1097 i'm a young and beautiful girl, you're taking advantage of me

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however, the next second, fu linchen’s deep voice slowly sounded.

“wei wei, i didn’t expect you to like me so much. it seems that i’m not romantic enough and misunderstood you?”

mu weiwei was stunned for a few seconds before she finally understood what he meant.

her fair and petite face instantly flushed red, and she couldn’t even speak properly. ” you … you, you, you … which eye of yours can tell that i like you?! don’t be so full of yourself, alright? i’m getting goosebumps!”

fu linchen smirked. ” if you don’t like me, why did you tell everyone about our relationship? “

“what do you mean by our … relationship?” mu weiwei asked angrily. there is no relationship between us!”

” hehe, ” fu linchen couldn’t help but laugh. ” as long as you tell others about what happened in the bar, even if we don’t have anything to do with each other, we will still be in a relationship. ” did you think … that uncle mu and aunt mu would kick me out of the house after knowing that we slept for a night?”

“of … of course!”

mu weiwei’s petite face tensed up as she clenched her fists. ” of course, my parents will protect me. i still have two older brothers! if they knew that you took advantage of me, they would definitely beat you up until you can’t take care of yourself for the rest of your life, and then throw you out of the mu family!”

fu linchen was not frightened by her description at all. instead, he laughed even louder.

“if i forced you, that would be the case. but, didn’t you force me to sleep with you that night? i’m clearly the victim! not only will your parents not chase me out, they might even marry you to me to comfort my hurt heart and body …”

“pei pei pei! jinx! stop daydreaming, i don’t want to marry you! i’m only 18 years old. my parents will never let me marry an old man like you!” mu weiwei could not help but stomp her feet.

fu linchen leaned against the tree trunk and smiled.

this little girl’s angry look was too funny, and he couldn’t help but want to continue scaring her.

in reality, he knew very well that if mu yichen found out that he had slept in the same room as mu weiwei for the entire night, he would definitely go mad with rage. he would not care who was in the right or wrong. he would definitely seek revenge on the fu family in a frenzy.

however, mu weiwei did not know about this.

“weiwei, as the young lady of the mu family, you should know that the mu family and the fu family have been planning to marry each other for a long time, right? initially, i wanted to let my cousin jiatong marry your big brother, but mu yichen married your sister-in-law so soon. what’s done is done, so this path has to be cut off.”

“then … aren’t we the only ones left? originally, the age gap between us was indeed a little big, so the parents of both families didn’t consider it. but the situation is different now. you like me so much that you can’t help but go to the bar and force yourself on me. everyone will be happy to see that happen, so i can only suffer …”

mu weiwei was simply about to explode on the spot. she stomped her feet with all her might.

“who likes you? who raped you? to think you can say that! besides, how is it wrong for you to marry me? i’m a young and beautiful girl, and you’re the uncle who’s taking advantage of me, do you understand?”

mu weiwei was so angry that she pounced on him. she grabbed his tie forcefully and forced him to look at her.

fu linchen almost couldn’t breathe.

“mu weiwei, you … you let go first …”