Chapter 339 - A Sense Of Crisis

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Chapter 339: A Sense Of Crisis

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Chu Xuan once again felt a sense of danger. If this aura started to spread, all living beings below the Daoyuan realm would die, and Daoyuan realm experts would have to fight for their lives.

Furthermore, this was more terrifying because the Great Dao was everywhere, and the Great Dao calamity could strike anywhere!

“Daoist Brother Chu, the appearance of the Great Dao calamity aura should be related to the Great Dao calamity you mentioned, right?”

Yi Yuejun’s expression turned serious.

When he first heard about the Great Dao calamity, he had not bothered with it, and neither did Huang Long and Gui Ran.

After all, they were creatures of the Great Dao and very special.

Apart from being unable to leave the Great Dao, they were basically immortal.

As long as the Great Dao was not destroyed, they would not die.

However, after coming into contact with the Great Dao calamity aura, he no longer thought that way.

Even if they did not die, they would mutate into strange creatures.

That was a fate worse than death.

Even if they could recover in the future, how long would it take?

Currently, there was only a small amount of that strange black power, but if it spread throughout the Great Dao, where could they hide? At that time, they would not be spared from the Great Dao calamity.

In fact, no Daoyuan realm expert would be spared.

After all, the Dao paths they had opened up were all connected to the Great Dao.

“That’s right, this is a sign of the Great Dao calamity. Fellow Daoist Yi Yuejun, please be vigilant. I have to prepare some countermeasures,” Chu Xuan said solemnly.

“Alright, I’ll be careful.”

Chu Xuan ended his conversation with Yi Yuejun and informed Huang Long and Gui Ran. These two creatures of the Great Dao should also help him to keep an eye on things.

Originally, Chu Xuan had expected the Great Dao calamity to be in the distant future. However, given the speed that the Great Daoyuan calamity was developing, it was likely that the Great Dao calamity would also arrive soon.

Chu Xuan took out the Chaos Dao Mirror and infused his Dao aura into it, trying to deduce when the Great Dao calamity would descend. However, he was met with strong resistance and failed.

He then tried to deduce the end of the Great Daoyuan calamity, but also failed.

This heightened his sense of danger.

After trying a few methods of deduction, he failed to obtain any results. It was obvious that his cultivation level was restricting him.

Chu Xuan turned his gaze to the Chaos Zone. Hei Yue was someone he had high hopes for, and he hoped she would surprise him.

The Buddhist Zone was still at a stalemate. For the time being, the Heavenly Dao laws were unable to completely take over the Buddhist Zone.

Qin Ying was not making much progress in the Eastern Zone either.

Chu Xuan could only patiently wait and hope that his disciples would bring him a great harvest so that he could increase his cultivation level as soon as possible..

The battle in the Central Zone was about to end.

Thanks to Qian Ming’s feats, the Heavenly Dao laws had already devoured almost two-thirds of the laws of Heaven and Earth in the Qian Region.

Ji Dexin had taken complete control of the alliance. Almost all of the human forces in the Central Zone were under his command, and his reputation resounded throughout the Central Zone.

He had the makings of a human king.

If nothing unexpected happened, Ji Dexin would become the human king of the Central Zone during this calamity.

He might even become the human king of the entire nine zones!

Ji Dexin was the reincarnation of a half-saint of the celestial race. What would he do when he became the human king?

What was the future of the human race?

Would he make the human race a vassal of the celestial race?

The human experts would definitely not allow it, especially Hong Yuanchu.

After all those hardships, he had finally led the human race to become an overlord race, so having the human race regress like that would be unacceptable.

Or was Ji Dexin trying to accomplish what he did with the demon race and Netherworld race and turn the human race into the celestial race?

Chu Xuan pondered for a moment. He could not let Ji Dexin be. There had to be a human Heaven’s Blessed who could compete with him.

The nine zones would be Chu Xuan’s territory in the future.

He definitely could not allow it.

However, none of the disciples could compare to Ji Dexin.

Qin Ying could not either.

Although Fengkong was a human king, that was in the past. His current influence only extended to the Southern Zone.

Furthermore, he was far inferior to Ji Dexin in terms of both fate and reputation.

One was an old man, while the other was a peerless genius of the human race.

Fengkong’s era had passed.

Only the current Heaven’s Blessed of the human race could defeat Ji Dexin.

For the time being, there was no one among his disciples who was on par with Ji Dexin. Chu Xuan could only hope and wait for one of his disciples to rise up and compete with Ji Dexin.

Chu Xuan privately messaged Hong Yuanchu to ask him about the Ji family’s ancestor.

Was Ji Dexin’s reincarnation in the Ji family approved by the ancestor of the Ji family?

If the Ji family’s ancestor had tacitly agreed, this meant that the Ji family’s ancestor had probably come into contact with the celestial race.

“Fellow Daoist Hong, do you know of the human race’s Ji family?”

Chu Xuan had already established his image as a peerless expert and an old senior in the hearts of Hong Yuanchu and the others. There was no need to beat around the bush.

Hong Yuanchu and the others would not be suspicious if he asked directly.

Hong Yuanchu was taken aback. Why did Chu Xuan suddenly ask about the Ji family?

Could it be that the calamity affected the human race and the Ji family?

“The Ji family has a long history. While I was still a weak cultivator, I had already heard of the legend of the Ji family’s human king. He was the human king when the human race was weak, and the one who strengthened the human race.”

Chu Xuan did not expect the Ji family’s heritage to be so vast that even Hong Yuanchu, who had been around for two Daoyuans, considered the Ji family’s human king a legend.”

“Do you know where the Ji family’s human king is? Did he reach the Daoyuan realm?”

Hong Yuanchu thought for a moment and said, “He must have reached the Daoyuan realm. It’s just that he has disappeared for a long time and we have never seen him before. I have also asked the descendants of the Ji family, but they have no idea where he is either.”

When Chu Xuan mentioned the Ji family’s human king, Hong Yuanchu suddenly remembered that they were not the only Daoyuan realm experts among the human race.

Where had those who had reached the Daoyuan realm before them gone?