Chapter 347 - Is Your Sword Sharp Enough?

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Chapter 347: Is Your Sword Sharp Enough?

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Those otherworldly cultivators all called him the black-robed God of Slaughter.

Han Muye did not interfere with Yang Mingxuan’s condition.

Although sword cultivators did not advocate killing to condense combat power, Yang Mingxuan was an exception.

If Yang Mingxuan wanted to stand out during the Nine Sects Competition and fulfill Yang Dingshan’s last wish, he had to have the determination and methods of a madman.

As if sensing Han Muye’s gaze, Yang Mingxuan looked up and forced a stiff smile.

Han Muye nodded and turned his gaze to everyone standing below.

“Everyone, you’ve worked hard to raise the reputation of the Nine Mystic Sect during the reorganization.

“Two years have passed. It’s time to leave.”

As Han Muye’s voice sounded, everyone’s eyes revealed a trace of confusion.

Two years have passed?

Are we returning to the Western Frontier and the Nine Mystic Mountain?

We have survived in this mystic realm.

A strange emotion spread.

This was an indescribable emotion. There was anticipation, suppression, the desire to soar into the sky, and the determination to run amok with the sword.

After two years of ascetic cultivation and endless slaughter, the nine sects were rearranged!

Sword intent suddenly rose!

Sword light scattered the clouds!

Han Muye turned around and nodded at Patriarch Tao Ran.

Battle intent could be used.

Glancing at the Palace Master, elders, and others bowing in the distance, Han Muye raised his hand, and a spiritual light turned into a pillar of light that enveloped everyone below.

When he reappeared, he was already at the old site of the Blazing Sun Palace.

The site had already been transformed.

Under the protection of the array formations, the originally fiery red mountain range became more lush.

The broken walls were also cleaned up and many halls were built.

The Broken Flower Hall completely changed their profession and started doing business.

Most of the swords in the Fiery Source World would be taken away by the people sent by Kong Chaode, but some would still be left behind.

Every year, dozens or hundreds of semi-spiritual artifacts were produced that were worth two to three million spiritual rocks.

The Western Frontier lacked such inexpensive swords.

The few million spiritual rocks helped Tang Yunhao secure his position as the leader of the Broken Flower Hall.

The Broken Flower Hall was also renamed the Setting Sun Sect to inherit the legacy of the Blazing Sun Palace.

When Han Muye and the others returned from the teleportation place, Tang Yunhao came to greet them.

An hour later, the three flying ships left quietly.

The flying ship did not stop day or night. Five days later, they returned to the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

The elite disciples rested on their own, while Han Muye led Lu Gao and Yang Mingxuan back to the Sword Pavilion.

Liu Honglin and the others had not seen Lu Gao and the others for two years, so they naturally set up a large dining table.

Lu Gao and Liu Hong went to the outer sect dining hall and kept greeting them along the way.

When he walked past, someone whispered curiously, “Senior Brother, who is this blind guy? Why is he with Senior Brother Liu Hong?”

Upon hearing this, the green-robed young man’s expression changed. “B*stard, you don’t even know Senior Brother Lu Gao’s name? How dare you say that Senior Brother Lu is blind?”

The surrounding stern gazes made the outer sect’s new disciple’s face turn red and his entire body tremble.

“Senior Brother Lu, that’s the gatekeeper of the Sword Pavilion. He’s a legend among the servants of the Sword Sect.” A servant disciple in a gray robe held a few buns in his hand and said in a low voice.

“Senior Brother Lu defended the Sword Pavilion to the death. His eyes were pierced and he didn’t take a step back. All the disciples of the Sword Sect admire his loyalty.

“Elder Han of the Sword Pavilion is an immortal of the Sword Dao. He’s like a celestial being.”

“Brother Huang Six was benevolent.

“Senior Brother Lu’s loyalty and bravery are unparalleled.

“And Instructor Lin, Senior Brother Liu…”

The dining hall was instantly filled with excitement.

Lu Gao’s sixth brother turned into a demon in the bloody battle at Cloud Nest Ridge and Elder Han destroyed the Heavenly Demon single-handedly…

Although those new disciples had heard these stories before, their blood still boiled when they heard them again.

“I really want to go to the Sword Pavilion…” A new disciple rubbed the steamed bun in front of him hard and said in a low voice.

“Go to the Sword Pavilion?” The outer sect disciple opposite him laughed. “Alright, become one of the top 100 outer sect disciples and go to the Sword Pavilion to receive the sword. Perhaps you can even obtain Elder Han’s guidance and soar into the sky.”

The top 100 of the outer sect.

Flames rose in the eyes of the new disciples.

With the return of the elites of the various sects, the originally quiet Nine Mystic Mountain suddenly became lively.

The various legends of the inner sect and outer sect were exciting.

“Did you hear? The thirty-seventh senior brother of the inner sect, Tao Shihe, reached the Earth Realm suddenly. His swordsmanship has transformed into a trace of sword intent.” Someone rushed to the impartation hall of the outer sect excitedly and told them the news he had received.

“How do you know that?”

“I’m a disciple of the Wood Lineage Green Vine Sect with Senior Brother Tao’s younger brother. Of course I know.” The person who spoke had a proud expression.

This attracted envious gazes.

“Big news, Inner Sect’s 10th place, Senior Brother Xuanqi has been promoted to Core Disciple!”

Someone in the demonstration building roared.

“How can he be a direct disciple? Don’t inner sect disciples have to be core disciples first?

“No way. The sect hasn’t accepted a direct disciple for three years. The last one was Elder Han of the Sword Pavilion, right?”

Discussions broke out in the Demonstration Building.

The direct disciples of the sect had suffered serious casualties recently, but they couldn’t be replaced just like that, right?

“It’s true. Senior Brother He Xuanqi attacked in the inner sect martial arts hall and defeated three Sword Sect Enlightenment elders with a single strike. The Wood Branch Grand Elder, Zhang Zhihe, personally took in a disciple.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was silence in the Demonstration Building.

He defeated three enlightenment sect elders with a single strike!

With such combat strength, he was naturally qualified to become a direct disciple!

“Is our sect going to prosper….”

After a long time, someone whispered.