Chapter 344 - Hei Yue's Surprise (Part 3)

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Chapter 344: Hei Yue’s Surprise (Part 3)

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The cultivation advancement reward had finally arrived.

Chu Xuan received his reward.

His Dao principles were continuously refined and perfected. At the same time, he had comprehended a new Dao principle.

Chu Xuan was immersed in his state of comprehension as his cultivation level soared.

19th level of the Dao realm!

He was another step closer to the 36th level of the Dao realm.

As this was happening, Divine realm experts from more than 20 races suddenly surrounded Hei Yue.

Grandpa Zhang stood beside her, his brows slightly furrowed.

Hei Yue was not surprised by this, and there was no change in her expression.

At this moment, she was immersed in the Heavenly Dao laws around her.

The power of a region’s Heavenly Dao laws were at least equivalent to a Dao realm expert. Although Hei Yue did not have a clear understanding of how strong that was, she somehow could sense that innately.

Furthermore, this was merely the power of a single region’s Heavenly Dao laws.

Su Xian’er was eager to start the fight. The fact that she was surrounded did not bother her at all. After breaking through to the Divine realm, she had been looking for someone to test her strength on.

As fate would have it, some people just happened to come knocking on her door.

A foreign race with fur on his face and a pair of small wings on his back walked out as the negotiator.

A seventh-level Divine realm expert!

He was not weak. Someone with this level of strength was usually the pillar of support for a small race in the Chaos Zone.

“We don’t intend to become enemies with the Black Moon Tower. However, the Great Daoyuan calamity has descended, and the blood fiends are wreaking havoc everywhere. They are the common enemy of every living being in the nine zones.”

“As such, we all have the responsibility to destroy the blood fiend race and restore the nine zones to its former state. Since the Black Moon Tower has a method to destroy the blood fiends, I hope that the master of the Black Moon Tower will not be stingy in sharing this method with the rest of us.”

“Of course, we won’t take it for free. We’ll trade treasures for the method.”

On the other side, some human Divine realm experts from some of the forces of the Chaos Zone appeared.

These humans were either fugitives who had offended a big force or were sinners driven away due their unpardonable crimes.

These human experts would usually not work together, and would even kill each other. Some of them were spies from the branches of the human forces in the Chaos Zone.

However, at this moment, they were all here.

“How dare you covet the secret method of our human race, you ant?”

A human expert sneered.

The experts from the small races all had ugly expressions.

“It remains to be seen as to whether the human race can survive this calamity. Don’t be too arrogant, or you will find yourselves in trouble once you are no longer an overlord race. Hmph!”

“What a joke. With this secret method, how can the human race not survive the Great Daoyuan? You small races should be sensible and surrender obediently. Otherwise, you won’t have a chance when the human race dominates the entire nine zones.”

A human expert threatened.

Hei Yue looked on coldly. Whether it was the foreign races or the human race, both sides had ulterior motives.

There were not many good people in the Chaos Zone, simply because good people would not come here, and many who did would not survive here.

Even the people who had been persecuted and escaped here, who were not black-hearted and ruthless in the beginning, after experiencing life and strife in the Chaos Zone, would gradually change…

Because if they did not, they would not survive.