Chapter 389 - Call Father (2)

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Chapter 389: Call Father (2)

The two of them left the main hall one after another. They went around the corridor to the small garden under the shade of the trees. Only then did the Empress let go of Yu Wan’s hand and smiled gently. “That child, Little Nine, is good at everything, but she refuses to study. Her father personally issued a decree, and he checks her homework every three days. Tonight is the third day. I told her to study well and not to anger her father.”

This was a disguised way of showing off her children. The Ninth Princess was a woman, so it did not matter if she was good at her studies. What was important was that the Emperor thought so highly of her that he had to stay in Zhaoyang Palace to eat and check her homework. This was a grace to the Empress.

“The Empress taught her well,” Yu Wan said flatteringly.

The Empress’s smile widened when she heard this. She suddenly thought of something and restrained her smile slightly. “I heard that Cong’er is sick and didn’t go to court today.”

Yu Wan revealed a look of worry. “Maybe it’s because he was drenched in the rain a few days ago and his body was accumulated with a cold and humid aura. He started to have a high fever in the middle of the night, so I sent someone to the Imperial Court to apply for leave for him.”

“Did you send the imperial physician?” The Empress asked worriedly.

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A mere cold was not a problem for an adult, but Yan Jiuchao was not an ordinary person. The Empress had also heard that he would not live past twenty-five. She did not want to lose such a powerful backer before her son became the Crown Prince, so her concern for Yan Jiuchao was real. In the palace, the only ones who did not want something to happen to Yan Jiuchao would be the Empress and the Emperor.

Yu Wan said, “I’ve invited a doctor. The doctor said that he’s fine. He just needs to lie in bed and recuperate for a few more days.”

The Empress was still worried. “It’s better to let the imperial physician take a look. Imperial Physician Liang’s medical skills are brilliant. I’ll get him to take Cong’er’s pulse later.”

Yu Wan understood the Empress’s intentions. With Old Cui around, she was not afraid of Imperial Physician Liang finding out. As for how Old Cui did not let Imperial Physician Liang recognize him, it was not something she should worry about.

Old Cui, who was brewing medicine in the Young Master Manor, inexplicably sneezed! He felt that someone was plotting against him again!

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Yu Wan bowed.

The Empress asked Yu Wan how she had been recently. Yu Wan also asked about the Eldest Princess Consort’s recent situation in return. The Eldest Princess Consort was more than four months pregnant and did not have morning sickness anymore. Her appetite had improved and she had grown round. However, her stomach looked bigger than other pregnant women. The nannies all said that she was pregnant with two children.

“If only she could give birth to two fat boys,” the Empress said with longing.

The Eldest Princess Consort was a good person. Yu Wan also hoped that she could give birth to a pair of sons.

After the small talk, Emissary Cui had also set up the tea and snacks in the pavilion. The Empress led Yu Wan over and dismissed the servants, leaving Emissary Cui to guard the side. “Tell me, why are you so anxious today?”

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“To be honest, Your Majesty, I do have something to ask you.”

Yu Wan looked around and after confirming that there were only the two of them and Emissary Cui in the entire garden, she said in relief, “Your Majesty once told me that someone in the royal family of Nanzhao wants Yan Jiuchao’s life. I wonder how Your Majesty found out?”

She had this doubt in the past, but at that time, the two of them did not know each other well, so it was not convenient for her to probe the other party’s trump card.

The Empress subconsciously frowned. It could be seen that she was originally a little resistant to this question, but she also knew Yu Wan’s character and would not easily lose her composure.

“Why did you suddenly think of asking this? Did something happen to Cong’er?” The Empress asked.

Yu Wan naturally would not tell her the truth. It was not that she did not trust her, but it was better to be safe than sorry. She was not worried that she would deliberately publicize some things, but she was afraid that she would accidentally expose them.

Yu Wan said, “It’s not that something happened to the Princely Heir. It’s just that the envoy from Nanzhao came strangely this time. There’s the matter of General Helian and the armor. The Princely Heir suspects that the royal family of Nanzhao has ulterior motives. Are they here for him personally or for the entire Great Zhou Dynasty? He has to make sure.”

The Empress nodded. “He’s thinking the same thing as me. That useless General Helian used the armor to humiliate Xiao Zhenting. It seems to be disrespectful to the Great Zhou. Who knows if he was ordered by someone to deliberately anger Cong’er?”

Yu Wan sighed. “Isn’t that so? The Princely Heir has been tossing and turning because of this. He told me to ask Your Majesty about it.”

“There’s nothing I can’t say.” The Empress paused and looked at the flowers and plants at the side. “It was also many years ago. The year Prince Yan passed away, Mother missed her grandson and brought Cong’er into the palace to take care of him.”