Chapter 350 - By the Jialing River, The Nine Sects' Rearrangement Competition (2)

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Chapter 350: By the Jialing River, The Nine Sects’ Rearrangement Competition (2)

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A voice came from the door of the Sword Pavilion.

Han Muye looked up. Bai Suzhen, who was wearing a moon-white dress, was standing in front of the Sword Pavilion.

She did not stop outside the Sword Pavilion. Instead, she slowly stepped in.

The moment Bai Suzhen stepped into the Sword Pavilion, all the swords on the first floor of the Sword Pavilion trembled slightly, and a sharp sword qi spread.

The cold sword qi made Bai Suzhen tremble and her face turned pale.

Han Muye sat there, his expression unchanged.

Bai Suzhen walked forward and placed a small cloth bag in front of Han Muye.

“Senior Brother Han, I’ve gathered all the spiritual herbs for the fifth-grade pills.”

Bai Suzhen entrusted Han Muye to refine Jade Bone Pills. After three years, she finally gathered all the spiritual herbs.

Han Muye did not reach for the spiritual herbs. He just looked up at Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen’s eyes revealed an indescribable emotion. She took a deep breath and stared at Han Muye.

“Senior Brother Han, if I take something from the Sword Pavilion, will you attack me?”

She bit her lip, her palms on the long table looking pale.

“Did Li Mubai ask you to return to the Shangyang Demon Sect?” Han Muye suddenly asked.

Han Muye raised his hand, pulled out the small black sword stuck in his hair, and placed it on the long table.

“This is what you want, right?”

Bai Suzhen paused and nodded.

“I-I just found out…”

She did not dare to meet Han Muye’s eyes.

Hearing her words, Han Muye leaned gently against the big chair and said, “Take it.”

Bai Suzhen’s shoulders trembled as she widened her eyes and looked at Han Muye.

Han Muye nodded and said calmly, “I said that one day, when I want to kill you, I’ll let you off.

“You only have this one chance to break into the Sword Pavilion.”

Bai Suzhen’s face revealed joy as her smile bloomed like a beautiful flower.

She leaned forward and put her face in front of Han Muye across the long table.

“Senior Brother Han, then I’m really leaving.”

Seeing that Han Muye’s face was expressionless, Bai Suzhen picked up the small black sword and inserted it into her hair. Then she said softly, “The next time we meet, I’ll let you off.”

With that, she turned around and walked out of the Sword Pavilion. When she was outside the Sword Pavilion, she turned around, glanced at Han Muye, and left.

In the end, she left.

Watching Bai Suzhen leave, Han Muye slowly sat up straight.

He raised his hand and a small black sword returned to his hair.

This was the manifestation of the Eight Treasures Ruyi.

He had indeed given the small black sword to Bai Suzhen.

This small sword was made of a special material and was extremely precious.

However, the most precious thing about this sword was the sealing order and spatial power.

At this moment, the spatial power and the sealing order in the small sword had been removed by Han Muye and placed in the Eight Treasures Ruyi.

The small sword was just a small black sword.

It was no big deal to give it to Bai Suzhen.

Moreover, through the hidden spatial power left in the small sword, Han Muye could lock the location of the small sword!

In the Shangyang Demon Sect, the person who wanted this sword and even knew its use was definitely Li Mubai.

Han Muye was also very curious about what Li Mubai would do with this sword.

With a flash of inspiration, two figures landed beside Han Muye.

“Young Master, I’ll fix my soul in the sword in the future. I won’t wake up unless you summon me,” Zhao Yunlong bowed to Han Muye and said in a low voice.

Han Muye turned to look at him and asked curiously, “Why?”

Before Zhao Yunlong could speak, Daoist Dayan grinned and said, “What he means is that if we weren’t here today, you would have already done something good with that witch.

“Actually, we artifact spirits aren’t very interested in such things. We can’t be bothered to watch.”

Han Muye glanced at him.

You can’t be bothered to watch. Then why are you looking for that Yu Niang?

Ignoring the two sword spirits, Han Muye raised his hand and put them into the sword case behind him.

At the door, Lu Gao and the others had already turned around.

Han Muye stood up, returned to the third floor of the Sword Pavilion, and sat cross-legged in front of the desk.

An indescribably mysterious aura slowly surged from his body.

As soon as this aura appeared, a burning sensation engulfed the entire third floor of the Sword Pavilion.

Blazing Sun Technique.

The Nine Suns Technique was cultivated by the Foundation Establishment stage of the Qi Condensation Dao.

After stepping into the Earth Realm, one could cultivate the Golden Sun Technique.

Back then, Han Muye had obtained the Golden Sun Technique and felt its profundity, which was why he went in search of the Nine Suns Technique.

After the Golden Sun Technique, his cultivation technique advanced to the next level, turning into a blazing sun.

The power of the sun was already so magnificent that it was difficult to resist.

Han Muye was cultivating the Blazing Sun Technique.

In the past two years, with the help of his celestial spiritual root and endless spiritual rocks and medicinal pills, his cultivation base had already stepped into the Earth Realm to awaken his spirit!

After crossing the Earth Realm barrier, he condensed his meridians and guided the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth to temper them. Throughout the Meridian Opening stage, Han Muye carried the power of the earth within a radius of 5,000 miles every day.

Earth attribute affinity maxed out, water attribute affinity maxed out, the power of water and earth superimposed, the power of earth and stone tempered, and the will of water washed over him.

In two years, Han Muye had crossed the Meridian Opening Realm, and the meridians in his body were as stable as a river.

Previously, he had ventured beyond the Fire Source World to mobilize the power of the void to refine his soul and cultivate the soul awakening technique.

With the help of the Confucian Dao Spell of the Mortal World and the suppression of the soul power of the Grandmaster realm, Han Muye’s enlightenment cultivation was extremely smooth.

What he was doing now was to reduce his cultivation speed and strengthen his foundation.

Cultivation was not all about speed.

Cultivation was like reaching the peak. The scenery along the way was indispensable.

Moreover, his combat strength was not compatible with his cultivation.

At this moment, even he did not dare to think about his combat strength.