Chapter 348 - Is Your Sword Sharp Enough? (3)

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Chapter 348: Is Your Sword Sharp Enough? (3)

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At this moment, an elder was sitting in the hall at the peak of the Nine Mystic Mountain.

Han Muye sat in the seat he had sat in back then, but today, the other nonviting delegate, Tang Chi, was absent.

In the center of the hall, hundreds of sect elites bowed and waited solemnly.

A moment later, Tuoba Cheng, who was wearing a purple robe, and Sect Master Jin Ze, who had silver hair, walked into the hall and stepped onto the high seats.

Jin Ze waved his hand. Tuoba Cheng nodded slightly and took a step forward.

“Two years of sharpening your skills. Is your sword sharp enough?”

His voice was cold, emitting the pressure of a great cultivator.

In the hall, a great pressure weighed down on everyone.

However, under such a powerful force, the hundreds of elite disciples did not even frown.

Sword lights appeared and resisted Tuoba Cheng’s pressure.

Were such sword lights sharp enough?

A satisfied smile appeared in Jin Ze’s eyes.

Around them, the originally expressionless elders of the sects had different expressions.

The fact that the sect elites were cultivating in the Fire Source World was an open secret among the higher-ups of the sects.

Speaking of secrets, this matter was personally presided over by Tuoba Cheng and the two Supreme Elders. Outsiders knew nothing about Han Muye’s arrangements.

However, these elite disciples were all disciples of the elders in the hall. How could they not know where they were going?

The moment they returned, they reported their experiences over the past two years.

With Patriarch Tao Ran in charge, they killed the outer world cultivators in the Fire Source World.

In two years, only 300 of the 500 disciples had returned.

These 300 disciples could withstand the pressure of the top expert of the Sword Sect, Tuoba Cheng, without saying anything or moving!

With such cultivation and combat strength, they were already the pillars of the sects!

Looking at these disciples who were silent and only used sword lights to resist, the pressure from Tuoba Cheng’s body disappeared.

He looked down, his eyes emitting a vigorous spiritual light.

“Out of 500 elites, only you have returned.

“You carry their hopes.

“Our Nine Mystic Sword Sect has endured humiliation for thousands of years. Generations of elders of the Sword Pavilion have died. Less than 10 percent of the sect elders died a peaceful death.

“In order not to arouse fear and wariness among the major sects in the Western Frontier, Patriarch Tao Ran exiled himself from the sect for decades.

“In order to eliminate the pressure of the three Western Frontier Sects, Elder Gao Changgong of the Sword Pavilion sacrificed his sword of the soul.

“In front of the Nine Mystic Mountain,” Tuoba Cheng said with a trace of burning pressure, “Sect Master Jin Ze shattered his golden core.”

Looking at the elite disciples below, Tuoba Cheng said word by word, “Do you remember these?”

How could they not remember!

Which elite in the sect did not witness the rise of the sect?

Which of these direct descendants and core disciples who had shared the honor and disgrace of the sect had not participated in a few battles that concerned the survival of the sect?

The bell sounded time and time again on the Nine Mystic Mountain.

The short and sorrowful sounds of the bell were the last resplendence of the sect disciples’ lives.

The sword broke, and they gave up the ghost.

With the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Sword Pavilion around, their heroic spirits would have a home!

A vast aura rose from the hall.

This was battle intent.

As sword cultivators, how could they not have the will to fight?

This vigorous battle intent was vast and fierce, as if it wanted to smash through the roof of the hall and rip the sky.

Seeing this scene, the elders sitting in the hall smiled and nodded.

Sword cultivators should be hot-blooded.

Tuoba Cheng glanced over and said with his hands behind his back, “The sect’s spiritual land will be open for seven days. Pills that increase the cultivation level of the medical hall can be obtained as needed.

“In seven days, 95 of you will be selected to participate in the Nine Sects Rearrangement Competition.”

Many disciples looked up in shock.

In the Fire Source World, everyone knew who was stronger.

If only 95 people were chosen, then 60% of the people in the hall would be eliminated.

After two years of hardship and life-and-death battles, they could not participate in the competition of the nine sects?

“Each sect will only send out 100 disciples to the nine sects’ rearrangement competition,” Sect Master Jin Ze, who was sitting at the head of the table, suddenly said.

