Chapter 243 - Dangerous Person

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Chapter 243: Dangerous Person

“Aiyo, I didn’t expect you to be so smart. You even saw through me,” Jiang Tong replied half-jokingly.

“Alright, let’s stop fooling around. Senior, do you really have a song?” Student Song took the initiative to change the topic. Jiang Tong nodded and said, “Of course I do. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

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“Is that so? I’ve heard these kinds of words many times, but I haven’t been satisfied at all. What they wrote is not even as good as what I write…” Student Song’s tone sounded like he was somewhat complaining. “Senior, although you’re my senior, whether I’m going to buy the song in your hands or not, I have to first check the goods before deciding. Senior, do you have time now?”

“Yes,” Jiang Tong nodded. After she and Student Song agreed on a time and place to meet, they said a few more words to each other and hung up. Zhou Jingyun tilted his head slightly and narrowed his eyes as he scrutinized Jiang Tong. He was deep in thought. The only thing he knew now was that the man Jiang Tong mentioned who was more handsome than him was a university student from City Z University, surnamed Song… Song? Zhou Jingyun thought about it carefully, but he couldn’t think of any family in City Z who had Song as a surname and had more than two billion in assets.

Therefore… Zhou Jingyun suddenly became spirited, and his eyes widened. He thought of someone! Seeing the change in Zhou Jingyun’s expression, Jiang Tong knew that Zhou Jingyun had thought of it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such an expression.

“Wu family?” Zhou Jingyun asked, and his tone became more careful as if he was afraid that his guess was wrong.

“Mmhm,” Jiang Tong nodded with a smile.

“Wu Rong’s son?” Zhou Jingyun raised his voice and widened his eyes.

“Yes, that’s him,” Jiang Tong nodded again.

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Zhou Jingyun stood up abruptly and looked at Jiang Tong with a frown. He said in a somewhat annoyed tone, “You want to touch Wu Rong’s son? Are you going to fool around again? Can you stop fooling around with such dangerous things?”

“Correction, I want to help him fulfill his music dream. What do you mean by fooling around? It’s so unpleasant.” Jiang Tong also stood up and said, “Why? Are you jealous knowing that I’m going to have contact with another man?”

“Jealous my ass!” Zhou Jingyun raised his voice again as he said, “Don’t play dumb with me. You know that’s not what I’m talking about. If a man likes to fool around with you, you can do so with him. If you want to fool around with several men, you may do so. I’ve never stopped you. What I’m talking about now is that this is dangerous! Do you understand the danger? Do you need me to tell you what kind of woman Wu Rong is?”

Zhou Jingyun had a big reaction. It was not only because Wu Rong was very powerful, but also because Zhou Jingyun respected Wu Rong very much. Wu Rong was Zhou Jingyun’s idol. Among the top ten richest people in Z City, even if they were ranked tenth, their assets would still exceed six billion. The top three richest in City Z were all worth more than ten billion. A change in the stock price could cause a change in the top three rankings. However, the periodic changes would not affect the long-term ranking. Wu Rong from the Wu family was the third richest person!

Wu Rong was Wu Tianhe’s eldest daughter. She was 41 years old and was currently the vice-chairman of the Wu Clothing Group. Wu Rong had a son named Song Chengjun who was 20 years old this year. In City Z, Wu Rong could be said to be a legendary strong woman. Her legend was all-encompassing. There were a lot of twists and turns throughout her life.

Twenty-one years ago, Wu Rong, who had just graduated from university, got married. It was arranged by her father, Wu Tianhe. It was a marriage alliance. Wu Rong’s marriage partner was Song Mu, the son of Song Hongwei, the owner of the Elfy Group in Xiangjiang Province. Wu Tianhe and Song Hongwei were university classmates and old friends. Although Elfy Group was also in the clothing business, it was different from the Wu Clothing Group. The Song family was in the men’s casual wear and sportswear business while the Wu family was in the women’s wear business. Therefore, not only were the two families not competitors, but they could complement each other after joining forces. That was why they wanted to marry!

However, Wu Rong was very resistant to the marriage. She originally planned to go abroad to continue her vocal studies after graduating from university. She had no intention of getting married at all. It could be said that the marriage was unexpected for Wu Rong! Back then, Wu Rong had resisted with all her might. However, due to various reasons, she eventually chose to comply and marry. Although she married and even gave birth to a son, Wu Rong separated from Song Mu after giving birth. Later on, there were rumors that Wu Rong had submitted to marriage back then because the Wu Clothing Group was experiencing a crisis. Furthermore, Wu Tianhe and Wu Rong had made an agreement. As long as Wu Rong married and gave birth to a child, she could do whatever she wanted. Wu Tianhe could no longer control her, and that was why Wu Rong agreed to marry.