Chapter 1571 - Incomplete Morbius!

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Chapter 1571: Incomplete Morbius!

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Moreover, Soul Remember Gift could be used on feys, but what about spirit qi professionals?

Lin Yuan asked, “Rememberling, when you searched for dead souls in the lava zone, you found the souls of many dead spirit qi professionals. Can you use their souls to create soul imprints?”

When Rememberling heard what Lin Yuan said, the soul imprints on its body immediately started to move, and the personification of the spirit qi professionals’ souls lit up on Rememberling’s body.

Rememberling picked one of the brighter spirit qi professional souls and made it into a soul imprint that it pushed onto its tail.

The soul imprint formed from the spirit qi professional’s soul was much smaller than the ones from the souls of feys.

Lin Yuan could understand this because most of the soul imprints on Rememberling’s tail that came from the souls of feys were Myth Breed, and spirit qi professionals naturally had weaker soul power than feys.

Since he was only testing his hypothesis, Lin Yuan did not care what kind of Willpower Rune the soul had comprehended.

Lin Yuan instructed, “Rememberling, apply the soul imprint on me.”

Rememberling gently lifted its tail and rested it on Lin Yuan’s head.

The soul imprint entered Lin Yuan’s body, and he suddenly realized that a faint sense of comprehension was coming over his spirit.

Apparently, it was impossible to use a soul imprint from a spirit qi professional to comprehend a Willpower Rune.

But once a person’s comprehension of Willpower Runes reached a peak and just needed a little push, the comprehension from the soul imprint would do just the trick.

Lin Yuan looked at Rememberling in shock.

Both Rememberling and Genius were forbidden beings. No one could find out about them!

Rememberling was like a key, and anyone who had control of it would be able to use it to unlock the road to heaven or hell.

If Lin Yuan kept Rememberling’s Soul Remember Gift a secret, he might be able to disregard the lives of spirit qi professionals as nothing more than tools to increase his power like Di Wanmi had.

Eventually, Lin Yuan calmed down and swore that he would never use Soul Remember Gift to kill spirit qi professionals.

However, he would still kill any enemies that crossed his path and use Soul Remember Gift on them.

Lin Yuan was definitely not someone who showed mercy to his enemies, especially at a time like now when the entire world’s structure was about change.

Rememberling’s existence would benefit all the feys in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Even if some feys lacked natural talent, Soul Remember Gift would be able to help other feys slowly achieve comprehension and evolve into Fantasy or Myth Breed.

Lin Yuan was in no rush to return Rememberling to the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Instead, he took out spirit qi crystals and said, “Rememberling, absorb these spirit qi crystals! I will evolve you to Diamond grade now.”

While talking, Lin Yuan crushed a handful of spirit qi crystals.

The spirit qi wrapped around Rememberling and caused its grade to start to increase.

When Rememberling’s power reached Gold, the entire Spirit Lock spatial zone started to shake.

Lin Yuan could sense that the Spirit Lock spatial zone was expanding, and he hurriedly left the Spirit Lock spatial zone with Rememberling.

Outside the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Rememberling’s grade climbed continuously.

As Morbius evolved to Gold, the Spirit Lock spatial zone continued to expand, and it quickly reached 320 square meters.

This size was enough for Lin Yuan to put more things in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

The increase in the size of the spirit pool and Pure Land of Bliss would also bring Lin Yuan greater benefits.

At that moment, a familiar voice that he had not heard in a long time said into his ear, “Partner, long time no see.”

Lin Yuan immediately smiled brightly when he heard this voice.

He excitedly activated his spiritual energy and started communicating with Morbius. “Morbius, I guessed that you would wake up when you reached Gold grade.”

Morbius’s calm voice was warm as it replied, “Partner, you grew quickly. You evolved me to Gold grade so soon. Now that I’m Gold grade, I gained a memory. It seems that the current me is incomplete.”

When Lin Yuan heard what Morbius said, he looked down at the Morbius bracelet on his wrist.

He had noticed some time ago that there were numerous small holes on the crimson and bronze Morbius bracelet.

It was likely that the small holes were meant to be embedded with something.

“Morbius, is there meant to be something embedded in the holes?”

Morbius shook its head and said, “Partner, it seems that the things in the holes can be replaced. However, for now, I’m not sure what is meant to be in the holes. I might be able to sense it when I encounter it. If these small holes can be filled up, you will be able to represent each of the feys you spirit-locked with one of the holes. This will remove the limit of the Spirit Lock.”

Lin Yuan was momentarily silent when he heard what Morbius said before he asked in surprise, “By the Spirit Lock’s limit, do you think that I will be able to spirit-lock other feys besides ones with only Normal abilities?”

Morbius nodded and replied, “You’re right.”

Now that he had Morbius’ definitive answer, he suddenly felt as though he was raising a group of children.

His children used to be disabled and trapped in wheelchairs. But now, he suddenly found out that they could stand up and become normal again.

Lin Yuan had put a lot of effort into nurturing all of the spirit-locked feys and helping them evolve under the best circumstances.

Lin Yuan had always been curious about what the Jasmine Lily, Blackie, and Purple Afterglow’s other abilities were.