1098 luo chenxi actually ...

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“i won’t let go, i won’t! if you dare to look down on me, i’ll strangle you!”

mu weiwei wanted to teach this stinky man a lesson, so she clutched her tie tightly and refused to let go.

fu linchen grabbed her wrist and said in a low voice, ” “then you can scream louder! your family is looking for you. you can call them over and let them see how you forced me. maybe we can get engaged before you go abroad. this way, i’ll be your guardian during your university days, and it’ll be even more legitimate.”

mu weiwei was stunned. ” … what do you mean?! “

the next second, she reacted.

that was because aunt chen and the others were shouting not far away.

“young miss, young miss! where are you? did young master fu leave?”

mu weiwei came out to send him off. it was supposed to take only one or two minutes, but she had not returned even after more than ten minutes.

it was obvious that the mu family’s two elders were anxious and worried that something had happened to her, so they had sent people to look for her.

mu weiwei’s body suddenly stiffened.

she didn’t expect so many people to come out to look for her!

what if the servants at home saw her and fu linchen hiding in a dark thicket? they were so close to each other that they were almost stuck together …

at the thought of this, mu weiwei’s hand seemed to have been scalded. she immediately flung fu linchen’s tie to the side with force.

fu linchen smiled. ” miss mu … “

before he could say anything, he suddenly felt a soft touch on his lips.

mu weiwei immediately reached out and pressed her hand on his lips to stop him from continuing.

“shut up! don’t make a sound!”

she looked at fu linchen’s innocent face and said, ” you … you stay here. don’t move or make a sound. ” i’ll go out and bring aunt chen and the others back to the villa. you can only come out when everyone has left, do you hear me?”

fu linchen deliberately did not agree immediately.

mu weiwei’s face was red with anger. she wished she could pounce on him and give him a bite.

fu linchen nodded slowly.

mu weiwei was still a little hesitant. she glanced at fu linchen a few more times, afraid that this old fox would have some bad ideas about her again.

however, the cries of aunt chen and the others were getting closer and closer, and they were about to find their way here.

mu weiwei had no other choice but to let go of fu linchen and run out.

“aunt chen, why did you come out? i saw a puppy in the garden just now, so i played with it for a while. i’ve wasted some time …”

“aiyo, my young miss!” aunt chen said anxiously. you’ve made madam so anxious! it’s so dark at night. why are you looking at the puppy alone? where did this little dog come from? if you like it, i can help you catch it and bring it back. it’ll save you the trouble of coming out to feed me at night.”

mu weiwei bit her lips. ” well … it’s an especially cunning and sinister little dog! don’t worry about him, he must have run away by himself. let’s go back!”

aunt chen gave her a suspicious look.

mu weiwei was the first to run toward the villa.

the servants had no choice but to follow.

after everyone had left, fu linchen came out from behind the tree.

he raised his handsome eyebrows as he watched mu weiwei’s figure disappear behind the main door.

this little girl … just called him a dog?

in the presidential suite of a five-star hotel in T city.

fu jiatong looked at the mother and daughter in front of her in shock, and cried out, ” “what did you just say? luo chenxi actually … is it true?”