1100 he was actually kicked off the bed by his wife!

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” wuwuwu, big sister, open the door. tang tang wants to come in! “

luo chenxi was jolted awake from her sleep abruptly when she heard the familiar, soft voice. she wanted to get up subconsciously.

however, just as she stood up, she was grabbed by a strong arm around her waist and pulled back.

“stupid woman … where do you think you’re going?”

the man’s lazy and sexy voice rang in her ear, and his hot breath blew on her sensitive earlobe.

luo chenxi shuddered and her body went limp at once.

he couldn’t help but shout in his heart that it was a foul!

this man, mu yichen, was getting more and more overboard. it was fine that he had a pretty face, but his voice was so pleasant as well. was he not clearly trying to lure her into making a mistake?

mu yichen felt the petite woman’s body turn soft in his arms. the corners of his lips curled up ever so slightly.

his large palm followed the momentum and pressed against her body, from bottom to top …

his thin lips pressed against her fair cheek from behind and he kissed her.

“daddi! quickly open the door! big sister! don’t you guys want tang tang anymore?”

just as luo chenxi was being seduced by her husband’s seduction, the little dumpling’s voice was suddenly heard again.

moreover, her soft voice already carried obvious dissatisfaction.

luo chenxi could imagine the adorable look of the little dumpling pouting her little mouth just by listening to her voice.

she snapped back to her senses and immediately exerted force in an attempt to push mu yichen aside.

“you … what are you in heat for so early in the morning? tang tang is outside! hurry up and get up!”

mu yichen clasped her slender waist tightly and refused to let go. his large palm lingered on her body.

after being glared at by the little woman a few times, he said unhurriedly, ” “why are you so anxious? tangtang couldn’t get in! after knocking for a while, she’ll get tired and leave. besides, mom will come and take her away …”

as mu yichen spoke, he could not help but lower his head and kiss her again.

in the past, he would often forget to lock his bedroom door. however, ever since the little dumpling broke into his room and interrupted his intimacy with luo chenxi on a few occasions, he remembered to lock the door properly every night.

no matter how much the little ball jumped, it couldn’t get in.

” hmmm …!! “

luo chenxi shook her head in an attempt to protest, but she was no match for mu yichen’s eagerness and enthusiasm.

tan yueru’s voice came from outside the door. ” tang tang, your father and big sister are tired from yesterday. let them rest more. grandma will take you to breakfast, okay? “

the corners of mu yichen’s lips curled up. he knew that no one would disturb him and luo chenxi anymore, so his actions became even more presumptuous.

however, the silence outside the door lasted for less than five minutes.

xiao tuanzi’s cry was heard again, and it was even louder than the last time.

“daddi, stinky daddi, quickly open the door and return big sister to tang tang! big sister said that she was going to bring tang tang to uncle’s house to pick a dog today!”

initially, mu yichen had already pressed the little white rabbit down on the bed and was about to eat it.

he was shocked by this sudden sound.

moreover, luo chenxi’s reaction was surprisingly quick this time. she suddenly exerted force and used both her hands and feet to kick mu yichen off the bed.

“clang!” there was a loud noise.

mu yichen was stunned from the fall and could not come to his senses for a long time.

“damn it, stupid woman, you … what are you doing? are you trying to murder your husband?”

he couldn’t believe that he had been kicked out of bed by his own wife!

moreover, it was at a critical moment.

if she fell badly, her husband would be crippled. did this stupid woman know that?