Chapter 349 - By the Jialing River, The Nine Sects' Rearrangement Competition

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Chapter 349: By the Jialing River, The Nine Sects’ Rearrangement Competition

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Back then, the Sword Pavilion elder, Zhu Shen, took half of the Military Sword Technique down the mountain and died eventually.

The mid-grade spiritual weapon, the Plain Will Sword, that he had fused with himself disappeared.

People thought that this sword was destroyed when Elder Zhu Shen died.

Who would have thought that this sword was in the hands of the Spiritual Dao Sect?

The number one sect in the Western Frontier.

“Zhang Cheng sent someone to say that the half of the Military Sword Technique that he obtained back then was a gift from the Spiritual Dao Sect.”

Jin Ze looked at Han Muye and said in a low voice, “The person who sent the message is trustworthy.”

In other words, Zhang Cheng was not lying.

Back then, it was the Spiritual Dao Sect who intercepted and killed Elder Zhu Shen of the Sword Pavilion.

This matter was rotten to the bones.

Zhang Cheng even went on to become a Heaven Realm expert. Then the Nine Mystic Sword Sect and the Wind Spirit Sword Sect became mortal enemies. It was in line with the Spiritual Dao Sect’s plan.

Originally, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had planned to rearrange the nine sects. If they could become the fourth of the nine sects, they would have fulfilled their expectations.

If they could go one step further and replace the Taiyi Sword Sect as the champion of the Western Frontier Sword Dao, it would be a blessing.

They had never thought of becoming the number one sect in the Western Frontier.

Without a Heaven Realm expert holding down the fort and an expert who could compete with the Myriad Transformations Sage, Li Mubai, how could the Nine Mystic Sword Sect become the number one sect in the Western Frontier?

But this time, the Spiritual Dao Sect took out the Plain Will Sword as a reward for being the number one sect in the Western Frontier.

The Nine Mystic Sword Sect had to fight for it!

They had to fight to the death!

“Five of the hundred disciples will be left behind.” Tuoba Cheng looked at Han Muye with flames rising in his eyes.

“The top inner disciple of the Tang Mountain Sword Sect, Gu Yuanlong, has taken a spot.

“There are four spots left. If Li Xixi and Deng Chungang can’t make it, we’ll have to rely on your Sword Pavilion.”

Deng Chungang might be the Sword King of the Great Snow Mountain in the Northern Region.

When Monk Liaoliao came to the Nine Mystic Mountain to get the Golden Lotus Pill, he promised to return to the Northern Region to tell the Sword King about the Great Competition of the Nine Sects of the Western Frontier.

If Deng Chungang could return, there would be no suspense in this battle.

However, no one knew if the Sword King of the Great Snow Mountain who suppressed the snow demons in the north was Deng Chungang or if he would return.

Li Xixi had gone to the Central Continent, and the sect sent an elder to send a message to her.

No one knew if she could come back.

If they did not return, the only ones they could rely on were the few disciples from the Sword Pavilion.

“Yang Mingxuan will fight on behalf of the Bright Mountain Sword Sect, but according to the rules mentioned before, alliances are not allowed, right?”

Han Muye’s expression did not change as he looked at Tuoba Cheng.

“That’s right.” Tuoba Cheng nodded with a solemn expression. “If the Nine Mystic Sword Sect wants to become the number one in the Western Frontier, they have to fight all the elites of the entire Western Frontier Sect.”

Those sects with nine aspirations had long formed alliances with each other. At critical moments, a sect might have to face the siege of several sects and dozens of elite disciples.

No one in the Western Frontier dared to say that they would definitely win.

Moreover, if the Nine Mystic Sword Sect wanted to obtain Patriarch Zhu Shen’s sword, they had to fight for first place in the Nine Sects Rearrangement Competition.

To fight for first place, they had to go against the number one great sect in the Western Frontier, the Spiritual Dao Sect. They had to suppress the number one demon sect in the Western Frontier, the Shangyang Demon Sect. They had to defeat the number one sword sect in the Western Frontier, the Taiyi Sword Sect. They had to become enemies with all the sects.

However, the Nine Mystic Sword Sect had no choice in this battle.

If they did not fight today, no matter how the Patriarch’s sword was used, the heart energy gathered on the Nine Mystic Mountain would definitely dissipate overnight.

Looking at Han Muye, Tuoba Cheng’s expression turned solemn. “Han Muye, no matter who wins or loses this battle, when you return, you will be the young sect master of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

“You can decide the matters on the Nine Mystic Mountain with a word.”

Was this a promise or a reward?

This was the first clear arrangement Han Muye had heard about his future.

As long as he returned to the Nine Mystic Mountain alive, he would be the future master of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Han Muye glanced at Tuoba Cheng and Jin Ze, who was standing behind him. He nodded and turned to leave the hall.

Looking at Han Muye’s departing back, Jin Ze sighed softly. “Sigh, the sect’s foundation is still insufficient, causing the junior disciples to suffer so much.”

Hearing his words, Tuoba Cheng turned around. “Sect Master, as a sword cultivator, if I don’t polish the sword in my hand from time to time, won’t it rust?

“We think so highly of him. How can he let us down?”

Jin Ze nodded and walked out of the hall.

His figure was a little hunched, and his robe looked bloated.

Tuoba Cheng’s eyes lit up as he strode after him.

After returning to the Sword Pavilion, the silent Yang Mingxuan walked forward.

He looked up at Han Muye.

“You’re going back to the Bright Mountain Sword Sect, right?” Han Muye nodded and said softly, “After you go back, it’s best not to kill anyone.”

Hearing his words, Yang Mingxuan’s entire body trembled. A flickering red light flashed in his eyes.

Yang Mingxuan lowered his gaze and nodded gently.

“Bring all the medicinal pills you need. Pick a decent sword and take it away.

“When the competition begins, I might need you to help the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.”

Han Muye laughed and reached out to pat Yang Mingxuan’s shoulder.

When the time came for the Nine Sects Rearrangement Competition, the sects would form alliances with one another. The Bright Mountain Sword Sect that Yang Mingxuan was in was an ally of the Nine Mystic Sword Sect.

Yang Mingxuan nodded heavily and bowed to Han Muye.

If not for Han Muye and the Sword Pavilion, even if he, Yang Mingxuan, did not die, he would still be a cripple.

Jiang Ming had said that if he did not cultivate well, he was not even qualified to collect Yang Dingshan’s corpse.

Back then, Yang Mingxuan did not go to Cloud Nest Ridge to collect Yang Dingshan’s corpse.

Now he wanted to fulfill Yang Dingshan’s dying wish and help the Bright Mountain Sword Sect become one of the nine sects.

For this goal, even if…

Jiang Ming, Lu Gao, and the others sent Yang Mingxuan down the Nine Mystic Mountain. Han Muye sat on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion and opened the book in front of him.

“Senior Brother Han.”