room and change.”

As she spoke, she leaned closer to him. “I should be the only one to see him like this.” she thought.

Song Jingchen held his forehead helplessly, but it was indeed uncomfortable to wear wet clothes, so he didn’t refute.

He reached out and took the umbrella from Mo Yuan’s hand, sheltering Shen Yijia as the two of them returned to the courtyard.

Mo Yuan was speechless.

Shangguan Han, who was trembling from the cold, was speechless.

Rooster and South Wind, who were still drenched in the rain, were also speechless.

“Can’t those two see us standing here?” they thought.

As for Furball, it ran back to the bamboo courtyard as soon as it returned.

A servant had already prepared hot water. Shen Yijia followed Song Jingchen to the bathroom door. Unexpectedly, the person in front suddenly stopped and she bumped into his back.

Song Jingchen turned around and glanced at her. He pursed his lips. “Jiajia, help me get a change of clothes.”

Shen Yijia rubbed her nose. “Oh, okay. I’ll be back soon. Don’t shower too quickly.”

Seeing Shen Yijia disappear in a flash, Song Jingchen heaved a sigh of relief. This little vixen seduced him every day. He felt that it wasn’t easy for him to hold it in.

He shook his head, walked into the bathroom, and locked the door. Before this, Song Jingchen had never thought that there would be a day when he would take a shower and lock the door for no other reason than to guard against his wife.

Shen Yijia returned excitedly with Song Jingchen’s clothes. She pushed on the door but it didn’t open.

She pushed again, but it still didn’t move.

Shen Yijia was confused.

“Hubby, did you forget about me outside?” Shen Yijia knocked on the door and asked resentfully.

After a long time, Song Jingchen’s voice came from inside. “I suddenly remembered that my clothes were inside. Jiajia, go back to your room first.”

Shen Yijia puffed up her cheeks. “Damn, I fell into a trap again.” she thought.

She squeezed her fingers and resisted the urge to break in. “Forget it, forget it. My husband is too shy. There’s still a long way to go. I’ll take it slow. I’ll be able to see it eventually.” she thought.

Although she comforted herself, Shen Yijia still walked around the door a few times before giving up and leaving.

After sending Song Jingchen’s clothes back to his room, she remembered that Madam Li would often prepare a bowl of ginger soup for them at home. She turned around and went to the small kitchen.

Didn’t the old lady who bought wontons say that if she wanted to capture a man’s heart, she had to capture his stomach first?

She decided to start with ginger soup.