1101 chapter 1105-a pot that flew from the sky smashed into his head

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mu yichen propped himself up and was about to get up so that he could get even with the stupid woman.

however, luo chenxi had already leaped up from the bed and was putting on her clothes at lightning speed.

she glanced at mu yichen from the corner of her eyes. she pursed her lips guiltily when she saw his ferocious expression.

“you … who asked you to press me down and not let me finish! have you forgotten? “we told yiling that we’re going to his house to see the puppy today. tang tang has been looking forward to this day for a long time. she must be very excited and eager to go out. it’s no use even if mom coaxed her …”

mu yichen’s face was ghastly pale.

but he still remembered that there was indeed such a thing.

“damn it, mu yiling, you troublesome idiot. just you wait!”

the man was full of anger, but he couldn’t bear to scold his wife and daughter, so he could only blame this on his brother.

mu yiling, who was far away in his own apartment, sneezed suddenly. he was confused.

he didn’t realize that he had been hit on the head by a pot that had flown from the sky.

luo chenxi put on her clothes quickly and washed up.

when she came out to take a look, she noticed that mu yichen was still sulking on the ground.

she quickly leaned over and planted a quick kiss on young master mu’s face. ” alright, stop daydreaming and get up quickly! you promised to go to yiling’s house together. you can’t bear to disappoint tang tang, can you?”

luo chenxi was about to leave as she spoke.

mu yichen was displeased with her perfunctory kiss. he grabbed her wrist and gave her a deep kiss. he kissed her so hard that luo chenxi almost could not catch her breath before he released her.

“wait for me downstairs!”

after breakfast, young master mu personally drove his wife and daughter to his brother’s house.

because he was not satisfied, his expression did not look good.

on the other hand, the little dumpling and luo chenxi were so excited that they did not notice this at all.

the little dumpling had been pouncing into luo chenxi’s arms all the way. her tiny mouth was chattering non-stop. ” big sister, tangtang will have a dog in the future too! what kind of dog do you think tang tang should pick?”

mu yiling had said long ago that he would give one to xiao tuanzi after his internet celebrity, the samoyed snowball, gave birth.

however, because the newborn dog was too small, she was afraid that xiao tuanzi wouldn’t be able to take care of it well, so she waited for three months and only let xiao tuanzi choose today.

luo chenxi laughed. ” every puppy is human. you can see which puppy likes you the most. then, you’ll bring it home. “

“yes, yes!” the little dumpling nodded vigorously.

mu yichen’s face darkened even more when he heard the cheerful voices of the adult and child.

the car stopped in front of the apartment building.

mu yiling had been waiting downstairs for a long time. he was waiting for his elder brother and sister-in-law to come.

“tang tang, you haven’t come to uncle’s house to see snowball for a long time. it misses you very much! uncle missed you too. come, let uncle give you a kiss!”

the little dumpling pouted and looked at him with some disdain.

however, when she thought of the cute little puppy, the little princess lifted her chin and lowered her head to kiss him on the cheek.

mu yiling clutched his chest and continued to greet his brother and sister-in-law. ” sister-in-law, long time no see. you’re getting prettier and prettier. people who don’t know you would think that you’re only eighteen years old! and big brother, uh …”

mu yiling’s gaze fell on mu yichen’s face. he was immediately startled by his cold and stern gaze. he shuddered all over while cold sweat trickled down his forehead.

how did he offend big brother again?

he had been very obedient recently and had not appeared in the entertainment section for a long time. he even went to the company to work for two days …