1102 he ... what did he do wrong?

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it was fine if his big brother did not praise him, but why did he have such a fierce expression …

the more mu yichen looked at his younger brother, the more he found him to be an eyesore.

“you’re already in your twenties, can’t you be more mature? why was he still so glib-tongued? he didn’t stand or sit properly! don’t tell anyone you’re my brother!”

“i …”

mu yiling was dumbfounded after being reprimanded for no reason.

was this really his big brother?

why was he being ignored even when he was talking and standing?

could it be because he complimented sister-in-law for being beautiful?

before he could figure it out, mu yichen had already snorted coldly and impatiently,”where’s your dog? hurry up and bring us to see it! can’t you see that my tang tang can’t wait any longer?”

“that’s right, uncle, where’s tang tang’s dog?” the little dumpling pouted and urged.

“i … yes, yes, yes … leaders, please follow me …”

mu yiling wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. he was depressed, but he did not dare to resist. he could only lead the way silently.

the house that mu yiling lived in was called an apartment, but there was only one family on each floor. each family had their own elevator that went directly to the garage.

the few of them followed him and took the elevator upstairs.

as soon as he entered, a big dog with a snow-white and flawless body wagged its tail and pounced on xiao tuanzi.

“waa! snowball!”

the little furball cried out in surprise, hugged snowball, and started playing with it.

he had even left his favorite big sister behind.

luo chenxi could not help curling her lips when she saw the little dumpling’s excited expression. ” it seems like our tang tang really likes dogs. it’s time to get her a pet. “

keeping a pet was very good for developing a child’s love and patience.

mu yiling heaved a sigh of relief.

after coaxing the little dumpling and sister-in-law, big brother should be happy, right?

who would have known that mu yichen’s expression remained cold when he turned around? he would even glare at him from time to time.

he was so scared that he shivered.

what was going on today?

he … what did he do wrong? he really wanted to kneel down and beg his big brother to give him a quick death. he didn’t need to use his eyes to scare people like this!

the little dumpling played with snowball for a while. mu yiling could not bear the pressure behind him and quickly walked over. ” tang tang, didn’t you want to play with the puppy? the puppy’s on the balcony at the back. do you want to come with me to take a look?”

“good, good! tang tang wants to see the little doggy!”

the little ball’s eyes widened in excitement. it followed mu yiling closely and ran over.

luo chenxi wanted to follow them when she saw that.

however, the man beside her suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist. he pulled her back to his side and lowered his head to her lips.

luo chenxi was stunned for a moment. she quickly blocked him. ” mu yichen, what are you doing? ” this … this is your brother’s house!”

“what’s wrong with your family?”

luo chenxi was rendered speechless. she could only console him, ” alright, alright. be good. i’ll make it up to you when we get back! “

no matter, i’ll write an empty check first!

mu yichen’s expression turned for the better, but he still did not let go of luo chenxi’s hand. he held her hand and walked to the balcony with her.

on the balcony, the little furball was surrounded by a group of fluffy puppies and was laughing very loudly.

luo chenxi laughed along when she heard her laughter. she walked over to the front in quick strides.

however, when she took a closer look, she couldn’t help but raise her eyebrows in surprise.

mu yiling’s little dogs … were not pure white.