Chapter 342 - Hei Yue's Surprise (Part 1)

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Chapter 342: Hei Yue’s Surprise (Part 1)

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Chu Xuan had also noticed the changes in the Chaos Zone, but he did not pay much attention to it.

Instead, he focused on the Reincarnation Dao principle, laying groundwork for the future establishment of the reincarnation cycle in the Northern Zone, and then the other eight zones.

This would take time though. The Reincarnation Dao principle was not strong enough. In addition, he needed the Heavenly Dao laws to become stronger as well. Chu Xuan was somewhat helpless in this regard.

Strength was the foundation. Without sufficient strength, it was no doubt a delusional dream to complete the reincarnation cycle.

Chu Xuan was only planning for the future and planning ahead.

The Heavenly Dao laws had to be on par with the Great Dao, or even stronger.

Chu Xuan also pondered on the Great Dao.

He even suspected that this Great Dao only belonged to the nine zones. Was there a Great Dao outside the nine zones?

A Great Dao of the Chaos?

Was that where the previous Daoyuan realm experts had all gone to?

Of course, all of this was just speculation. If he wanted to learn these secrets, he would first need to reach their level

Chu Xuan stayed in the courtyard, occasionally paying attention to the situation in the Western Zone to avoid being surprised by any scheme wrought by that hidden expert.

He was waiting for the 50-year-milestone reward.

With the appearance of the strange black power, the future was uncertain.

The Great Dao calamity might descend at any time, and he was not prepared.

Other than the expansion of the Heavenly Dao laws, there was no way to accelerate the growth of his cultivation level.

Still, Chu Xuan knew that it was useless to be anxious, as that would lead to mistakes.

“Your disciple, Hei Yue, has summoned a portion of the laws of Heaven and Earth and replaced them with the Heavenly Dao laws. She killed the blood fiends in the three regions and gathered the blood-colored spiritual energy into the spirit searching pillar to fight for fate amidst the Great Daoyuan calamity. Her cultivation level has soared and her fate has been transformed.. Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

“Your disciple Hei Yue has reached the Divine realm. You have been rewarded with a lump of chaotic energy.”

“Your maidservant, Su Xian’er, assisted your disciple, Hei Yue, in setting up a plan to exterminate the blood fiends in the three regions and successfully fought for fate amidst the Great Daoyuan calamity. Her cultivation level has soared and her fate has been transformed.. Your Fate Dao principle has advanced.”

“Your maidservant, Su Xian’er, has reached the Divine realm. You have been rewarded with a lump of chaotic energy.”

A series of system rewards suddenly arrived.

Chu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. As expected of the disciple he valued. Hei Yue was in charge of the implementation of the Heavenly Dao Talisman plan, and she did not disappoint him.

After a long period of planning, she had finally reaped the rewards. Furthermore, Su Xian’er also benefited from this arrangement.

Chu Xuan turned his attention to the Chaos Zone. At this moment, the three regions were covered in a thick blood-colored spiritual energy, which was being absorbed by the spirit-searching pillar buried underground.

Hei Yue had discovered this special method from the Myriad Artifacts Scripture and the Myriad Formations Scripture, and had used it to absorb the blood-colored spiritual energy.

This was one of the more effective ways to deal with the blood fiend race.

The disadvantage was that it was not easy to make these special pillars. A special material had to be injected into these pillars, one that was relatively rare in the nine zones.

Still, she had managed to make enough of them to exterminate all of the blood fiends in those three regions.

After Hei Yue’s fate had transformed, Chu Xuan could see that she was now someone who shouldered the fate of the Great Dao.

Su Xian’er benefited from this as well. Although she only provided support, she had still put in a lot of effort. As such, she too now shouldered the fate of the Great Dao.

As for what it meant to shoulder the fate of the Great Dao, even Chu Xuan did not know. Perhaps he would be able to figure this out once Su Xian’er returned to the small courtyard.

The experts in the Chaos Zone were shocked.

There had been so many blood fiends there, yet they had been exterminated in one fell swoop?

How did the Black Moon Tower do it?

Moreover, with so many blood fiends killed, would the dense blood-colored spiritual energy not give birth to extremely terrifying blood fiends?

Could it be that the Black Moon Tower was going to create a powerful blood fiend?

Once an unstoppable blood fiend appeared, disaster would undoubtedly descend upon the Chaos Zone.

Could the Black Moon Tower really deal with that?

Thinking this, many forces and races put their armies on high alert, waiting to see what the Black Moon Tower’s plans were.