Chapter 346 - Is Your Sword Sharp Enough?

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Chapter 346: Is Your Sword Sharp Enough?

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In the distance, spiritual light flashed and flames rose and coiled.

Patriarch Tao Ran held his long sword and stepped forward.

At this moment, his cultivation could break through at any time. However, he chose not to take that step for the time being to guard the Fiery Source World.

The Fiery Source World could only allow half-step Heaven Realm cultivators to stay in it. Those who had advanced beyond the half-step Heaven Realm would be expelled by the power of heaven and earth in this world.

The Fire Source World was not a large world, but the power of a world was not something a cultivator who had just entered the Heaven Realm could resist.

“The Cloud Sky World is not giving up. There are more experts coming than before.”

Putting away his sword, Patriarch Tao Ran said in a deep voice.

Hearing his words, Han Muye chuckled and said, “Isn’t that what the Patriarch wants?”

Patriarch Tao Ran’s face stiffened, and then he laughed.

“You brat, I can’t hide anything from you.” A trace of pride flashed across Patriarch Tao Ran’s face as he turned to look into the distance.

“With the help of the Fiery Origin World, I’ve already fought a Heaven realm expert.

“These guys are just like this. When I step into the Heaven Realm, I’ll torture them like dogs.”

At this point, he grinned. “The next time I see Gao Changgong, that freeloader, I’ll make his jaw drop.”

It was said that Elder Gao of the Sword Pavilion was doing well in the Southern Wasteland. He seemed to hold some position in the Central Continent Army.

According to the information obtained by the Mu family’s patriarch and the others, Elder Gao endured the humiliation and gained trust from the Central Continent Army. He was preparing to escape the demonic clutches and return to the Western Frontier.

Han Muye did not believe this entirely.

“Patriarch, the Spiritual Dao Sect has decided to hold the competition by the Jialing River. What’s the meaning of this?”

Han Muye said as he flew back to the Fire Source World and landed in the void 10,000 feet outside the Fire Source Palace.

The venue of the competition was set by the Spiritual Dao Sect. It was said that the venue was arranged by Daoist Myriad Transformations of the Spiritual Dao Sect who was preparing to come out of seclusion.

With the title of the number one cultivator in the Western Frontier, the venue of the competition naturally could not be changed since he had spoken.

“Jialing River originates from the Northern Region. It runs through the Western Frontier and the Southern Wasteland to the Eastern Sea.”

Patriarch Tao Ran narrowed his eyes and said in a deep voice, “Thousands of years ago, the great demons of the Eastern Sea came back from the source. They crossed the Southern Wasteland and landed at Jialing River.

“This group of demons eventually headed to the Northern Region. It’s said that they live there.

“It’s rumored that the Spiritual Dao Sect has some dealings with the demons.”

Turning to look at Han Muye, Patriarch Tao Ran said in a low voice, “Our Nine Mystic Sword Sect can rely on this world to form an alliance with the Eastern Sea sword cultivators. Other sects naturally also have external help.”

According to Patriarch Tao Ran and the elders of the sect, when the nine sects were rearranged, there would be more experts in the Western Frontier that they had never seen before.

This time, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had also attracted a few young disciples of the Tang Mountain Sword Sect.

Shao Yousun of the Tang Mountain Sword Sect was currently in the Fire Source World with Lu Gao and the others, hunting down the cultivators from the other world.

The horn sounded, and spiritual light rose in the sky.

Shadows began to return one after another.

A day later, the young disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect gathered.

Lu Gao, whose eyes were covered by a black veil, was now quite strong. He was wearing a black armor.

At this moment, his cultivation was already at the peak of the Earth Realm Meridian Opening realm.

However, his strength far exceeded the Meridian Opening realm. Even a Spirit Awakening expert would not be able to withstand a single blow from him.

Transforming into a sword, he could even a third level Golden Core cultivator from another world in one strike.

After two years of tempering, Lu Gao had already fused with his own spiritual sword. He could transform into a sword and become one with the sword, attacking with all his might.

It could be said that he had already mastered the first level of the Military Sword Technique.

After that, he would continuously increase the power of the sword he fused with. Then he would advance to a higher realm with the sword.

Being able to combine sword and person was only the first level of the Military Sword Technique.

Lu Gao’s growth was rapid, and the other disciples of the Sword Sect had also improved their cultivation and combat strength.

The taciturn He Xuanqi held two swords in both hands and attacked ruthlessly.

He had already cultivated the Fish Seeking Sword Technique to another level.

There were also the direct disciples of the sect—Song Seven, Qi Thirteen, Su Eighteen, and the others. Compared to two years ago, they had changed drastically.

At this moment, they were all calm and steady. Their battle intent and sword intent merged.

After fighting in the Fire Source World for two years, fighting against cultivators from other worlds whose cultivation and combat strength were not inferior at all, they were on the verge of death. As long as they survived, they would be born again Daoists.

In the past two years, more than 500 elite direct disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect entered the Fire Source World. Only 300 survived.

Since they had chosen to be a sword cultivator, they had to be prepared to die.

Figures quietly gathered, and the killing intent on their bodies slowly converged.

Han Muye’s gaze landed on Yang Mingxuan.

There was no one around Yang Mingxuan, who was wearing a black robe.

Even though the murderous aura on his body was restrained, it was still blazing.

This place was filled with elite disciples of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect. Most of them were at the Earth Realm, and some of them were about to reach the Core Formation Realm.

Song Qi and the others were all at the advanced Spirit Awakening Realm.

Such a cultivation was comparable to an elder of the sect.

Among these Nine Mystic Sword Sect disciples, Yang Mingxuan’s cultivation at the third level of the Meridian Opening Realm was not the highest. He was even ranked behind others.

However, his combat strength and battle results were definitely ranked at the top.

Lu Gao cultivated the Military Sword Technique. Humans were swords. When he charged, he had no worries.

Yang Mingxuan also cultivated the Military Sword Technique, but the grade of the sword he fused with could not compare to Lu Gao’s, and the degree of smelting was much lower than Lu Gao’s.

However, Yang Mingxuan relied on his fearless combat techniques to kill in all directions.

Lu Gao said that Yang Mingxuan was even crazier than him when it came to killing.

In two years, Yang Mingxuan killed more than five Golden Core experts.