It explained the matter.

There was actually such a rule in this competition.

Many people looked regretful.

“Don’t think that not having a chance to participate in the Nine Sects Rearrangement Competition is a loss of opportunity.” Tuoba Cheng looked down and said coldly, “This is to protect your lives.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a green-robed elder sitting at the side stood up.

Han Muye knew this person. He was the Sword War Hall’s elder, Xu Linjin.

“You’ve been cultivating in the secret land for two years. The Battle Sword Hall has spent a lot of money to find out about the other sects.”

Xu Linjin’s expression was solemn.

“More than 320 Battle Sword Hall disciples and secret agents lost their lives because of this. Moreover, my sect can’t clear their names.”

Taking a deep breath, Xu Linjin slowly unfolded a piece of paper in his hand.

“The first direct disciple of the Taiyi Sword Sect, Feng Yuange. His sword technique has already condensed half a step of sword momentum. His spiritual energy cultivation is at the eighth level of the Spirit Awakening Realm.”

Half-step sword momentum!

Cultivation of the eighth level of the Spirit Awakening Realm!

The atmosphere in the hall sank.

Such combat strength could fight against cultivators above the fifth level of the Golden Core Realm!

Among the disciples in the hall, who dared to say that they had such combat strength?

The expressions of the few direct disciples standing in front turned solemn.

“In order to find out Feng Yuange’s combat strength, a level nine Spirit Awakening Realm elder of our Battle Sword Hall died. The three disciples who transmitted news about him lost contact with him.”

Sweeping his gaze across the hall, Xu Linjin looked down at the scroll in his hand.

“The seven disciples of the Spiritual Dao Sect. We have tested every single one of them.

“Losses.” Xu Linjin’s voice trembled. “Thirty-two disciples died.

“Lu Qingchen’s spells and techniques are specialized in the earth lineage and the art of turning into dust. His skills are extraordinary. Cultivation base, Golden Core.”

“Lu Qingyuan’s wood-element spells are powerful. He once killed nine disciples of the Sword Sect with the Layer Forest Technique.

“Lu Qingxiao, Fire-element expert cultivator, half-step Golden Core Realm.”

The Spiritual Dao Sect’s seven disciples were all like dragons. The seven of them joined forces and killed three secret demonic cultivators.

Duan Yihong of the Infinite Dao Sect carried an immense weight on his shoulders as he fought. He traveled 3,000 miles in reverse and killed the Golden Core cultivators of the demon race who had entered the Western Frontier.

Du Feng of the Wind Spirit Dao Sect had turned his sword into a wind and traversed thousands of miles, killing 32 evil cultivators of the Earth Realm.

The White Demon Son, Cai Peng, refined two cities and slaughtered three sects.

Moonlight Sword Sect’s Young Sect Master Wanyue’s swordsmanship had reached the level of the bright moon that filled the sky. She could subdue the world with a single strike.

Information on the cultivation and combat strength of the young experts of the Western Frontier sects was on the paper in Xu Linjin’s hand.

This piece of paper was obtained with the blood of hundreds of elders and disciples of the Sword Battle Hall.

It was to let the young elites in the hall feel more confident.

It was for the sake of obtaining a chance of survival in the battle between the nine sects.

It was for the sake of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect’s countless years of hard work. The sacrifice must not be wasted.

Xu Linjin spent an hour explaining the information on the scroll.

All the disciples and elders left the hall in silence.

The battle intent that was suppressed from before slowly brewed.

Han Muye stayed behind.

It was Tuoba Cheng who sent a voice transmission to ask him to stay.

“This time, our Nine Mystic Sword Sect must take first place in the Nine Sects Competition.”

In the empty hall, Tuoba Cheng looked at Han Muye and said in a low voice.

The white-haired Jin Ze Sect Master stood up and said softly, “The Spiritual Dao Sect will reward the first place of the nine sects with a sword.”

Looking at Han Muye, an uncontrollable emotion flashed across Jin Ze’s eyes. “That’s the sword that Elder Zhu Shen fused with his body when he cultivated the Military Sword Technique in the Sword Pavilion back then.”

Han Muye slowly got up and narrowed his eyes.